Child of Light - Volume 7 - Chapter 2

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Volume 7: Chapter 2 – Forbidden Light of Eternal Recovery

The Royal Mage Union members who were under Dun Yu Xi’s leadership fought with all their might. It was his Earth magic’s defensive power which was extremely powerful that had let them persevere to now.

After looking everywhere, the Emperor Ke Zha’s figure wasn’t there. He should have hidden himself.

Ma Ke was also inside the Royal Mage Union group. From their looks, they should be unable to hold on much longer.  

Teacher Zhen whispered to me, “Zhang Gong, you must gather your power to use your most powerful spell. I will assist you as you do that.” After he said that, Teacher Zhen placed his hand on my back and rich magic power surged out from it. I knew that he was doing this as light magic had a much better killing effect.

Under the assistance of the first ranked Magister of the world, I felt that my magic power was exceptionally abundant. The two gold Dans in my body had turned completely transparent. I suddenly developed a bold thought.

I started to chant, “Great light elements! You possess limitless powers. Darkness is extremely small before you. The eternal light ray that circulates the horizon. I plead to you to descend to the world and give me the endless recovery spell to recover all pains, to let all sufferings to be far away from us, Forbidden Light of Eternal Recovery!”

After I chanted, Teacher Zhen felt that all of his magic power in his body seemed to have been emptied by me. He was overwhelmed with horror and flew back retreating. A stream of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He feebly leaned at the side before shouting in astonishment, “Zhang Gong, what are you doing? That…That is a forbidden spell!”

My entire body seemed to have been torn apart. The light elements from my surrounding frantically gathered around me. The two Gold Dans shot up from my upper Dantian before floating behind my back to form an enormous hexagram. Both of my hands raised high up involuntarily. The staff in my hand emitted peculiar light rays. There were numerous unknown types of symbols that appeared from the transparent gemstone of the staff surrounding me.

At this moment, the demon race’s invaders already felt that something was not right. Even though they didn’t know what magic spell I was using, the pressure from the spell had terrified all of the demon race’s members. One of them shouted, “Not good! Quickly stop that human!”

Immediately, 7-8 demon race members attacked me. However, once their offensive magic touched the strange symbols at my side, they strangely disappeared.

Ma Ke shouted. “Boss, you come and quickly annihilate them!”

My eyes seemed to have turned completely gold like when I was using the Holy Sword. The hexagram on my back became increasingly brighter. There was a faint shadow that appeared behind my back. Teacher Zhen was amazed to see that there were six light formed wings.

I felt that my entire body was inflated to the point that I would soon explode. I gave a desperate long roar after lifting my head. All of the power had gathered at the Sukrad’s staff  was shot out as a pure golden light ray towards the sky. After the golden ray shot out, my entire body went soft. I immediately collapsed on the ground.

When everyone thought that nothing had happened, an anomaly appeared. The initially dark skies suddenly lit up. A fragrance first permeated down. After that, it was a golden light rain.

Teacher Zhen shouted “Not good!” As the light rain poured down towards the enemies, it also poured down onto the group on my side. The entire palace was enveloped in the light rain.

One of the black clothed people suddenly shouted, “Everyone! Quickly use your best defensive spell. This is a light forbidden spell.” After he said that, he took out a black rod from his spatial space and raised it high above his head. The black rod gave off light rays as dark as ink that enveloped him and another black clothed person in it.

The light rain was already pouring down. Teacher Zhen was amazed to find that the light rain didn’t have any offensive power. It had treated his wounds instead. It was just his magic power that needed some time to recover. Not only him, all of the people from the Royal Mage Union also felt that effect.

The  demon race members at the scene didn’t have such luck. When the light rain got in contact with their dark magic defensive spell, it gave off ‘Zi! Zi!’ sounds. Their defensive spell was incapable of blocking the invasion of the light rain. Just like the two  demon race members that was ignited by the Holy light, they all underwent spontaneous combustion. The palace instantly was filled with fire lights.

I was still conscious. It was just that I was feeble from using too much power. As I was immersed in ecstasy, I unexpectedly was able to use a forbidden spell. I had succeeded. I really succeeded in using it.

Actually, the main reasons why I could use the forbidden spell was due to my good luck. Firstly, my magic power was already at the Magister’s level. Secondly, I had the assistance of the world’s first rank Magister. Furthermore, my staff wasn’t just a toy but a God’s weapon. Without its help, the spell would have backfired on me. The most important reason was the Holy Sword’s power. The magic spell that I had casted was light magic. Since the Holy Sword was used for a long time by the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jia Lie, the Holy Sword had a light attribute. With all those reasons colligated on me, I was able to smoothly cast out the forbidden spell.

Ma Ke already ran over and supported me. He shouted, “Boss, you’re too awesome. You just used a single spell to deal with all of the enemies. If you had come a little later, we really wouldn’t be able to hold on.”

Dun Yu Xi also walked over and patted me, who was still feeble. “You’re really a hero that is still a youngster. If I haven’t guessed wrongly, the spell you just used should be a forbidden spell.”

I slightly nodded and weakly replied, “I am able to use it due to the magic power assistance that Teacher Zhen gave to me. How is the emperor?”

Ma Ke replied, “Father suffered some injuries. He is currently at the far back of the group. If they were able to breakthrough, I am afraid……”

Dun Yu Xi said, “The enemies’ plans were too meticulous. They first set fire everywhere to disperse the guards’ attention. After that, they gathered their powers to release a few large scale spells, making my team suffer a great loss. As the Kingdom has been peaceful for a few hundred years, the security of the palace also isn’t tight. If you didn’t come in time, I’m afraid that they would have succeeded.”

A hundred people came running from outside. They were the academy’s year 5 students with Si Wa leading them. Si Wa ran over and asked Dun Yu Xi, “Teacher, what happened? Why did our wounds heal in a short moment while the opponents suddenly underwent spontaneous combustion?”

Dun Yu Xi smiled and said, “Regarding that, you will have to ask your good brother.” As he said that, he pointed at me.

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