Child of Light - Volume 4 - Chapter 4

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Volume 4: Chapter 4 – Reunion of Brothers

The Kingdom of Aixia’s Royal Advanced Magic Academy Year 3 Class 3.

The homeroom teacher, Water Magister Si Lan Yu, stood on the lecturer’s platform. “Please quiet down! I have to introduce a new transfer student, Zhang Gong Wei.”

Following what Teacher Yu said, I entered the classroom. I stood in front of the platform and smiled faintly toward the class. “Hello everyone, I hope that you will take care of me. My magic Major is Light and Minor is Spatial.”

“Where did he come from?! How did he skip to our year 3 class? He should be starting from year 1, right?”

“Exactly! He looks quite handsome, but we still don’t know how powerful he is.” Two female students whispered to each other.

“You guys shouldn’t have known this; he is already very famous. He is a talented student who came from the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. He has been one of the top students for five years consecutively. Powerful, right? I heard he even reached the Magister level!” A female student beside them exclaimed.

“Ah? Really!? So powerful? He and the teacher’s skills aren’t that different. It wouldn’t be too bad to be his girlfriend!”

“Stop dreaming! With your figure, you want to be his girlfriend? If he’s looking for one, then he will come for me!”

“You should also stop dreaming!”


Teacher Yu said, “Zhang Gong, take a seat in the back row. There is a vacant seat there.”

I nodded and replied, “I will. Thank you, teacher!”

Afterwards, I walked to the back row and sat down.

Teacher Di had arranged everything really quickly; in only two days he had managed to get me admitted into the academy. I heard that Ma Ke was in another class and since I had yet to see him, I decided to go and find him during the break between classes.

“Ok! I shall begin teaching! Today, the class will be about how to control Advanced Magic. Firstly, you will need to have very strong magic power to support the magic spell. You can only start to talk about control after you have excess strength for the spell. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hit your target accurately. The spell might backfire and harm your own team members.” Teacher Yu paused with a terrified expression after what he said.

The students started to laugh. This teacher’s way of teaching was interesting. I leaned my head on my right hand and watched the approximately forty years old teacher.

“ly, I wanted everyone to focus on cultivation to improve their magic power. This is really important! Magic power is the source of all magic. Now! We shall return to the original topic. Once you have strong magic power to support you, you will have to rely on your spiritual power to control the spell. Ma Ke, a student from class 1, has very strong spiritual power. He can easily control the spells he casts to reach his intended outcome. For example, if you throw a simple fire ball straight at an enemy, the enemy will dodge it. But if you control your spell to travel along an arc to hit your target, the chances of successfully hitting your target increase. If you can control it to chase after your target you will be close to mastering the technique.”

I thought in my heart, ‘Ma Ke is quite famous! He’s even close to a teacher that is not from his class. Looks like he didn’t remain idle for the last two years and has definitely improved greatly, but I don’t know if he’s reached the Magister level yet!’

In a short moment the class that Teacher Si Lan taught ended and I left to find Ma Ke. I had always carried around the dagger that he had previously given me and I would frequently take it out to have a look whenever I have a free moment. It was as though I was seeing him in person! After all, Ma Ke is one of my best brothers and I start to get excited in anticipation of meeting him soon.

I turned my head to ask the female student who was sitting beside me, “Excuse me, how do I get to Year 3’s Class 1? I’m trying to find someone.”

The female student beside me looks ordinary, but her body figure is amazing. She is around 1.7m. She seems to be a daydreamer, lacking in understanding of what is said to her. Her hands are also very beautiful and fair. A faint brilliance seems to circulate under her skin, so it seems that her skills aren’t bad.

When I look into her eyes, I am stunned. Her large eyes give off a very familiar feeling and are also very alluring. If there is a ranking for eyes, hers will definitely be one of the most beautiful. I do not understand why I feel as if her eyes have a peculiar radiance emitting from them. I slowly become more confused as she continues to stare blankly at me.

I returned to my senses first and waved my hands in front of her eyes. “Sorry to trouble you, can you please tell me how to get to Year 3 Class 1?”

“Ah!” She also came back to her senses and lowered her head. “It is the second room on the left after this classroom.”

“Thank you!” I did not think further. I had to make use of the break between classes to find Ma Ke. I followed her directions and found Year 3 Class 1’s classroom. The students were also taking a break. The class was in disarray, especially the corner that was full of female students. It seemed that they were chatting about something.

I shouted, “Excuse me! Is Ma Ke Sai here?” Due to my loud voice, the entire class looked in my direction.

Ma Ke’s slightly matured, but familiar voice rang out, “I’m here. Who are you?” His familiar face appeared from the corner full of female students.

I smiled at him. He was at a loss for a moment before realizing it was me standing at the entrance.

He pushed past the female student beside him and hurried over. He opened his arms to give me a tight embrace. “Brother, is that really you? You are finally back!”

I hugged him back. “Of course it is me! Who else would it be? I have finally returned!” Our brotherly reunion made me so excited that tears started to flow.

I surveyed the class and noticed that almost all of the students’ mouths were frozen in ‘O’ shapes. Could it be that they thought that we were in that kind of a relationship? I whispered to Ma Ke, “Let’s change the location to have a chat. I don’t want to stay in the limelight.”

Ma Ke also surveyed the classroom and understood the situation. “Come! Let’s go to the field!” He pulled me out of his classroom.

Behind us, there were chattering voices. “Who was that who made Ma Ke so emotional?”

“Right? He looks quite handsome, but I have not seen him before! Is he from our academy?”

“Ma Ke couldn’t be homosexual, right?”

“You! You dare to badmouth Ma Ke! I will use my Fire Magic to burn you!”

“That’s right! We will never forgive anyone who dares badmouth him!” A group of girls exclaimed.

I nudged Ma Ke, “I didn’t know that you had changed so much after only two years in Advanced Magic Academy. You are no longer unwanted and have gotten popular enough to have so many female fans!”

Ma Ke hit me once, before jokingly scolding me, “Stop making fun of me! I am already extremely irritated by them. If you want them, you can have them!”

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