Child of Light - Volume 5 - Chapter 19

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Volume 5: Chapter 19 – A New Understanding

A satisfied expression was shown on her face. “I won’t allow you to risk your life like this ever again. You don’t know just how worried I was. You were unconscious for a day and a night.”

I asked in amazement. “It has been a day and a night already? How is Ma Ke? We should head out of the city as soon as possible.”

Mu Zi said dejectedly, “Ma Ke hasn’t woken up since that day, but his condition is still quite stable. He should still be able to stay in that state temporarily.”

I heaved a sigh of relief. “Mu Zi, you go and inform Hai Yue not to worry. After resting for a day, my magic power will recover. I will then set a large teleportation array to send us directly back to the academy.”

Mu Zi said in amazement. “You also know how to create arrays? If you can use teleportation arrays that will be great, it will save us a lot of time. I’ll go tell Hai Yue about this great news.”

I chuckled. “Quickly go and tell her! Your husband has a lot of abilities.”

Mu Zi’s delicate face reddened. “You’re so annoying!” She turned and ran off.

I immediately started to train so that it wouldn’t be too late for Ma Ke to be treated. I continuously circulated the Holy Sword’s power to repair my damaged meridian channels. After just five hours of repairing, all of my meridian channels had fully recovered. The recovery rate had left me in an exceptionally astonished state.

I walked to the lounge with Mu Zi and Si Wa to eat our dinner together. They were shocked at my recovery speed. We had initially asked Hai Yue to join us, but she said she would eat in Ma Ke’s room to accompany him.

I told Mu Zi, “It is not good for Hai Yue to continue to be like this. Ma Ke hasn’t gotten any better. By the time he get his treatment, she will be totally exhausted.”

Mu Zi nodded. “That’s right, but I already advised her about that a couple of times. She just doesn’t listen to me.”

After dinner, I returned to my room and sat on my bed. I started to meditate for the first time since my two gold dans had formed.

I carefully moved the two gold dans as I didn’t know what would happen. The gold dans were courteous and didn’t give me much trouble. They maintained a certain distance between each other as they moved with one in front of the other. Even though the absorption rate of my magic power didn’t increase much, the compression rate was clearly much faster. All of the magic power that entered my body was quickly compressed and became liquified. There would also be a larger space for me to gather bigger amounts of light elements this way.

After an entire night of meditation, my body surged with magic power. Even though it wasn’t as much as my best state, it was already very powerful. The two gold dans were much more solidified than from the time that I woke up.  

I went to Ma Ke’s room at dawn. Hai Yue was lying beside his bed with her pale white face. I checked on Ma Ke and it was as Mu Zi said. His condition had stabilized and the chaotic fire elements in his body were being suppressed by Hai Yue’s water recovery spell, but this was still a bad sign in the long run. I tried to use the power of the Holy Sword to help treat Ma Ke, but I didn’t know why the warm power produced by the Holy Sword wasn’t able to leave my dantian.

After trying for a couple of times, I finally gave up.

I woke Hai Yue up and sternly told her, “Hai Yue, you can’t continue to be like this. I am fine already. You should eat something and go rest in your room.”

Hai Yue shook her head. “I want to stay with him until he gets better.”

I replied, “Even if you want to stay with him, you should rest up as well. Mu Zi should have said this to you before. I am planning to use a teleportation array to teleport us back to the academy. With your body’s condition, you won’t be able to withstand the distorted space. If something happened to you during the teleportation, how am I going to explain to Ma Ke?”

Hai Yue raised her head and stared at me for a long time before saying, “Alright! I will listen to you.”

I extended my right hand and placed it on her forehead and used a recovery spell on her. I was amazed to find that the originally light ray of the intermediate recovery spell had turned into a golden ray instead. Hai Yue’s face flushed red under the help of the magic spell.

After the golden light flashed past, Hai Yue released a sigh of comfort. She opened her eyes and said, “Zhang Gong, what spell did you use? It seems different from before. My body feels as though it is filled with energy.”

I also didn’t understand what was going on. It should be related to two of my gold dans and Holy Sword.

I told Hai Yue, “This only treats the symptoms but not the roots of the problem. You still need to rest to recover your body’s function. I will look after Ma Ke for you so don’t worry. You should just quickly eat something and sleep. After you recover, we will head back to the academy. I strongly believe that Ma Ke’s condition will improve.”

The first smile appeared on Hai Yue’s face since Ma Ke was hurt. She turned and walked out of the room.

Since my recovery spell had a new breakthrough, why not let Ma Ke be my guinea pig? It might unexpectedly be able to treat him. It would at least not worsen his condition.

“Great light elements! Please use your unceasing holy light to treat the injuries in front of you and use your merciful heart to save the life before you, Heart of the Holy Light!”

The light elements from my surrounding gathered around me and gradually enclosed me in it. There was a gold light ray emitting from my skin. After a while, the sparkling golden radiance of the Heart of the Holy Light appeared in front of me, but it wasn’t the same as before. I realized that now, the Heart of the Holy Light seemed to be alive as it throbbed lightly.

As I inserted the Heart of the Holy Light into Ma Ke’s body, I pressed my hand on his chest. I felt this time the Heart of the Holy Light didn’t disappear as it did before. It seemed to flow into Ma Ke’s body like water flowing everywhere and in all directions, repairing his damaged meridian channels. I was elated because if this continues, there was hope in bringing Ma Ke back to life.  

After Ma Ke’s meridian channels were continuously strengthened by my magic spell, I didn’t know how much time had passed, I withdrew the light elements. I let out a mouthful of breath before reopening my eyes. Hai Yue, Mu Zi and Si Wa all had their eyes widely opened as they looked at me.

Hai Yue anxiously asked, “Zhang Gong, how is he?”

I took a cloth from Mu Zi to wipe the perspiration from my forehead before replying, “I have treated and recovered all of Ma Ke’s meridian channels and simultaneously strengthened them.”

Hai Yue said joyously, “Does this means that he going to be fine?”

Crestfallen, I shook my head and said, “I won’t be able to treat his wound completely because when he blocked the opponent’s power ball, highly compressed wind element entered his body. The chaotic wind elements conflicted strongly against his fire elements. This caused the smooth flowing fire elements to undergo immense changes.”

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