Child of Light - Volume 6 - Chapter 13

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Volume 6: Chapter 13 – The Dragon’s Conditions

I resolutely said, “If someone wants to hurt Xiao Jin, he must step over my dead body.”

The old Dragon King nodded with satisfaction before he replied, “Good. The second condition is that no matter what the outcome is in the future, you must become my Dragon clan’s protector and also not expose any of my Dragon clan’s secrets to the other races.”

I replied, “Of course, I will definitely not breathe a word of it.”

The Dragon King continued to say, “The third condition is that you must bring my child back to inherit the Dragon King’s position.”

After hearing that condition, I couldn’t help but be stunned. “It will definitely happen. Is that even counted as a condition?”

The old Dragon King bitterly smiled, “It definitely is a condition, and also the most important one. Do you know, even if we successfully annihilate the Monster King, your human lifespan is only 100 years while our Dragon clan has a lifespan of a few 10,000 years. Once you die from old age, with my child’s feelings for you, he will definitely want to die with you. In that case, my five claws gold dragon lifeline will end with his.”

‘Ah! Would that be the case?’ I thought of Xiao Jin’s feelings, which confirmed the old Dragon King’s words.

I sighed and said, “Dragon King, you can be reassured that I will definitely bring Xiao Jin back to inherit your position.”

The Dragon King frowned and replied, “Don’t agree to it so fast! Even though my interactions with Xiao Jin aren’t many, I can see that he is extremely stubborn and won’t be easy to convince.”

I smiled and replied, “I have my own plans for the matter.”

The old Dragon King who was still worrying said, “Tell me your plans.”

I used an extremely soft voice as I told my plans to him. The old Dragon King laughed. “You are really sinister. I will be able to relax in that case. However, I won’t be satisfied with only your sayings for my first condition. You must undergo my test.”

“Test? What test?”

The old Dragon King smiled sinisterly. “You can pick anyone from my eight elders of the dragon clan and only if you defeat him, can you leave.”

Wah! He was really sinister and still talked about me. I replied as I wailed, “They are all so abnormal. How can I fight against them?”

The old Dragon King replied, “It isn’t up to you. I will give you a month’s time to increase your abilities. After that, we will commence the competition. As for my child, he will not be able to leave this place temporarily. I will need a year’s time to recover his life force and make him become a real Dragon King. After he finishes my tasks, I will directly send him to find you. Of course, you must first accomplish the test that I just gave you.” From his words, it was to increase Xiao Jin’s powers.

Would I stand a chance in fighting with the Dragon clan’s abnormal elders? My face instantly turned green like a bitter gourd. However, for the sake of being with Xiao Jin, I must give it a try. I clenched my teeth and replied. “Alright. I will fight with that green dragon.” As I said, I pointed at the huge green dragon who was standing not far away.

The old Dragon King was stunned and said, “Xiao Qing is the strongest among the elders. Do you want to reconsider?”

I replied with determination, “I don’t need to reconsider. I pick him.” ‘Hmph! Stupid green dragon! You hit me, I will definitely humiliate you.’

The old Dragon King replied, “That’s great! I will give you a month. After a month, we will compete outside. In this month, you must work hard. If not, you will definitely be unable to defeat Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing is well known for his iron body. His speciality is physical attacks. He can deal with 100 behemoths without any difficulties. From what I heard from my son, you are a magician. You must remember that our dragon’s magic defense is extremely strong. Alright! I will leave it as it is for now. You will live at the hole you were in before coming here. If you have any problems, you can find Xiao Qing. I will first head back to treat my child.”

I replied, “I understand. Thank you.” After saying that, I left with the green dragon. As they walked, the green dragon said. “Aiya!It has been a long time since I can use my strength.  My weary old bones can finally move. Brat, even though you are so small, you seem to be good to beat. You must train hard in the month so as to not disappoint me.” After he said that, he pinched his dragon claws again with an elated expression. The Dragon clan’s life was extremely dull so with me to excite his life, he was definitely happy.

Seeing his expression, it was clear that he already treated me as his sandbag. I coldly said, “Xiao Qing, just you wait and see how I will deal with you.”

When the Dragon King previously called him Xiao Qing, he was a little unhappy. The Dragon King was still older than him after all, so he didn’t dare to say anything. With my call, he raged furiously and shouted, “I don’t allow you to call me Xiao Qing! I am much older than you. You are from my younger generations. How can you be this rude?”

I sneered and replied, “Who is your younger generation? Xiao Qing, quickly get me something to eat.”

The green dragon angrily walked around me, but didn’t dare to hit me. He viciously said, “Brat! You are currently so wild and ruthless. I will deal with you after a month.”

We already walked out of the hole at that time. The green dragon called a smaller blue dragon over. “Xiao Xiao Lan, I will pass this brat to you. You will have to satisfy all of his needs. I will go first. You must remember to protect him.”

As the blue dragon saw the fading back of the green dragon, he unhappily said, “He dumped his burden on me again. Who did I provoke?”

I cordially greeted him. “This dragon brother, can you get your little brother something to eat?”

The blue dragon looked at me curiously and replied. “Are you that human being that brought back our young King?”

I nodded. “That’s right! It is me, why?”

The blue dragon replied, “So humans looked like this. This is still my first time in seeing one.” As he said that, he used his claws to catch me to look at me in detail.

I knew he didn’t have any bad intentions so I didn’t resist him. I bitterly smiled and said, “Have you seen enough? If you have, please quickly get me something to eat. I must train as soon as possible. Your Dragon King has given me one month before I have to fight with that stupid dragon.”

After the blue dragon heard my words, he was shocked. With the release of his dragon claws, I instantly dropped down. As it happened too suddenly, I fell until I was totally muddle-headed.

The blue dragon hastily clenched his huge fist and asked, “Are you alright? I am sorry for what just happened. I was absentminded previously.”

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