Child of Light - Volume 6 - Chapter 2

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Volume 6: Chapter 2 – Teacher’s Summons

My expression dampened a little but I forcefully smiled and said, “We are doing really well.”

Hai Shui didn’t notice my expression and plainly replied, “That’s great. We are going on a vacation soon. What are your plans?”

‘Plans? I really haven’t thought about that.’

I replied without thinking, “I still don’t know. I’ll make my plans when the vacation starts. Maybe, I will just head home.”

Hai Shui nodded and replied, “That’s a good plan. I heard from my elder sister that your magic power had already reached the Magister’s stage. Is that really true?”

I couldn’t, and also didn’t want to lie to her so I just simply replied, “That’s correct and it had already been sometime since I reached that stage. From the undulation of your magic power from your body, it seemed that you have not improved much. You must work hard.”

After I said that sentence, I regretted it. As expected, after Hai Shui heard my words, her expression dampened. She plainly replied, “My heart is placed somewhere else so I can’t focus.” After she said that, she looked deeply at me.

My heart jumped heavily. I clearly understood Hai Shui’s strong feelings for me, but I had already given my entire heart to Mu Zi. At one side, it was the one I love and on the other is someone that loved me. Both sides had similarly put me in a spot.

I coughed and changed the topic. “Have you eaten?”

Hai Shui shook her head and replied, “I haven’t. I am just planning to go and eat. I coincidentally saw you so I came over.”

I repressed a caring expression and replied, “You should eat more. You have lost a lot of weight again.”

Hai Shui’s eyes reddened and suddenly she threw herself at me like a bird seeking refuge in a forest and cried bitterly.

Her action gave me a shock, but I couldn’t push her away. I stood there at a loss to know what to do and let her tears wet my clothes.

After a long time, Hai Shui then released her hands that that were tightly holding my hands. She just stood a few centimeters away. Her breath gently blow on my face, making me a little intoxicated by it.

Hai Shui’s beautiful large eyes were filled with tears. She whispered, “Can’t you give a little of your feelings to me? Even if it is just pity, can’t you?”

I looked at Hai Shui in a stunned state and really didn’t know how to reply.

Hai Shui sighed lightly and placed a kiss on my lips that felt like like a dragonfly stepping on water before she turned around and ran away.

As I watched her delicate back gradually vanish from my view, my mood became much heavier. I was in a little peculiar mood as I told myself, ‘It wasn’t that I completely didn’t have any feelings for Hai Shui. However, when the heart ripples, it would be extremely hard to stop it from expanding.’

I bitterly laughed and rubbed the remaining sensation that Hai Shui left on my lips and didn’t know what to do.

‘This is really like when a wave had not even eased before another wave had come. I haven’t even solved the matter with Mu Zi and now Hai Shui came in rapidly. What am I supposed to do?’

I didn’t go to Ascending Jade Tide and just ate some food in the canteen before returning back to the dormitory by myself.

After the next few days, I didn’t said anything to Mu Zi. I just sat by her side and stared fixedly at her daily. In my heart, I thought, ‘Why can’t you really accept me?”

Mu Zi didn’t dare look at my gaze which was filled with deep feelings for her. I could see that she was avoiding me.

Ma Ke suddenly came to find me today. After seeing me, he smiled and said, “Boss, how have you been recently?”

I snappily replied, “How can I be like you so comfortably off? From day to night, you are stuck to Hai Yue and ignored me as your brother. This is a perfect example of paying more attention to a lover than friends. From what I see, it seems that you have already forgotten about me.”

Ma Ke embarrassedly laughed. “How can I? I can forget anyone but I won’t be able to forget about you, Boss. Didn’t I come to look for you just now?”

I snorted coldly and replied, “Just say it, why have you come? Without any urgent matter, I doubt you will come looking for me.”

Ma Ke smiled apologetically and replied, “Hehe, Boss, it seems you have completely looked through me. It is Teacher Di that told me to look for you. On my way home yesterday, I met that old man. Teacher Di wants you to see him after the end of lessons today.”

Why was Teacher Di looking for me? I replied, “I got it. Do you still have other matters you want to tell me?”

Ma Ke shook his head. “I don’t have any others except this. It is that Hai Yue told me to tell you that you aren’t allowed to bully her sister. Aiyo! Boss, stop hitting me!”

As I continued to knock his head, I angrily said, “If I don’t hit you, who should I hit? This matter is a pot that you can’t open and you just lifted the lid of that pot. You are just asking to be beaten.”

Ma Ke turned and ran away. As he ran, he replied, “I don’t want to continue arguing with you anymore. Anyways, I have already told you. Don’t forget to head over to Teacher Di’s place.”

I impatiently replied, “I got it already. You just have to quickly head back to Hai Yue.” After this brat got Hai Yue, he had completely changed. He seemed to become like the wind.

After school, I went to the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy by myself.

“Zhang Gong, you’re here.”

“Teacher Di, I heard from Ma Ke that you are looking for me.”

Teacher Di laughed. “That’s correct. If I don’t find you, will you come to find me?” ‘Why did his speech seemed to be similar to what I said to Ma Ke?’

I chuckled. “This is to say that this old man missed me.”

Teacher Di rebuked, “What old man? Am I really that old, and who is missing you? I wanted to find you for some important matter.”

I hastily smiled apologetically, “Yes! Yes! Yes! How can you be old? You are at the prime of your life and are an unrivalled hero. Hehe.”

After hearing my two sentences of flattery, Teacher Di’s expression softened. “You brat, you only know how to speak glibly. Is there any improvement in  your magic power recently?”

I replied, “I definitely have improved! Why don’t you try it out?”

Teacher Di curled his lip. “Why should I try? Your power already isn’t worse than mine. I still want to keep my old bones to continue living for a couple more years.” I helplessly sniggered, ‘Why did I call him old? Now, he is calling himself old bones.’

I respectfully replied, “What is your purpose in finding me?”

Teacher Di expression changed. “The vacation is coming soon. What have you planned for this holiday?”

I replied, “I am thinking of heading home to visit my parents.”

Teacher Di nodded. “That’s also good. You have been out for another half year. You should head home to visit them. However, I hope that before you head home, you can settle something first.”

I astonishingly asked, “What’s the matter? Please tell me.”

Teacher Di muttered irresolutely, “Child, do you still remember what I told you that year, to bring Xiao Jin to find his home?”

My heart tightened before I nodded. “I remember.”

Teacher Di said, “Xiao Jin is the Dragon clan’s next generation Dragon King. I want you to use this holiday to bring him home. He also has parents just like you after all. Don’t you want to let them, parents and child reunite?”

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