Child of Light - Volume 5 - Chapter 16

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Volume 5: Chapter 16 – Facing the Enemy Alone

Mu Zi rebuked with a grave voice. “No! How can I let you risk your life alone? I definitely won’t allow you to do so.”

I replied, “Have you got any better ideas then? Don’t worry! I still have Xiao Jin. He is a dragon king whose ability is definitely not inferior to mine. Do you really think that two Magisters will be defeated by three magic scholars? You all worrying too much.”

Si Wa anxiously replied, “But…”

I interrupted him. “Stop talking! I have decided! Don’t even bother accompanying me, as I will be able to concentrate better without you there.. Mu Zi, be a good girl and wait for your husband’s good news.”

Mu Zi, strangely, didn’t rebuke me after I self-proclaimed myself as her husband. She leaned toward me and tightly clung on my arm. I felt her worries clearly. After a short moment, Mu Zi raised her head and said with determination, “Zhang Gong, you can go and battle by yourself, but I will go to the arena with you. I want to see you defeat those bastards from Forest Dragon. They actually dared to plot such an underhanded method to compete against us…You mustn’t hold back against them.”

Si Wa chimed in, “I must also go with you.”

Even after trying to convince them repeatedly, I was still unable to change either Mu Zi’s or Si Wa’s mind at all. Seeing that the time for the competition was nearing, I had no choice but to bring Mu Zi and Si Wa along to the arena.

The Vice Principal of Forest Dragon smiled as he came over. “Will you be competing like yesterday?”

I shook my head. “I will be the only one competing.”

He asked in astonishment, “How are you going to compete by yourself?”

I glared at him. “Why isn’t it possible? Won’t it work if I fight all three of the matches?”

The Vice Principal of Forest Dragon looked at me, finding it a little difficult to make a decision. “How about this? I will go and discuss this with the representatives from the other academies. Please wait for a moment.”

After a while, he came back looking a little embarrassed.

I asked, “How did the discussion go?”

The Vice Principal of Forest Dragon said, “They have decided to let you compete by yourself, but on one condition.”

I frowned and asked. “And what would that be? Just say it.”

The Vice Principal of Forest Dragon awkwardly said, “They want you to fight against five people and determine the outcome of the battle with a single match.”

Mu Zi lost her temper and cursed loudly, “Are you still human? How can one person fight against five? It’s too unfair. Zhang Gong, let’s go! Let’s not compete anymore!”

The Vice Principal replied, “If you don’t compete, it will mean you have forfeited this competition.”

I coldly looked at him, causing him to move two steps back in fright. I clenched my teeth and said in an icy voice, “I will compete, but don’t blame me for not reminding you:I will definitely not hold back any longer!.” Their despicable acts had thoroughly enraged me. This was the first time I wanted to eliminate my opponents.

The coldness radiating from my body had caused the temperature in the surroundings to decrease drastically. I extended my hand to stop Mu Zi from discouraging me. “Please don’t meddle in this. I really want to see what tactics they will employ.” I took out my magic staff from my spatial space. I knew this match would be just as dangerous as with the battle against Si Feng Ri.  

I rapidly gathered light elements to me as I stood at the center of the battle stage. The surrounding light elements became chaotic as I was enraged.

The opponents I faced were two fire element magicians, two wind element magicians, and one earth element magician. It looked like two of them were students and the others were at least forty years in age. This should be the strongest team that Forest Dragon had. The Vice Principal announced, “The match begins!”

I wordlessly cast my fusion spell of battle spirit and light elements. The opponents stood behind the earth element magician. They unhurriedly cast multiple advanced defensive spells.

When the fusion spell came in contact with their defensive spells, the sky lit up. I was rebounded backwards and moved a few steps back. I couldn’t help but to inhale a cold breath as I realized that my opponents were all magic scholars.

They didn’t attack me, but instead released their magical beasts. With the magical beast fighting in front of them, I was slowly being suppressed. A strong pressure made my magic robe flutter. I was obviously in a disadvantageous position.

The Principal and Vice Principal watched the match and smiled as they thought that victory was already in their grasp.

I clenched my teeth and shouted, “Xiao Jin, come forth!” This was the first time that I had used my magical beast since the start of the competition. There was a flash of golden light, and Xiao Jin immediately used his body to act as my shield as he realized that there were strong enemies threatening me. He didn’t need me commanding him and immediately released his defensive dragon breath. This instantly lessened the pressure on my body and I heaved a sigh of relief.

I took advantage of the fact that they had not snapped out of their shock from seeing Xiao Jin and started to chant my strong magic spell. I raised the magic staff in my my hand and chanted, “Light elements! My great friends! I beseech of you to use your powers to become endless brilliant rays, transform into specks of stars and eliminate the enemies in front of you, Bright Star’s Shine!” This was my advanced light magic spell. It was extremely powerful and, moreover, I could freely control it.

The surrounding light elements became beads of golden light that gathered at my upper dantian. It slowly formed into a dazzling light ball, and looked like a miniature sun while emitting light rays. I softly said, “Break!” The light ball instantly transformed into small light stars that surrounded me.

One of the opponent’s fire element magician, “Everyone! Be careful! The opponent is going to use a strong magic spell. Quickly cast defensive spells and order your magical beast to attack the opponent’s magical beast!”

All of the opponent’s seventh to eighth grade magical beast attacked Xiao Jin. When light stars appeared in front of me, I also commanded Xiao Jin to attack.

Xiao Jin shrieked as he roared. He flapped his enormous wings and tackled the two wind elemental magical beasts and shot a dragon breath at the earth elemental magical beast.

I had completed my Bright Star’s Shine, which covered the sky with light stars that headed towards the five magicians.

The five opponents already knew that this spell would definitely be difficult to counter and they all released their strongest protection spells.

When the light stars were reaching the opponent’s barrier, I smiled and drew a circle with the magic staff in my hand. The light stars suddenly stopped in mid-air and rapidly rearranged themselves like a troop of soldiers forming a straight line before they shot towards their defensive barrier like a streak of lightning.

The five magical beast’s strengths were much weaker than Xiao Jin’s so they were beaten up by Xiao Jin. In a short moment, Xiao Jin had defeated all of them and came to assist me.

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