Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 37

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Volume 4: Chapter 37 – Wounding Hai Shui’s Heart

When I thought back to the time when I hugged Mu Zi, my heart would beat frantically. It’s so comfortable hugging her.

After returning to the classroom, there was still some time before class began. I looked at Mu Zi, who was occasionally touching the lump on her head and showing a painful expression. My heart felt indescribable pain.

‘I need to find a water magician for her, but who to find? My time at the academy hasn’t been too long so I don’t know a lot of people. If I go find Hai Yue, it definitely wouldn’t work since she hates me to the core. Hmm, Hai Shui? Our relationship is a little awkward right now.’ I scratched my head. What to do? I turned my head and saw that Mu Zi’s hair was dripping in perspiration. Her face was a little pale as she just lay on the table, continuously massaging the lump on her head.

Seeing her like that, my heart hurt. I didn’t care anymore. I’ll go and find Hai Shui. I stood up and turned to leave the classroom. Mu Zi asked, “Where are you going?’

I said lovingly, “Seeing you in so much pain, I’ll go and find someone to treat it. I’ll be back soon. You just have to wait for me here.”

Mu Zi smiled and was a little happy. “Alright!”

I walked to Hai Shui’s classroom. I was lucky that she was in class. I shouted from the entrance of the classroom. “Hai Shui!”

Hai Shui raised her head and met my eyes. Her eyes showed signs of happiness and she hurriedly came to me. “Ah! Zhang Gong, you’re here? I thought you took a few days of leave. Why are you back already?”

I nodded. “That’s right, but I can’t delay my studies any longer. I’m here to ask you for some help.”

Hai Shui giggled. “Wow! So there are also times where you’ll ask me for help.”

I awkwardly smiled. “Of course, you’re so capable. If I don’t ask you, who else would I ask?”

Hai Shui looked overjoyed after hearing what I said. She excitedly said, “Alright! What do you want?”

I replied, “I want you to help me treat a person.”

Hai Shui frowned after hearing what I said. “Who should I treat? Your light magic healing effect is much better than mine. Why did you come to find me?”

I replied, “It’s Mu Zi. She hurt her head and is sensitive to light elements, so I thought….”

When Hai Shui heard it was for Mu Zi, her expression darkened. She just wordlessly stared at me.

I felt so awkward at that time and at a loss of what to say. We just stared at each other. After a while, I mumbled, “Hmm! Can we just forget about what I said? I’ll just find someone else.”

Hai Shui sighed heavily and said, “Alright. I’ll help you. Let’s go and treat her now since the next class hasn’t started yet.” She took the lead and walked towards my classroom.

Hai Shui’s decision astonished me as she actually agreed to help me.

While walking in the corridor, she didn’t say anything. ‘It looks like Ma Ke was right. Hai Shui really does love me. However, I have always treated her only like a sister. There weren’t any special feelings like the ones I had for Mu Zi.’ I realized that finding her for help had hurt her.

I followed behind her until we reached the classroom. Hai Shui stopped and said dully, “You go and call Mu Zi out.”

I replied foolishly, “Alright! You just wait for me here.”

As I ran into the classroom, I pulled Mu Zi out of the classroom. The students in class looked at us. Mu Zi’s face reddened and she tried to break free of my hold, but to no avail.

I brought Mu Zi in front of Hai Shui. When the two of them saw each other, they were stunned. Mu Zi looked back and forth at me and Hai Shui until Hai Shui spoke. She forced a smile and said, “Mu Zi, how are you? I heard that you got hurt. Zhang Gong had come to ask me to treat your injury.”

Mu Zi looked at me before nodding her head. “Hai Shui, I’ll have to trouble you then.”

Hai Shui raised her left hand. “Gentle water! Please use your gentle form to cure the wound in front of you.” After she chanted, Hai Shui’s hand started to glow a light blue light. After a while, it formed a blue light ball. She waved her hand towards Mu Zi and the blue light ball shot out. It accurately landed on Mu Zi’s lump. The blue light suddenly expanded. After a short while, it disappeared.

Mu Zi smiled and said, “Hai Shui, your water magic is so good! I’m no longer in pain. Thank you so much for that.”

Hai Shui shook her head. “There’s no need to thank me. Class is starting soon so I’ll head back to my class. Mu Zi, see you later.” After she said that, she turned her head and looked at me seriously before whispering, “I’ll wait for you at the third training ground after school.”

I was stunned, but when I wanted to reply to her, Hai Shui ran away just like an injured bunny, disappearing from my sight.

Mu Zi stared at the leaving Hai Shui’s back and sighed. “Zhang Gong! You’re so stupid! How could you ask her to treat my wound? You really don’t understand a girl’s heart.”

I bitterly said, “When I saw you in pain, my heart hurt so badly. I didn’t have many choices at the moment, so I went to find her. She wants me to meet her at the third training ground tonight after school. What do you think? Should I go or not?”

Mu Zi’s heart was a little contradicting at that moment. Her large eyes exposed her complicated feelings. After a long time, she said, “You should go.”

As I saw through her internal battle, I held her hand and said, “Mu Zi, there’s only you in my heart. I won’t fall for anyone else. I think I won’t go then.”

Mu Zi face reddened a little, but she didn’t shake off my hand. She lowered her head and spoke really softly, “These words are already enough. You should still go to settle the matter.”

At this moment, a familiar voice voiced out, “You kids’ nerves are currently getting too thick as you actually dared to be so intimate in the hallway. Hurry, go and take your seat. It’s time for class.”

Mu Zi and I raised our heads at the same time. It was Teacher Si. Our faces instantly flushed red. Mu Zi whispered, “This is all your fault!” She turned and ran into the classroom.

I awkwardly smiled and said, “Teacher, I…..”

Teacher Si interrupted me and looked as though she was rebuking me. “That’s enough! You don’t need to explain yourself. I know it’s impossible to control your feelings. Teacher has also experienced that before. But you shouldn’t be doing this at school. If you really want to be intimate with Mu Zi, you should have found a secluded area instead. You’re such a worrisome child. You should also stop letting your grades drop any further. Mu Zi and you are this class’s most exceptional students. I have high expectations for you two.”

I looked at the teacher, whose magic power was incomparable to mine. I was actually moved by her. She didn’t scold me, but had encouraged me. What else could I say? I nodded at her with my slightly red face and ran into the classroom.

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