Child of Light - Volume 6 - Chapter 19

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Volume 6: Chapter 19 – Returning to the Academy

Father suddenly became serious and said, “Don’t be too complacent. Arrogance is the biggest obstacle for a magician to surpass.”

I struck out my tongue and replied, “I understand.”

Mom protected me by saying, “You’re hateful. Our son just came back and you are lecturing him already. Our Zhang Gong is strong.”

Father showed a helpless expression. “You will spoil him this way.”

I smiled mischievously, “How can it be that way? I am the most obedient.”

Father replied, “Since you are not tired, let’s go to the Village Chief’s house. We must go and face him. He has been taking good care of us while you weren’t at home after all.”

I replied, “Must we head there now? Let’s wait for a while longer. Father, Mom, how are your magic training going?”

Father replied arrogantly said, “It is going very well. Even though we gave up our original magics for light magic, we still have good results. I can freely use any Intermediate light magic. Your mom is almost at the same level as me. She is slightly lousier than your father.”

Mom rebuked, “Who is lousier than you? Didn’t you lose against me previously and ran away?”

Father embarrassedly smiled and said, “I was going easy on you. It can’t be that you didn’t see that correctly?”

Mom revealed a disdainful expression. “Zhang Gong, you can teach us new spells. Our improvement is quite fast.”

I tested Father and Mom’s magic power and said frowning, “As you didn’t initially learn light magic, your magic power isn’t pure enough. It will be difficult to learn advanced magic.”

Father and Mom dejectedly looked at each other. Father replied, “If we can’t learn it, we will then forget about it. We mustn’t forcefully learn it.” I could see their determination for magic. After all, in this Kingdom, who didn’t want to become an expert in using magic. I suddenly thought of an idea and said smilingly, “Don’t be uneasy ! I have a plan.”

After saying that, I took out a few pure purple magic crystals from my spatial space. “Take a look! What is this?”

Father and Mom shouted in amazement, “Purple crystals?! How are there so many precious things in your possession and in such large quantity?”

I said smilingly, “How can this be regarded as something? I still have a lot of them. These were given to me by my friends. I definitely got them honorably. I will leave a few for you. After meditating, you will pass your magic power into the purple crystal. It not only will cleanse your magic power, it can also help to improve the gathering speed of your magic.”

Mother took the largest purple crystal. “This is really beautiful. I want this piece.”

Father said, “You can’t do that! We must split everything by halves….” The two of them argued about the distribution. I finally became the mediator and gave them equal amounts of crystals to settle their argument.

I said, “That should be alright. Let’s head off, my two guides. Aren’t we supposed to be heading to the Village Chief’s place?”

On the way to the Village Chief’s house, Father suddenly told me, “Zhang Gong, I forgot to tell you this, but Ao De and Luo Yu are married.”

I said surprised, “Really? They were in such a rush. They didn’t wait for me to come see their wedding. That brat!”

After reaching the Village Chief’s house, Ao De and Luo Yu came over. I walked over and gave Ao De a punch. “You’re good! You brat! You didn’t wait for me before you wed!”

Ao De held the place that had been hit and replied, pretending to be in pain, “Aiyo! A magician is hitting a person.”

I laughed as I scolded him, “Aren’t you a magician?”

Luo Yu said smilingly, “That’s enough! Stop fooling around and quickly get inside.” After half a year, Luo Yu had become even more beautiful. I smiled and replied, “Congratulations in becoming my younger brother’s wife. You must discipline Ao De more from now on.”

Luo Yu replied, “Of course! If he cheats on me, I will tear his ear out.” Ao De hastily expressed that he wouldn’t even dare to do that. Seeing their blissful relationship, I really envied them.

The other mishap was that there was only the Village Chief’s family in the house, and he didn’t invite the other villagers. The Village Chief said, “I fear that you will find it annoying if there are too many people so I didn’t call for the others to come. Zhang Gong, quickly take your seats. The dishes will be coming up soon.”

Everyone ate the meal happily. To congratulate the marriage between Ao De and Luo Yu, I gave them each a purple crystal. The Village Chief was even more polite to our family.

When the next day began, I mentored my parents on how to learn advanced light magic and also helped them remove the impurities in their magic so that they will be able to learn even better magic spells.

Time flew past, and it was already rapidly approaching the reopening of the academy. In this month in the village, I was treated by everyone like the moon that was cared for by the stars. In this month, I realised that I had put on some weight.

“Father, I will be heading back tomorrow.”

“My son, learning is most important. Even though you have already achieved some accomplishments, you still need to work hard!”

I nodded. “Don’t worry! I will definitely work hard!”

Mother said smilingly, “You must bring back our daughter-in-law for us to take a look the next time you return.”

My face flushed red. “I will try my best. If I can really bring her back with me, you will then really have a daughter in law.”

Mother replied, “You must work hard! We are waiting to carry our grandson!”

I used the returning magic array to return to the academy the next day. What I didn’t know was that a long time would pass before the next time I returned home.

I decided to visit Teacher Di.

Arriving at the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy, I saw Teacher Di taking care of his flowers and grasses. I shouted, “Teacher Di, I’m back!”

Teacher Di stood up and replied smilingly, “Zhang Gong, you’re back. How is it? Did you send Xiao Jin back?”

I replied, “The trip can be counted as successful. Not only did I send Xiao Jin back, I also gained the support of the Dragon clan. They have agreed to help us out during the final battle against the Monster King. I saw many different kinds and types of dragons. It was an eye opener.”

Teacher Di replied, “Quickly tell me what happened!”

I told him everything that happened in the Dragon Valley and also let Teacher Di see the Sukrad’s staff.

Teacher Di sighed. “Zhan Gong, your life is really exciting. If only I am 50 years younger, I will definitely want to roam these places with you.”

I clung onto Teacher Di’s arm, “Isn’t it that you, old man, have taught me well? Without you, how can I have what I have today?”

Teacher Di felt consoled and stroked his long mustache, expressing a heartfelt smile on his face.

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