Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 36

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Volume 4: Chapter 36 – Rolling like a Bottle Gourd

Teacher Zhen smiled at Mu Zi and said, “Mu Zi, why don’t you give your wine to your teacher? You’re a girl, so drinking too much wine is bad for your health.”

Mu Zi carried out an action that rendered Teacher Zhen unable to cry or laugh. She drank the remaining fruit wine in one go and said, “I’m not drinking wine. I’m only drinking fruit juice. Hehe!”

Teacher Zhen was so angry that he silently glared at her and huffed into his beard.

The prince said, “Please drink my wine. There are still so many dishes. Let’s dig in!”

We were all waiting for him to say that. Mu Zi and I started to wipe out the dishes savagely. However, as there were many elders around, we must eat elegantly, but we didn’t say a word and busied ourselves in eating. The leaders chatted and also ate food, so in a short period of time, the table was mostly cleared of food.

Teacher Zhen said, “Wah! Zhang Gong, you’re not only good at magic, you’re also good at eating!”

Teacher Di mockingly said, “You don’t know about this, but my precious disciple has a White Rice Bucket title.”

I awkwardly smiled and said, “I’m not good at magic, but eating. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was lucky, I would have died at the hands of the Ri family’s leader.” Thinking back to that situation, I’m still traumatized.

After saying that, I felt like I had divulged something to Mu Zi and peeked at her. She just seemed to be hurriedly eating and didn’t pay any attention to what I said. I asked the prince, “Uncle Ke Zha, how is the situation for the Ri family?”  

The prince sighed and said, “I sent people to arrest them after the competition, but the entire Ri family seems to have disappeared into thin air. There wasn’t anybody there, except for a few servants. It looks like Si Feng Ri had already prepared for this to happen. I’ve ordered people to search for them, but the chances of finding them are very slim.”

I nodded and said, “I wouldn’t have thought that the honorable Ri family would support the evil forces.” In order to prevent unnecessary panic, I didn’t tell them about the Demon King. How would I know that everyone had misunderstood that the Ri family is supporting the invasion of the Magic race, and brought unnecessary trouble to themselves.

Teacher Zhen said, “Let’s not talk about that now. Your Highness, can you serve more dishes? I’m still not full yet. Haha.”

The prince apologized for the unsatisfactory treatment of his guests and immediately told his servants to serve another course of dishes. Mu Zi and I dug in. The food that didn’t lose out to the meal from Ascending Jade Tide unceasingly entered our mouths that were wide open like a bloody sacrificial bowl.

After the joyous meal ended, I secretly asked the prince for the <<Three Hundred Poems>> book. The prince told me that he found the book in some ruins. That book was one of a kind and was painstakingly preserved. If it wasn’t me, I doubt that he would be able to give it away.

I accompanied Mu Zi and walked out of the prince mansion. I smiled and asked, “How was it? Were you satisfied today?”

Mu Zi coldly looked at me all of a sudden. “Hmph! What about being satisfied? It’s all your fault! With so many people around, I’m not full yet.”

‘Ah! She wasn’t full? She ate a lot just now, but many of the movements were secretive.’ I replied, “What to do? It can’t be that you want to find another place to eat now, is it?”

Mu Zi raised her head and looked at me with a playful look. “That’s unnecessary! However, you must remember that you owe me a meal at the Ascending Jade Tide.” After she said that, she turned around and ran towards the direction of the academy as she let out peals of laughter.

I then understood and shouted, “Wah! You tricked me!” After I shouted, I chased after her.

As we were on the main road of the city, we didn’t use any magic and just chased each other; Mu Zi could really run… Even though I had spent some time training, it was still quite difficult to catch her.

Once I saw that the entrance to the academy before me, I surveyed my surroundings and determined there weren’t any people around. I used a short distance teleport to appear in front of Mu Zi. Mu Zi didn’t have enough time to stop and fell into my arms. As her momentum was great, we immediately fell and rolled along the ground like a bottle gourd.

Mu Zi’s head directly hit the left side of my face, which made me tear up in pain. Mu Zi held her head and exclaimed, “So painful!”

After a while, I snapped back to reality from being in pain. Mu Zi was currently on top of me and continuously rubbed her head. Her body was so soft. I subconsciously placed my hands on her waist. Even though it was through her shirt, I could still feel the smoothness of her skin.

As I zoned out, Mu Zi noticed that something wasn’t right and struggled to get out of my grasp. “What are you doing? You pervert!”

I completely snapped back to reality at that moment and helped her up, but the feeling of hugging her had not disappeared.

Mu Zi’s face reddened and she glared at me before pouting playfully, “So it turns out that you’re this bad!”

I screamed out injustice. “How am I bad? You were the one that bumped into me.”

Mu Zi unreasonably said, “I don’t care! It’s your fault! If not, why did you suddenly appear in front of me? I’m in so much pain right now from crashing into you. You see, I have such a big lump on my head. How am I going to see other people now?”

I gently caressed Mu Zi’s head. There really was a small lump. It looked like the collision was not gentle. I teased her saying, “Wah! Mu Zi, you have grown a horn! Haha.”

Mu Zi pulled my ear, “You’re good! You do something wrong, but still laugh at my misfortune. I won’t forgive you!”

I hurriedly said, “I wouldn’t dare! I’ll help you treat it. I promise the lump will disappear.”

Mu Zi curiously let go of my ear. “Really? If you’re lying to me, you’re dead!”

It hurt my heart knowing that Mu Zi got hurt during the fall, so I gathered light elements in my hand and cast a light recovery spell on Mu Zi.

Mu Zi, who saw the white light in my hand, quickly retreated away from the light. “What are you doing?”

I was stunned for a moment. “I’m helping you to treat your lump. Why? I’m using the light recovery spell. The effect is not bad.”

Mu Zi immediately shook her head. “No! I don’t need your treatment! I’ve been sensitive to light elements ever since I was young.”

‘Ah! There’s such a thing of being sensitive to light elements? I hadn’t heard about that.’ I chuckled and said, “You’re really special. You’re even sensitive to light elements. You’re incredible! Since you can’t be treated by me, let’s go back to the academy to find a water mage to treat you. You definitely shouldn’t be sensitive to water elements, right? Haha.”

Mu Zi looked at me and said, “It’s inherited in my family. I also can’t do anything about that. Let’s hurry and head back to the academy.”

She unexpectedly took the initiative to hold my hand as we walked towards the academy.

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