Child of Light - Volume 5 - Chapter 18

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Volume 5: Chapter 18 – The Holy Sword Awakens

I raised my head and my eyes had become completely gold in colour. There was a reflection behind my back. If you looked carefully, you would see that the reflection was as though there were six wings that were continuously flapping.

I raised my right hand and a strong light sword appeared that eliminated the opponent’s attacks just as water extinguishes flame. In mid air, their attacks simply disappeared. Just as the sword of light was about to reach the opponents, the pierce changed to a slap, which resulted in them flying out of the battle stage.

This theatrical change in the events caused the entire arena to become dead silent.  

The gold light surrounding my body dimmed as my entire body started to slump and collapsed on the floor.

There were signs of dejection  in the eyes of the Principal and Vice Principal, as they looked at each other in dismay. It came as no surprise since even after having such a great advantage over their opponent, they still lost the battle. Nobody would be willing to accept such a situation.

Si Wa carried me and Mu Zi checked my pulse. After realizing that my pulse was stable, she heaved a sigh of relief.

The Vice Principal walked onto the stage, disappointedly, and announced, “This is the end of the Eight Advanced Academies Competition. The final victor is the Royal Advanced Magic Academy.” Even though I collapsed on the battle stage, I was still on it. It seemed that they still had some morality. They didn’t lie brazenly and announced our victory.

Si Wa and Mu Zi were elated, but were more worried about my injuries. They didn’t care for those people from Forest Dragon and directly carried me back to the hotel.

I felt like I was in a dream. There were bright stars in my surroundings. I looked at all of the unfamiliar things around me, as I was in an extremely vast space. I muttered, “Where am I? It can’t be that I died right?”

A clear and powerful voice voiced out, “Child, you have not died yet. This is our internal heart’s divine space.”

The sudden voice frighted me. I immediately looked around, only to find no life forms around me.

“Stop searching for me, child. You won’t be able to find me, as I am currently in your heart.”

‘What? He says that he is in my heart.’ I curiously asked. “Who are you?”

“Do you still remember the Holy Sword that the God King gave you? That’s me. If you really want to call me by something, you can call me Mi Jia Lei. I’m using my remaining consciousness to communicate with you.”

I asked in astonishment, “Are you the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jia Lei, that the God King mentioned to me?”

The clear voice chuckled. “Child, it has been such a long time since I’ve heard that name. Your words have made me feel some warmth.”

“Why am I able to communicate with your consciousness?”

“Your determination has released the Holy Sword, so you are now able to communicate with me.”

I said in surprise, “I have released the Holy Sword. So in other words, I can finally use the Holy Sword.”

Mi Jia Lei replied, “Child, you’re thinking too naively. You can only use a very small portion of the Holy Sword’s power. If you really want to use its full power, you must inherit the power that I had left at the Sky Splitting Great Valley.”

What he said was the same as what the God King had said. I nodded. “I will definitely go there.”

Mi Jia Lei replied, “Even though you were seriously injured this time, you also gained a lot, including the ability to control a small portion of the Holy Sword. You will have to practice a lot to use it freely though. I do not have a lot of remaining consciousness left. I will be able to communicate with you after you come to the Sky Splitting Great Valley. You have to remember that you have to use the Holy Sword’s power to break the seal at the Sky Splitting Great Valley. Our human and God clan’s future will rely greatly upon you. Child, you must work hard…” His voice became weaker as he spoke until it completely vanished.

The surrounding star light gradually dimmed. When everything turned dark, I lost my consciousness.

After awakening again, I felt intense pain all over my body. I knew that I had come back to reality.

I forcefully opened my eyes and was moved when I found Mu Zi lying beside my bed. Judging from her pale face, she must have been exhausted.

I tried to circulate my internal magic powers. I was surprised to find that the transparent Gold Dan had disappeared; only to be replaced by two small solid Gold Dans that were similar to the Gold Dan I had initially. It seemed that it wasn’t a dream last night. What Mi Jia Lei said was right. I really had some profit from the Holy Sword. Even though the two Gold Dan’s combined power isn’t as powerful as the transparent Gold Dan, I know that if I could practice it to the point that they became transparent, I would have broken through from the Magister level and be headed towards becoming a Grand Magister.

Aside from the two Gold Dan, I found another strange change in my body. The battle spirit in my dantian had warm powers. It should be from the power of the Holy Sword.

After circulating the battle spirit of the Holy Sword to make it slowly move around my dantian once. My entire dantian seemed to warm up. A comfortable warm power was emitted from my dantan. It permeated through my entire body and treated my injuries. The painful areas immediately felt better after the power passed through them. So, the Holy Sword had such a function. It was even better than my light recovery spells.

After making the Holy Sword’s power circulate my body thrice, I could finally move. I extended my hand and caressed Mu Zi’s messy silky hair. I softly called out, “Mu Zi , wake up! Mu Zi, wake up!”

Mu Zi dazily sat up and opened her groggy eyes. When she saw that I was up, she immediately woke up and said excitedly, “Zhang Gong, you’re awake! You scared me.” After saying that, she threw herself at me and wailed.

She touched my wounds as she did that. I hugged her waist and replied, “Little missy, please be a little more gentle.”

Mu Zi remembered that my serious injuries were still recovering. She hastily got up from my body and replied with deep concerns, “Sorry! I am just so happy that I forgot you haven’t fully recovered.”

Even after she had already sat up, I had no intentions to stop hugging her. Hehe! ‘It’s a rare chance to do so.’

Mu Zi asked, “How are you feeling? Better?”

I smiled and nodded. “You don’t have to worry. I’m fine. After I rest for a while, I will be alright.” ‘With the power of the Holy Sword to help me recover, I believe that I will fully recover very quickly.’

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