Child of Light - Volume 6 - Chapter 12

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Volume 6: Chapter 12 – Xiao Jin’s Family

As I faced the world’s strongest expert, the Dragon King, I didn’t dare to slight him. I bowed towards him and said, “Dragon King, I thank you for saving me.”

The dragon King replied, “I didn’t do much. It is my clan member that hurt you, so I definitely have the responsibility of saving you. From what I’ve heard from my child, you have been taking care of him all this time, right?”

I nodded. “It cannot be said that I took care of him. Xiao Jin is my best friend. He has experienced many life and death dangers with me. Without him, I would be dead already.”

The old Dragon King nodded. “I want you to explain to me why my child’s life force is this weak.”

My expression dampened and sighed, “To tell you the truth, this was due to my….” I told him everything that had transpired.

When the green and white dragon heard that I let Xiao Jin out to compete, even after I was warned not to, they glared at me until I said I used my life to save Xiao Jin. Only then did they calm down a little. The old Dragon King heard what I said emotionlessly.

“…..So that was what happened that resulted in Xiao Jin’s life force being so weak. I came here to return him to your side. I hope you can find a way to recover his life force.”

Xiao Jin loudly cried out. It was obvious that he didn’t want to be separated from me.

I glanced at him, full with emotion, and lukewarmly said, “Xiao Jin, this is your home. You must listen to your parents from now on and qualify to become a great Dragon King, alright?”

Xiao Jin strongly shook his head and said in my heart, “I want to follow you. I don’t want to stay here.” After being together for so many years, Xiao Jin was filled with reluctance to part from me.

I walked over and leaned on his body. With tears flowing down my face, I replied, “I am also reluctant to leave you. However, this is your world. You have your family, and they’re the same species as you. You will only be in danger if you follow me.”

XIao Jin cried out to the old Dragon King and used his big wings to place me at the center of his body.

The old Dragon King said, “Human, I don’t know if I should thank you for returning my child or to blame you for the great loss of his life force. I will count it as the balance between contribution and errors. You are free to go. Xiao Qing, you send him out.”

I nodded and struggled out of Xiao Jin’s embrace. I deeply bowed towards the old Dragon King. “Thank you for not punishing me. I hope that after I leave, you can recover Xiao Jin’s life force. Xiao Jin’s previous death is the most remorseful incident in my entire life.”

The huge white dragon replied, “We will.”

Xiao Jin was restricted by the old Dragon King’s power. He repeatedly cried out and was filled with reluctance. The old Dragon King looked at my fading back before gently sighing.

Just as I was going to walk out of the hole, the old Dragon King’s imposing voice called out.

“Human, come back here.”

I was stunned as to why he wanted me back. Could it be he didn’t know how much determination it took for me to leave Xiao Jin? However, with the call from the Dragon King, I couldn’t disobey it.

After returning to face the Dragon King, Xiao Jin was already no longer there. The dragon King lukewarmly said, “I have already locked Xiao Jin up in a secret room. After settling your matters, I will start to help him recover his life force.”

I gratifyingly replied, “Thank you. I will be happy if Xiao Jin is alright.”

The Dragon King said smilingly, “He’s my child. I will definitely treat him. I should be the one to thanking you. Even though my child has lost a large amount of life force, he is still brought back here safely by you. If you have any request, you can say them. I will try my best to fulfill them.”

I lowered my head and thought before suddenly saying, “I do not have any request for myself, but I want to plead to you to help save the other races in the world.” I thought, “If I can involve this old Dragon King in the battle, I will feel more relieved when the time comes.”

The Dragon King looked interested and replied, “ Carry on.”

I composed myself before telling him what the God King had told me previously. After the Dragon King heard what I had to say, he sighed deeply and said, “You’re a good child. You are kindhearted. Actually, I already know everything. We have the same enemy, the Monster King. You perhaps don’t about this, but during that year of the great God and Monster war my father had led the dragon clan to also participate in it.” Here, the old Dragon King’s eyes were filled with dejection.

He continued to say, “My father, the previous generation’s Dragon King, was killed by the Monster King. From then on, I inherited the Dragon King’s position. The God King once told me that even with his God’s power, he was still unable to eliminate the Monster King. There will be a day the Monster King will emerge again. However, at that time, a hero that has a short life, the Child of Light, will lead all of the brave warriors to have the ultimate battle against the Monster King.”

I was startled and replied, “It can’t be that Child of Light that has a short life is me, right?”

The Dragon King nodded. “That’s correct. It is you. If you aren’t that person, why would the God King give you the Holy Sword? Child, there are some matters that you won’t be able to escape from. Do you understand?”

I smiled embarrassedly, “Even if I want to escape, will I be able to? You can stop worrying. I will do my best.”

The old Dragon King noded. “Child, I have already recovered your life force that you sacrificed for my child and also strengtheedn your bones. Your path is still an extremely long one.”

This was not bad. It was worth the trip. It had actually recovered my life force. This was just too amazing. Haha!

I said with gratitude, “Thank you for recovering my life force.”

The old Dragon King shook his head. “After a couple of years, I will lead the eight elders of the dragon clan to participate in the great God and Monster war in the future. You can be reassured of that. If the Monster King wants to invade the whole world, he will definitely not let my clan off.”

I respectfully nodded. “I represent the human race of the world to thank you beforehand.”

The old Dragon King replied, “My child’s dependence on you is very strong. I know that you two will be inseparable partners in life. I will not forcefully keep you two apart. However, I have some conditions that you must agree to.”

I instantly became elated. I didn’t want to be separated from Xiao Jin. This was too perfect.

I hastily replied, “Please state your terms. As long as I can be with Xiao Jin, I will accept any conditions.”

The Dragon King chuckled and replied, “I have three conditions. The first is that you must protect the safety of my child and not let him be fatally wounded.”

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