Child of Light - Volume 6 - Chapter 15

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Volume 6: Chapter 15 – Backed by the Dragons

Just like that, I wracked my brain for the entire day to give all of the dragons names that they were satisfied with. After that, even Xiao jin’s mother, who was the huge white dragon, also came. I also gave her a name, White Queen as she was the Dragon King’s wife. Haha! After giving so many dragons their names, I still felt very accomplished.

I finally finished that task when night came. Except for the Dragon King and the Green Dragon that had ‘offended’ me, all of the dragons had their own name.”

After the crowd of dragons had dispersed, I also went back to my hole. The Green Dragon that had been hiding at the side ran over and pulled Ice Blue. “Xiao Xiao Lan, what is that brat up to? I was too far away so I couldn’t see clearly what happened.”

Ice Blue arrogantly said, “Please don’t call me Xiao Xiao Lan anymore. I have a new name. Please call me Ice Blue instead. The human brother has previously given us all our own names. Haha! Uncle Xiao Qing, I am afraid that you are the only one that doesn’t have a new name. I am heading off. Ice Blue…Ice Blue.. I am extremely satisfied with my name.”

After looking at Ice Blue who was on cloud nine, the green dragon used his large claws to hit his head. He muttered, “If I knew this will happen, I won’t have offended him. What can I do now? I can’t just go up to him and ask for a new name.” After he said that, he sighed before walking away.

As for me, after heading back to my hole, I ate all kinds of fruits that the bunch of dragons had given me. (There were also some wild beasts. However, it was too troublesome to make it edible so I just ate the fruits. I am lazy.) It soothed my mood. Even though it was a little tiring today, I made good relationships with those dragons. It would definitely be beneficial to the competition in a month’s time.

Starting from the next day on, I had given myself tasks. I would train battle spirit in the morning and then train the gathering speed for my magic and battle spirit fusion spell. Afterwards, I would meditate. As I slept, with the two Gold Dans, the gathering speed of my magic power had increased drastically. It was not like one plus one equals two kind of increases, but rather twice as much. After my two Gold Dans turned completely transparent, my magic power would be able to breakthrough from the Magister’s realm so the good effects of lying down to meditate could be seen clearer.

After working hard for a month, I could clearly feel the improvement in my magic. No matter if it was the God King that had shed my mortal body and exchanged my bones or the Dragon King that had changed my physique, the results were amazing. My battle spirit had improved rapidly, my body was much stronger than before. My physical capability was abundant and I had trained to the best standards for the battle. Even though my power might not reach the Radiant Knight rank, it had at least reached the Heaven Knight rank. My battle spirit had almost reached the God Battle Spirit’s class. Of course, my martial skills were still bad, however it shouldn’t matter as I trained my battle spirit to be better at using my magic.

Even though I still had not reached the speed of using chantless intermediate light spells and Elementary spells, the gathering speed had decreased drastically. I currently only need 3 seconds to cast a fusion magic and battle spirit spell that was stronger than before.

A month soon passed. The Dragon King had told a small dragon to pass his words to me to prepare myself for the test tomorrow.

In this one month, I was already very familiar with the dragons. They had already accepted me, a human being. No matter if it was 1 or 2 thousand small dragons or the 10000 years and above elder dragons, they all called me their brother.

I had never seen the green dragon since that day. He probably hated me to death. He definitely wouldn’t hold back his strengths. We would just follow my preplanned fighting tactics tomorrow. With the Dragon King’s supervision, I should have no problem with keeping my small life.


There was an extremely flat and sparse land in the middle of Dragon Valley. It was the best place to hold competitions. The green dragon stood in front of me with his eyes glaring like a tiger watching his prey. The Dragon King also walked out from his hole. From what he had said, Xiao Jin had started close doors training. His life force was slowly recovering.

The Dragon King’s imposing voice rang out. “The test begins. Xiao Qing, you must remember not to kill him.” After he said that, with a wave of his claws, an enormous golden transparent barrier formed to enclose us at the center of it.

The green dragon extended his dragon claws. “Brat, if I don’t cripple you, I will no longer be called Xiao Qing.”

The group of dragons surrounding us roared simultaneously. From the huge dragons that knew how to speak, it seemed that they were cheering me on. The green dragon yelled furiously at the barrier, “Why are you all extending your dragon claws? You are being biased towards outsider! Quickly cheer me on.”

Ice Blue replied, “Uncle Xiao Qin, it can’t be that you don’t know that we were given his grace, right? Furthermore, we are all cheering for the weaker competitor. Zhang Gong! You can do it! Zhang Gong! Go for it!”

The green dragon was so angry that his entire body shivered. The Dragon King yelled, “Why aren’t you two fighting? Quickly start the test!”

Xiao Qing instantly moved 30 meters ahead and swiped his tail at me. He used the same move that he did previously to strike at me horizontally.

I had long prepared to used short teleportation before the Dragon King said those words. When I saw him move, I immediately teleported away. As the speed was extremely fast, the green dragon’s tail hit my after image.

I mockingly said, “I am here!”

The green dragon angrily dashed over, but I didn’t counter attack. I dodged all around him. Suddenly, I thought of a good plan, I started to run in a circle in the barrier that the Dragon King had erected. I gradually increased my pace. When I ran at my maximum speed, there was my silhouette from all directions. The green dragon got dizzy from my movement.

I struck out at that moment using the fusion magic and battle spirit spell that I gathered earlier. Due to the remnant images, it seemed that I was striking at the green dragon from all directions, making it impossible for him to avoid the attack.

Hong!” The long white light with a tinge of gold struck on his back.

I had struck him with all of my might. The longer I stored up the spell, the stronger it got. It was definitely stronger than any advanced spells that I used before.

The green dragon screeched out in pain. The scales on his back spewed out blood from my strike as his body heavily struck the ground.

The Dragon King and White Queen paled as they didn’t think that I would have such a powerful attack.

Actually, I knew that even though I had injured the green dragon with this strike, it would not be wounded fundamentally. Even though I had estimated that his defences was extremely strong, his durability was still beyond my expectations.

The green dragon gradually stood up. His eyes had turned blood shot red. He gently flapped his wings and flew up into the sky with his body emitting intense green light rays. I knew that his next move would definitely be world shaking. Blood was still constantly dripping from his body.

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