Child of Light - Volume 7 - Chapter 7

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Volume 7: Chapter 7 – The Past Vanishing Like the Wind

I gradually snapped out of my shock and muttered, “It’s actually you.”

Mu Zi saw that I was still in slight disbelief to accept that fact. She placed both of her hands on the sides of my face before tiptoeing and deeply kissing me with her tender and beautiful red lips.

Mu Zi’s familiar sweet taste invaded my entire body. I tightly hugged her and intensely responded to her kiss.  

Mu Zi, who was in my embrace, said, “You should now believe that I’m Mu Zi.”

How could I still not believe her? Everything else may have changed but this familiar feeling had not changed in the slightest. Her body still was as soft as usual. Her lips were still able to bewitch me. Who would be unhappy that their wife had become beautiful anyways? My feelings for Mu Zi had deepened. I tightened my hold on her delicate body and embraced her again before sitting down. I lightly kissed her forehead and said, “Tell me. I want to hear your story.”

Mu Zi replied, “Before I start telling you my story, can you tell me why you still rescued me even after knowing that I am from the demon race? Could it be that you really don’t care about your status?”

I smiled a little before replying, “What powerful position do I have? Even if I did, it still wouldn’t matter to me. I’m different from the rest. I don’t hate your demon race; so what if you’re from the demon race? You are living in this world, you all have the right to live. You also haven’t hurt me. In my eyes, your race and the human kinds are no different. All life forms are equal. However, that wasn’t the main reason why I decided to save you.”

Mu Zi asked, “What is the main reason?”

I plainly replied, “In my heart, you’re more important than my life.” It was such an easy statement but it expressed my heartfelt feelings. Currently, my heart was extremely calm. It couldn’t be said to be happy as I had forfeited my chance to live life happily and comfortably. However, it also couldn’t be said that I was in pain as I had successfully pulled back the person I loved the most from the clutches of death.

Hearing what I had said, Mu Zi raised her head. Her reddened beautiful large eyes looked at me before she violently embraced my neck and wailed bitterly.

I patted her back and said, “It’s ok. Don’t cry. I still want to hear your story.”

Mu Zi slowly calmed down and said, “My father is the demon race’s Demon God Emperor, Qi Meng Satan.”

I interrupted and said, “If that is the case, aren’t you called Mu Zi Satan?”

Mu Zi nudged me and replied, “Don’t interrupt me and listen to what I have to say. My name is still Mu Zi Mo unless I inherit my father’s position. Only then, will I be called Mu Zi Satan, as Satan is the highest title to be called by. It was the name of the first Magic God Emperor. In order to commemorate him, the following rulers will use his surname.”

So it was like that. It was still lucky that Mu Zi’s surname wasn’t Satan as that surname was just too horrible.

“I am father’s most doted third princess. I have two elder brothers. My mother died when I was young so I was raised by my father as though I were a jewel. Initially, I could have had a life that was free of worry, but my brothers were a disappointment, breaking my father’s heart.”

I couldn’t hold back my curiosity and asked her, “How were your brothers a disappointment? It can’t be your father wants you to inherit his position, right?”

Mu Zi didn’t mind my interruption this time. She sighed and said, “My eldest brother is bold, but not very astute, while my second brother is ignorant and incompetent. He does nothing all day except eating, drinking and fooling around. Father has scolded them frequently for their behavior. As for me, during one of the major magic competition at the palace, I unintentionally exposed my talent in magic and was discovered by my father and few of my teachers. Father momentarily became elated. Our demon race isn’t the same as your human kind. The throne can be inherited by women.”

I was astonished and said, “So your father really wants you to be the Magic God’s Empress?”

Mu Zi nodded. “From then on, I lost my usual freedom. I was taught consecutively by a few teachers about magic, tactics, the knowledge to govern the Kingdom, etcetera. I was also appointed to be the successor of my father. You may not know this but our life is more arduous compared to yours. This is the reason why the demon race and the beast clans are always wanting to invade the human kinds.The left side of the world is almost completely barren. The areas for cultivation are extremely limited. Approximately two and a half years ago, my father thought that the time was ripe so he gathered a majority of the military power of my Radiant Light Empire to form into a large army of the demon race. We also allied with the Mist Martial Empire, which is the beast clans. We were prepared to invade Ström Fortress . They also sent Teacher Fu Rui and I to investigate your land. Who knew that we would meet with you, our enemy at the Serene Dream Lake. Do you know that you’re the reason for the delay of my race’s invasion of human kind?”

I asked in surprise, “Because of me? Why? That Teacher Fu Rui that you mentioned is he the bamboo pole that I had defeated?”

Mu Zi replied smilingly, “You’re detestable. You’re still calling him Bamboo Pole. When you called him that at that time, you nearly angered him to death. You should know that the only magic that counters our dark magic is light magic. The reason why we infiltrated as humans was to check if there are a lot of light element magicians on your side. Do you still remember what you said?”

I blankly asked, “What did I say?”

Mu Zi replied, “You previously said that the entire Eastern continent knows light magic and that you were the worst. At the time, I knew you were being glib and immediately let Teacher Fu Rui return to the demon race to report this to my father. My father replied by telling me to first infiltrate the Kingdom of Aixia to investigate the situation and to also learn about the knowledge you humans possesses. Just like that, I entered the Royal Advanced Magic Academy. I had used my abilities to enter and  also used a revamped wing magic. Even though I may not be your match, if I use my full power, it will definitely be hard for you to defeat me.” While saying this, Mu Zi’s face expressed a proud expression.

I chuckled. “You’re awesome! Oh, that’s right! I want to ask you how were you able to cross the Ström Fortress to come to the Eastern continent?”

Mu Zi replied, “You’re so stupid. It can’t be that only you human kind have knowledge of teleportation magic array right?”

I said surprised, “You had teleported over, and now you’re going to teleport an entire army. Won’t the Ström Fortress be immediately devastated?”

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