Child of Light - Volume 6 - Chapter 11

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Volume 6: Chapter 11 – Dragon King

Xiao Jin hurriedly came to my side to protect me and yelled unhappily at his mother.

The huge white dragon hastily said, “Aiyo! Mother didn’t do that on purpose. Let’s quickly go!”

A line of three dragons and a human flew towards the deep parts of the basin.

There was an enormous hole in front. The large white dragon was using her dragon claw to drag me, who was currently wrapped in my own light, and came to a stop. She turned her head and told Xiao Jin, “This is our home. Xiao Qing, ah! I mean Xiao Jin’s Uncle Green, you stand guard at the door. We will head in first. Don’t allow any dragons to come and disturb our family of three’s love and joy.” After she said that, she brought Xiao Jin and I inside.

As the green dragon who was left behind saw our fading backs, he used his large claws to strike at his head due to being in pain. He muttered, “I…I.. I am one of the eight elder heavenly dragons of the Dragon clan. I am now turned into a dragon to guard the door. Big sister is really too much.” Suddenly, he seemed to have thought about something and became elated again. “Haha! I am the next generation’s Dragon King’s Uncle Green. Haha! This is a title that those other defect dragons can’t obtain. Haha! This is awesome. I have something to boast about in the future.” The simple-minded green dragon sat in front of the entrance and watched his surroundings, fearing that someone would come and make him fail in completing the task the huge white dragon had given him. This dragon had always been in the Dragon Valley since birth. Even though he experienced countless baptisms of time, he was still young and childish at heart.

My entire body was in tremendous pain, and I seemed to have torn my heart and cracked my lung. However, the Holy Sword’s power had stubbornly protected my brain, making me unable to faint. I would soon be driven insane. My perspiration drenched my entire body.

Xiao Jin felt my pain and cast a Primary Spirit Recovery spell on me.

The huge white dragon astonishingly exclaimed, “Child, you also know how to use light magic? That’s not bad. There are very few of us that can use elemental magics. Most only rely on their dragon’s breath and Dragon magic spells.”

Xiao Jin complacently raised his head and called out a few sounds.

The huge white dragon looked at him amazed, but didn’t say anything anymore.

The hole got bigger as we proceeded in it. Finally, we reached a place that looked like a large public square. The white dragon stopped and respectfully said in front of her, “Dragon King, I have returned. Our son has also returned.”

Xiao Jin curiously looked to the dark place in front of him that had suddenly lit up. A dazzling golden light appeared as an enormous gold dragon squatted in front of them. Even though he was squatting there, a powerful pressure instantly filled the entire hole. The huge white dragon couldn’t help but to lower her head.

The huge gold dragon’s body was approximately 200 metres. Its entire body was covered with massive gold scales. There were a pair of wings kept by its sides. Two enormous dragon claws were in view. He slowly supported his body and used two enormous dragon’s eyes to look fixedly at Xiao Jin.

Xiao Jin subconsciously took two steps back to hide behind the huge white dragon and used his small claws to directly grab onto the scales of the huge white dragon.

The huge white dragon gently said, “Child, don’t be afraid. He is your father.”

An imposing filled voice voiced out. He placidly said, “My child, you’re back. Quickly come over for father to have a look.”

A golden light shot over and covered Xiao Jin, dragging him over. The closer he got to the Dragon King, the more he felt the pressure that was emitted by the Dragon King.

The huge white dragon said caringly, “Dragon King, be a little more gentle. Don’t scare our child.”

The Dragon King’s imposing voice replied, “As my child and the successor of the Dragon King, how can he have the possibility of being a coward?”

After hearing the Dragon King’s words, Xiao Jin seemed to have released his potential grandeur. He straightened his chest, and golden light shone out from his eyes to form a circle of power surrounding his body, standing up under the loftiness of the Dragon King.

The old Dragon King looked satisfied. “That’s right! This is my good child. Something is not right. Child, why is your body so weak? Ah Bai, have you brought something else in here? I smell the scent of a human.”

The huge white dragon also walked over and passed me, who was covered with white light, over. “Our son says that this is his master. He has been injured by Xiao Qing. Take a look.”

The old Dragon King didn’t become angry as what the huge white dragon had expected. He took me over. “Can this be the light inheritor that the God King had spoken of, the savior of the world, the Child of Light?”

Xiao Jin whistled loudly, confirming the Dragon King’s thought. The Dragon King frowned and said, “This Xiao Qing is almost 10000 years old and is still so hot tempered. This human’s injury is very severe.” After he said that, a golden light shot out from his dragon’s horn and wrapped around me.  

I could completely hear their conversations without missing any word, but I was in so much pain that I couldn’t speak.

The golden light that shone on my body from the Dragon King gave me a warm feeling. The warmth gradually became hotter. It seemed as though it wanted to melt me. I involuntarily screamed out in pain.

Xiao Jin looked impatiently and kept on crying out anxiously. The huge white dragon told him, “Don’t worry. Your father is giving him treatment.”

The old Dragon King didn’t have any intention of stopping. The gold light kept intensifying. Finally, under the effect of the strong power, I lost consciousness.

When I woke up again, I was currently in another stone hole. The green dragon, who had previously injured me, was by my side. When he saw me open my eyes, he coldly said, “Human, you’re awake. I will bring you to meet with our king.”

This stupid dragon that had seriously injured me was still this arrogant. Wasn’t he just older than me? What was so good about that? I checked my body’s condition. Even though I was still feeling a little feeble, all of my bones had reconnected. I gently moved my body. Everything was normal. My body also felt as though it had lightened a little.

I also coldly said, “You stupid dragon, you sneak attacked me when I wasn’t paying attention. How can we say that it is due to your skills?”

The green dragon used his dragon wing to gently hit me, making me stagger. I angrily said, “What are you doing?”

The green dragon with contempt said, “With just your abilities, you want to fight with me? From how I see it, you are seeking death.” After he said that, he also simultaneously pinched at his two respectively smaller front claws, giving off creaking sounds.

I snorted heavily and replied, “Aren’t you supposed to take me to the Dragon King? Why are we still not heading there?”

The green dragon withdrew his contemptible attitude at that moment. He didn’t say anything and walked out first. As I followed behind him, I really wanted to kick his butt hard. This fellow was really too arrogant.

I arrived at the same hole I was in previously. The huge white dragon and Xiao Jin stood separately at the sides of the Dragon King. The Dragon King said imposingly, “Human, you have awakened.”

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