Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 35

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Volume 4: Chapter 35 – Excellent Fruit Wine

Teacher Zhen laughed and said, “Mu Zi, you don’t have to be this courteous as it’ll be you youngsters’ era in the future. However, you shouldn’t let it affect your studies. You also have to supervise Zhang Gong as I heard from Lao Lun that he’s very lazy.” After he said that, he broke into laughter once again.

Teacher Long, who was at his side, said, “You old brat, you don’t have respect for your seniors.”

The prince smilingly said, “Stop teasing them!” After he said that, he shouted for everyone to quiet down.

The messy ballroom quickly became silent. The prince said in a clear voice, “The main reason for this banquet is to express my gratitude to a few Magisters.” The prince didn’t directly say that he had won the power battle, but most of people attending the banquet more or less knew what happened.

The prince continued to say, “Everyone, take your seats! Servants! Bring up the dishes!”

I whispered to Mu Zi, “We’re going to have our meal already. Control your movements a little!”

Mu Zi’s face reddened and she pinched me under the table.

The prince really knew how to treat his guests. In a short moment, the table was filled with delicious dishes. The prince stood up and raised his wine glass before saying, “I want to give a toast to everyone, as without any of you, the Kingdom of Aixia would have no future.” As the lead, he bottomed up. Everyone stood up and bottomed up their wine glass as well.

I said, “Prince Ke Zha, I have a good bottle of wine. Since today is a joyous day, how about tasting this wine of mine?”

The prince got interested and said, “Oh! That’s great! What is the good wine that you want us to try?”

Teacher Di frowned. “You brat! What good wine could you have? Do you think it would be comparable to the prince’s wine?” Teacher Di originally didn’t want me to sit at this table, as Ma Ke was on the table next to the main table with his similar looking brother. It was under the persistence of the prince that allowed me to sit at this table. I could tell that Teacher Di wasn’t happy I brought Mu Zi to attend the banquet.

I stuck out my tongue at him. “Then forget it! I better not offer something that might be disgraceful.”

Teacher Zhen replied, “What about offering something disgraceful? Just ignore Lao Lun! If they don’t want to drink, then give it to me.”

I looked at Teacher Di, who showed a helpless expression. “You stupid Chuan Song! It was already hard for me to lecture my student and you messed it up! What if he continues to be undisciplined in the future?”

Teacher Zhen replied, “Such a good student still needs to be lectured? Why don’t you give him to me? I want him! How about it, Zhang Gong? I know you also train in Spatial magic. Why don’t you make me your mentor? I promise that I won’t lecture you.”

I was caught in the middle so I was at a loss of what to say. Teacher Di angrily said, “You have guts to actually try to steal my student. Don’t you know how much effort I put into teaching him? If you really have the capability, why don’t you teach one yourself!”

Teacher Zhen sighed and said, “It’s hard to find someone as talented as Zhang Gong. I’m also getting quite old already. Who can I teach? I also don’t want to fight with you. In the matter of teaching disciples, I can’t be compared to you. Are you satisfied now?”

After seeing Teacher Zhen’s dejected look, Teacher Di felt bad. He and Teacher Zhen had always been great friends. Teacher Di said, “Alright! I was wrong. Isn’t my student your student? Why do you need to be so calculative?”

Teacher Zhen elatedly said, “That’s what you said! You can’t regret saying that now. Zhang Gong is now counted as my disciple.”

Teacher Di, who fell into a trap, stuttered, “Yo–you actually lied to me. You old fart!” This made everyone erupt into laughter.

Teacher Zhen said to me, “Zhang Gong, quickly take out your good wine and let me see how good it is.” Teacher Zhen was a well known alcoholic.

‘To be honest, when I said I would bring out the wine, I had regretted making that decision as I’m left with only two bottles. Teacher Di’s thoughts on not wanting me to bring out the wine had actually suited my thoughts, but now Teacher Zhen wanted it. I can’t go back on my words in front of so many people.’

I replied, “I’ll only let you drink some, and I can only give you half the bottle.”

Teacher Zhen curiously asked, “What wine is so precious that you can only give me half the bottle?”

I replied, “It’s because I’m only left with this bottle.” I took out a bottle of the fruit’s wine  from my spatial space and gave it to Teacher Zhen.

The sparkling and translucent bottle held a green fluid in it. This instantly attracted the attention of everyone. The prince asked in curiosity, “Zhang Gong, what type of wine is this?”

I replied, “This was given to me by a nature elf when I was out travelling. The wine is not bad.”

Teacher Long said, “Old Zhen, you can’t solitarily enjoy that wine. Let us all have a try!”

Even Mu Zi, who knew nothing about wine, found it extraordinary. How could the old foxes not feel the same?

Teacher Zhen hid the bottle to the side. “Not giving! Teacher Di said that you’re not allowed to drink it.”

Teacher Di rebuked, “Have I said anything about not being allowed to drink the wine? Who heard that?”

The prince shook his head and said, “I didn’t hear that!” Everyone, including Mu Zi,  broke into laughter.

Teacher Zhen had no other choice but to bring out the wine. The prince ordered his servants to serve a glass of the fruit wine to everyone. Once the bottle was opened, a strong fruity scent permeated the room. The heads of the Kingdom of Aixia all said, “What a good wine!”

Mu Zi whispered to me, “Do you still have more of this wine? It has such a nice scent.”

I replied, “I don’t have anymore. How about you try comparing it to the Ascending Jade Tide? However, don’t drink too much of it, as the after effects are very strong.”

Mu Zi nodded.

After the servant poured a glass for everyone to try, the not so big bottle of the fruit’s wine was emptied.

The prince said, “Let’s all have a taste of the good wine that Zhang Gong got from the nature elves.” He took a sip after saying that.

Teacher Zhen couldn’t wait any longer and drank the wine. Everyone also tasted the wine. Teacher Di said, “Zhang Gong, you brat! Why didn’t you secretly give me some of this wine?”

I muttered, “I didn’t know you drink wine.”

Teacher Di was momentarily speechless as he seldom drank wine. He made an excuse and said, “I don’t drink much wine… But such a good wine, I must have some of it.”

Teacher Zhen grabbed onto my shoulders and said, “You brat! Hurry! Give me some more of the wine! Do you still have some?”

I bitterly said, “Didn’t I say that this was the last bottle?” Teacher Zhen dejectedly let me go. “After drinking this wine, it will be hard for me to drink other wines.”

The prince also said, “This wine is really very good! I’ve never been able to drink such a good wine before. Zhang Gong, is there any way for you to get a few more bottles of the wine?”

I replied, “I heard that the Nature Elves only produce a few bottles a year. So, it won’t be easy to acquire more.”

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