Child of Light - Volume 6 - Chapter 20

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Volume 6: Chapter 20 – Ke Zha’s Succession

Suddenly, Teacher Di’s expression changed and said, “There is something that I must tell you. During this holiday, the Kingdom’s King had passed away. Prince Ke Zha is now the King of Aixia.”

I asked astonished, “Did the Emperor of the Kingdom really die?”

Teacher Di sighed. “That’s correct. It was already very difficult for him to hold on to his life for such a long time. Once the Prince was in power, he immediately gave titles to us  few old fellows. Everyone of us has a title of Royal Magician. You also received that title.”

I chuckled. “The prince… Ah! I mean the Emperor of the Kingdom really knows how to win over the hearts of the people.”

Teacher Di said, “I think that Ke Zha still did quite a good job with this matter. Not only did he reward us, he will also reward the two large families and Dun Yu Xi. He also made Chuan Song, Dun Yun Xi and I the mages to protect the Kingdom. Currently, the power of Duke Te Yi has gradually withered. Aixia should temporarily settle down for a while.”

I replied smilingly, “Isn’t that great? It is what we expected. We didn’t do all that work for nothing.”

Teacher Di nodded. “I have returned your title to Prince Ke Zha. You are still too young. You shouldn’t act too ostentatiously. It won’t give you any benefits that way. You won’t blame teacher, right?”

I chuckled. “Why will I blame you? I can’t even thank you enough. I don’t want to be an official. I won’t have any freedom. I still have the little piglet Mu Zi to take care of. Meat is precious and the price of the meat is even more precious. If there is a large piece of meat, when both of them occur together, then that life will be more suitable to me.”

Teacher Di mockingly scolded, “I really don’t know what to do with you brat. There is also a reason why I didn’t want you to get that title as I didn’t want you to be too distracted. Your task is extremely difficult. The Monster King isn’t that easy to deal with. Even if you have the help from the Dragon clan, you still mustn’t be complacent. Do you understand?”

I gravely nodded. “I understand. You don’t have to worry about that.”



Mu Zi only returned on the opening day of school. Her complexion didn’t look good. She looked extremely pale. I caringly asked, “Mu Zi, what happened to you? Are you unwell?”

Mu Zi forcefully smiled and replied, “It is alright. My head is just in a little pain.”

I touched her cold forehead. “If you are really uncomfortable, you must tell me. According to your current magic power, you shouldn’t fall ill easily.”

Mu Zi replied, “I’m fine, really.”

I felt that there was something different from Mu Zi’s gazes towards me. It seemed that her love for me had deepened. However, there was a tinge of grief in her eyes. It seemed that something saddening had happened.

I called some of my good friends to eat together at the Ascending Jade Tide that afternoon. Ma Ke was flushed with success. With his good relationships with the Magisters and his own strong powers, it was already enough to make exceptions to be given the title Prince by Emperor Ke Zha. Furthermore, with the whole heartedness that Hai Shui was treating him, he was currently the happiest person in our group.

What made me curious was that Mu Zi seemed to have lost her appetite. When I gave her what she loved to eat, she only nibbled at it. She was completely different from before.

After the meal, I brought her to a quiet corner of the academy. “Mu Zi, what is the matter? Is there something wrong? Can you please tell me?”

Mu Zi suddenly threw herself at me and hugged me tightly. “Zhang Gong, I really don’t want to be apart from you. I really don’t want to!” As she said that, she cried.

She was extremely emotional right now. I gently patted her back. I knew that if I didn’t let her cry it out, it would be bad for her body.

After a long time, Mu Zi finally stopped crying. She looked up with tears on her face. “Zhang Gong, if our parents disagree for us to be together, what will you do?”

I caressed her long hair and gently replied, “Silly girl, what silly words are you saying? How will that happen? I am so outstanding! They will definitely like me.” After I saying that, I even showed a disdainful look at the world.

Seeing my comical actions, Mu Zi laughed and turned her tears into laughter. After her mood lightened up a little, she went back to be dejected. She replied, “What I just told you is the truth. I am not joking with you. Please quickly answer me.”

I resolutely replied, “There is no one that can tear us apart, even if it is your parents. If they don’t agree with our relationship, I will try to convince them. If that really can’t work, I will snatch you and bring you somewhere far away. We will hide at a place that has enchanting scenery so that they won’t be able to find us. After a period of time, we will… Hehe! When the raw rice becomes cooked rice, I will bring you back to meet them again.”

Mu Zi sighed and leaned on my opposite shoulder as she replied, “If that can work, it may be a good plan. But will it really work?”

I frowned and said, “From what you said, your parents really don’t accept our relationship. Why am I not good enough? They haven’t even met me before so why are they banning our relationship?”

Mu Zi replied, “You don’t understand. It isn’t whether you are good or not. It is just….”

Seeing that she wanted to talk but stopped, I anxiously asked, “Then what is it? Please tell me. We will then be able to think of a solution.”

Mu Zi shook her head and looked at me aggrieved. “Forget it! You will find that out in the future. Let’s walk one step at a time.”

I was already out of options. She always said this sentence at every crucial moment. However, I didn’t have the heart to force her to say it. I just silently hugged her using my warm embrace to ease the burden in her heart.

I unintentionally looked down and saw that the shoulder she had been lying on was drenched. I said smilingly, “Aiya! You take a look at this. My shoulder is completely filled with your snivel and tears. You must help me wash my clothes.” As I said that sentence, I immediately lightened the heavy atmosphere.

Mu Zi pushed me away with her face reddened. “You’re detestable. You’re the one that have snivels. I will help you to wash it off.” As she said that, her eyes flashed with cunningness. A small waterball formed in her hand.

I look at her bewildered before turning around to run away. Mu Zi tossed the small water ball at me as she quickly chased after me.

After dinner, I had escorted Mu Zi back to her dormitory and also advised her to rest well.

I solitarily walked in the quiet training field. What Mu Zi had told me during the day really weighed deeply in my heart. It seemed that if Mu Zi and I wanted to be together, it wouldn’t be easy. What was really going on with her?

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