Child of Light - Volume 6 - Chapter 8

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Volume 6: Chapter 8 – Onwards to Dragon Valley

The petite youth nodded repeatedly. “I definitely will not dare to do that again. Thank you for forgiving me.”

I waved my hand at him. “That’s enough. You are free to go. Be more careful when you head out and avoid being seen by the Town Chief’s people.”

The petite young man suddenly kneeled before me and sincerely said, “Teacher, please take me in as your disciple. I am willing to follow your steps. I just wish to learn more advanced magic spells.”

I pulled him up and replied, “I am still a student myself. How can I take you in? Furthermore, my magic is incompatible with yours.”

After the petite young man listened to my words, he kneeled down once again and profusely kept on begging me to keep him as he shed tears.

I couldn’t stand it. It seemed like this brat was quite quick witted. How else could he know how to bother someone to this extent? I suddenly had an idea and said, “You stand up first. Only after you stand, I will give you my decision.”

The petite young man hastily replied, “What is your decision? Please quickly tell it to me.”

I smiled and said meticulously, “I will give you a letter. You will then head to the Royal Advanced Magic Academy to find Ma Ke Sai De whom you have impersonated to let him mentor your magic. You use the same magic as him, fire and wind. It will be more suitable for him to be your teacher.”

The petite youth was stunned and asked, “Will that really work?”

I laughed and replied, “Why won’t it work? He’s my little brother. If he doesn’t listen to me, I will beat him up after I come back. You can just relax and rely on me. That’s right, what is your actual name?”

The petite youth was startled by my words and replied, “I am Zhen Fan Ren, and I am 16 years old.”

I replied to him, “Alright! Please wait for a moment. I will write a letter for you now.” After saying that, I moved my pen and quickly wrote up a letter to Ma Ke. The content was definitely to threaten and bribe him to take in this fellow.

After bidding my farewell to the petite youth who was on cloud nine, I hastily packed my luggage and prepared to leave.

I toppled over after opening the front door because outside was filled with people. They were here due to the maiden. She was no longer vicious and said tenderly, “Since you had won against me, I am willing to marry you.”

‘Damn it! Damn it! I am in trouble again.’

I wiped the cold perspiration from my forehead and replied, “You don’t have to. You don’t have to make such a decision. I also did not triumph against you. I already have a fiancée already. I will head off first.” After saying that, I used teleportation to move to the back of the crowd and ran away from the inn as though I was flying.

As I ran into the main streets, the scene was rather hilarious. I was running at the forefront with  a huge group of people chasing after me. I didn’t explain to them and even if I were to explain, it wouldn’t be easy. I didn’t care to offend the whole of society and used battle spirit under my feet to elevate. I applied battle spirit to the back of my body to become a huge driving force and made myself become like an arrow that was shot out.

This was the first time I flew outside like this. The travelling speed was really fast as I left the small town in a flash.

After landing, I took in a few mouthfuls of air and hit myself once before muttering, “Who told you to be so meddlesome that you almost got tangled in another problem? I haven’t even settled Mu Zi’s and Hai Shui’s matter. If I add one more to the pile, I don’t need to live anymore. Let’s quickly leave!” What I didn’t know was that this matter that I had meddled in would give rise to a major problem in the future.

After reaching the border, I entered the Sky Province. This province was the largest in the kingdom, and it took up the entire west side of the Kingdom of the 6 interior districts.

I didn’t rest well for these two days as I feared that those people would catch up to me. There shouldn’t be any problems now. I needed to pamper myself a little. After I looked at an inn that seemed to have an acceptable bar from the roadside, I walked in.

The waiter walked over and asked, “Sir, how many will be coming?”

“It will be only myself.”

“Oh, please come with me.” The waiter brought me to a clean position in the corner. As I surveyed the place, there weren’t many people. There were just people sitting sparsely at some of the tables.

The waiter passed me a menu before asking, “What will you like to order?”

After looking at the menu, there were only some names of wines and beverages. I frowned and asked, “Do you not have anything to eat here?”

The waiter nodded. “We do but they are all rather simple.”

Since I had to get something, I ordered a large glass of fruit juice and some sustainable main dishes. After that, I just ate up.

After I ate my fill and drank up, I called for the waiter to get the bill and gave the change to him as his tip.

I asked him, “Brother, do you know whether there is a Dragon Valley in this Sky Province?”

Initially, I didn’t carry much hope, but he unexpectedly replied without hesitation, “Of course, I know. It is a scenery in our Sky Province.”

“A scenery?”

“That’s right! The Dragon Valley is located outside of Pagoda City not far from here at the Cloud Mist Mountain Range. It is covered in mist all year round. The area of the Cloud Mist Mountain Range is very large. However, most people wouldn’t go too deeply into it and just played at the outer perimeter of the mountain range. That scenery is extremely captivating, especially the sky ocean. You just have to climb up to a not very high position to see it. I’ve also been there. It was exceptionally beautiful.”

I astonishingly asked, “Why didn’t you go inside?”

The waiter continued to explain, “The interior is dangerous. There are rumours that it really is a Dragon Valley with real dragons in the Dragon Valley. At times, loud dragon roars can also be heard. There were many people who wanted to check it out in the beginning to search for traces of dragons. However, no matter how many people went in, they would always say that it was like a big labyrinth inside. After turning here and there, they walked out. Furthermore, there were still many people who had gone in that didn’t come out. After a long period of time, that place became a mystery. There aren’t any more people that go in to find the dragons. Are you heading to that place?”

I nodded. “That’s right! I want to have a look. Can you tell me the directions to that place?”

The waiter kindly said, “Of course you can. However, please don’t wander too deeply in it as safety is the most important thing. You just have to head straight down the main street to find Pagoda City. After you reach there, you will see a wide expanse of high mountains at the west side of the city, and that will be the Cloud Mist Mountain Range.”

I chuckled. “Thank you, brother. I will head off now.” I had never thought that it would be that easy to locate the exact position of the Dragon Valley. I was partially elated and also a little dejected, as I would be separated from Xiao Jin.

After leaving the inn, I walked as per instructed by the waiter, heading towards Pagoda City.

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