Child of Light - Volume 5 - Chapter 20

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Volume 5: Chapter 20 – Return to the Capital

I looked at Hai Yue as I continued to say, “There are currently two different elements that are conflicting against each other in his body. My treatment helps him to be able to withstand the destructive forces of the two elements. It won’t really treat him. As time passes, his meridian channels would revert back to its damaged state.”

Hai Yue instantly expressed her dismay and tears flowed from her eyes again as she threw herself at Ma Ke’s body.

I patted her shoulder and said, “Hai Yue, don’t be like this. Even if I am unable to treat him, I can promise you that he won’t be in mortal danger. I just need to treat him once every week. When we leave this academy, Teacher Zhen should have a solution on how to treat him.”

Mu Zi replied, “You should also rest up after using such a powerful recovery spell.”

I nodded. “I will recover my magic power to its best condition in order to keep everyone safe and improve the precision of the teleport. Mu Zi, please help me protect the array. Si Wa, I will have to trouble you to find a secluded place for me to lay the array. Don’t forget that you can’t make any mistakes.” After I said that, I opened the magic array book and gave Si Wa a page from the center of the book.

After three hours, I woke up from meditating. We carried Ma Ke to the place where Si Wa had set the array,

I said, “When I start using the array in a short moment, everyone will have to use their strongest protection spell to protect your surroundings. This is to protect Ma Ke’s safety.”

After I said that, I drew another diagram on the six corners of the array before sitting at a corner and used light elements to power long distance teleportation array.

After a golden light shone, the five of us disappeared from the array.

I had also used my strongest defensive spell to protect the out most surrounding during the teleportation process to resist the warping space. At this moment, it seemed as though time stopped. There was nothing visible in the surrounding. Everyone had their eyes closed to withstand the immense pressure.

Our bodies suddenly lightened. I knew that it was already the end of the teleportation. I heavily heaved a sigh of relief as the teleport was quite accurate and it succeeded in teleporting us to the place that Teacher Di had previously helped me to set the array in the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy.”

Mu Zi asked in astonishment. “Where is this place? Did we end up in a wrong place after the teleportation?”

I chuckled, “Why do you have so little confidence in your husband? Everyone, welcome to the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. Teacher Di’s office is close by.”

Hai Yue nodded. “That’s right! This is indeed the back hill behind the Intermediate Magic Academy. I have come here before.”

I replied, “Let’s go! We should quickly send Ma Ke to Teacher Di’s place.”

It was in the afternoon so the academy was quiet, as all of the students were in class. We brought Ma Ke to Teacher Di’s office. However,Teacher Di wasn’t in. Since the room was unlocked, we placed Ma Ke on the bed.

I said, “Teacher Di isn’t here so I will go and find him. You just need to wait for me here.” After saying that, I immediately dashed out. I was extremely familiar with the place as I had trained here for five years already. I quickly found Teacher Di somewhere in the academy.

When Teacher Di saw me, he jubilantly said, “Zhang Gong, you’re back! How did the competition go?”

I painstakingly said, “Even though I had brought back the championship, Ma Ke was seriously injured. Please quickly come and have a look!”

Teacher Di nodded. “Alright! Where are they?”

I replied, “They are in your office. You had forgotten to lock the door again.”

Teacher Di laughed. “I have aged so I’m not good at anything. How are Ma Ke’s injuries? Are they serious?”

I nodded worryingly. “I have already stabilized his condition, but…”

Teacher Di replied, “Your restoration spell is of the same standard as mine. If you can’t treat him, I won’t be able to as well. How about this? Quickly go and find Chuan Song in the Royal Advanced Magic Academy and invite him over to see if he can help. I will send someone to inform the prince.”

I nodded before dashing towards the Royal Advanced Magic Academy.

Teacher Zhen was happy when he saw me. He knew that if I came back safely, this would mean that we had won the championship. He laughed and said, “Zhang Gong, you’re back already? Didn’t the competition just end two days back? How are you back already today?”

I gloomily replied Teacher Zhen, “I was almost played to death by you this time. Is that really a competition? It’s too abnormal. We almost didn’t make it back. Please come with me, Ma Ke is seriously wounded and is now at Teacher Di’s place.”

Teacher Zhen was startled and said, “What happened? Ma Ke is injured? Let’s quickly head there.”

I told the entire process of the competition to Teacher Zhen on the way to the Intermediate Magic Academy. Teacher Zhen didn’t say anything, but because he was frowning, I knew that he was unhappy.

We quickly rushed into Teacher Di’s office. Once Teacher Zhen entered the room, he immediately asked Teacher Di, “Lao Lun, how is he? Can he be saved?” Ma Ke was Prince Ke Zha’s son and also might be the Kingdom’s future prince. If something happened to him while he was in the Royal Advanced Magic Academy, even if Prince Ke Zha didn’t blame Teacher Zhen, Teacher Zhen himself would also be unhappy.

Teacher Di’s long and white eyebrows tightly frowned and he shook his head. “His condition is not good. If it wasn’t for Zhang Gong who helped him to forcefully open his internal channels, he would have died already. You can have a look at his condition yourself.”

Si Wa told me, “Zhang Gong, I will head back first. If there is a new situation, you must tell me. I will head back to invite Teacher Xi over to see if he can help.”

Teacher Zhen replied, “That’s right! Si Wa, you quickly go and invite that old brat Du Yu over. Hai Yue, you also head home and ask your grandfather and Huan Ying Yue, to come as well. Ma Ke’s wounds are problematic. I currently have no solutions to deal with it. Let’s see if the heads of us old fellows will be able to think of a solution together.”  

I pulled Mu Zi out and told her, “Mu Zi, you should head back to the dormitory to rest. You won’t be able to help out. You must be exhausted after these few days.”

Mu Zi pitifully caressed my face, “Zhang Gong, you have lost weight. Don’t be too anxious! Ma Ke will definitely be fine.”

I nodded and lightly kissed her forehead. “Quickly head back! Have some food and rest up well.”

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