Child of Light - Volume 8 - Chapter 10

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Volume 8: Chapter 10 – Reunited with Zhan Hu

So it was like that, why would an army of the Monster King appear here? Could it be that he had emerged in the world earlier than expected?

There wasn’t any time for me to think as a large army of hellhounds were nearing. I could see them clearly now, their size wasn’t too large. They were 1 meter in length and half a meter in height, and there were thousands of them. Upon seeing this situation, I calmed down as I doubted they could be that powerful.

What was beyond my expectation was that they didn’t directly attack. They encircled us first; an evil aura radiating from their bodies as they glared at us viciously with their bloodshot eyes. It couldn’t be that there was someone controlling them, right? Or were they this intelligent by themselves?

All of the villagers took out their weapons. Suddenly, the Great Elder resounded. He didn’t convey his voice directly to me, but shouted aloud, “Everyone, you must be wary. These things possess numbing and slowing techniques.”

Upon hearing his words, I was startled. Numbing and slow motioning techniques? What kind of techniques were they?

The hellhounds from the surrounding area immediately demonstrated their techniques. The two horns erupted from their heads out to the sky. A few thousand yellow rays formed a gigantic magic array in the sky; I felt as though my body was becoming weaker and numb. This was bad, if we got trapped, we wouldn’t be able to move. This spell was made to decrease the combat power of everyone here. Under the yellow light emission, the hellhounds had started to move once again.

In the critical moment, I raised Sukrad’s Staff and shouted, “Great light elements! I plead to you to form into limitless Holy Light to shine upon the land to rid the land of all sinister beings!” I used all of my strength this time. As the three gold dans rotated rapidly, a large amount of light elements entered me through the center of my eyebrows. I gradually levitated from the ground and golden light rays shone out from the transparent jewel of the Sukrad’s Staff; causing a 3 meter vertical light pillar to flare into the sky, with me in its center.

The yellow light ray from the hellhounds gradually dissipated, with the Holy Light as its center. Even though the hellhound’s magic power was very weak, it was still strenuous for me to withstand the attacks from thousands of them. If I didn’t have the increase in strength from Sukrad’s Staff, and hadn’t absorbed the Heavenly Spring’s divine vein, I was afraid it would have been impossible for me to withstand the attack. With that, almost half of my magic power had been used up. I instantly withdrew my contempt towards them. I descended to the ground using Sukrad’s staff to support my body before I bellowed. “Everyone, please don’t hold back and exterminate them as quickly as possible!” If they cast another numbing attack, I won’t be able to withstand it.

Actually, they didn’t need me to say that as the villagers from God’s Village had already started to massacre the hellhounds. The circular battle array that they formed had already changed into golden circles. The golden circles seemed to have become sharp blades. As they killed the surrounding hellhounds, a gruesome mess was left as fleshy pieces of hellhound could be seen scattered throughout the battlefield. The five elders must have conceived a method for avoiding unnecessary losses by placing all of the villagers at the level of Radiant Knights in the front line. With the five elders that were at the Sword Saint’s level, it would be impossible for the monsters to withstand them.

This isn’t good. Our current location is already very near Big Brother Zhan Hu’s valley. I don’t know if they suffered any attacks. I must immediately head there.’ As I thought about that, I immediately cast out Bright Stars; an immense number of Bright Stars shot out from my body. With each star aiming towards a hellhound, it momentarily put them into a sorry state. Under my strong magic support, the hellhound numbers had already decreased to the extent that they were no longer a threat towards us. The Great elder shouted, “Everyone, disperse and kill the enemy!” In a short moment, thousands hellhounds had already become a bloody mess littered throughout the ground.

I told the few elders, “Time is pressing. I don’t know what is happening at the valley. Let’s fly over there!” After saying that, I took the lead levitating and flying in the direction of the valley.

I momentarily discovered that there was thick plume of smoke rising from the valley while I was high up in the sky. Big Brother Zhan Hu must have suffered an attack. I became anxious, so I pushed my body to its limit heading towards the valley at lightning speed.

The valley had completely changed; the surrounding trees had collapsed, and a large amount of Monsters were gradually advancing. The village was already in ruins, with thick rising smoke scattered everywhere. Where was Big Brother Zhang Hu, and everyone else? I paid no attention to the Monsters, and rose into the air once again. I saw traces of fighting. Ah! It must be them. There were small hills in the area and the Monster’s target seemed to be at that location.

A golden  ray of light shot out to impede the advancing Monsters. A figure of blue light flickered everywhere, momentarily forming a thick blood mist. I hastily employed Sukrad’s staff to shoot out a few light blades, turning the monsters on the ground into viscera. The figure of blue light stopped moving, and it was surprisingly Big Brother Zhan Hu wearing his War God’s Armor.

I shouted excitedly, “Big brother, I’m here!” Big Brother Zhan Hu looked extremely haggard, and had a pale complexion. It was obvious that he had used much of his physical power. I landed beside him and supported his bulky body. “Big Brother!”

Zhan Hu smiled bitterly at me and replied, “Brother, if you had come any later, you wouldn’t have been able to see your Big Brother ever again.”

I replied, “Don’t worry! We will continue to talk after we head to that hill.” I supported him, and used short teleportation to reach the hill encampment.

I was immediately surrounded by about 10 people when I appeared on the hill. Big Brother Zhan Hu hastily said, “It’s me!”

I helped Zhan Hu into a sitting position and asked, “Big brother, what is going on?”

Zhan Hu shouted angrily, “How the fuck would I know where those creatures came from? They attacked everything they saw. If we weren’t helped by the Elven brothers, we wouldn’t have been able to hold.”

Elven brothers? Only then did I notice that there were a thousand people on the hill, including many Nature Elves that were fluttering their wings and holding elven bows guarding the surrounding  hill. The light rays that I saw earlier were created by them. It seemed that they had been working hard; the majority of the arrows they shot contained light magic that I had previously taught them.

I replied, “Big brother, don’t worry. Strong reinforcements are coming. I will go and kill the enemies. After I exterminate those bastards, I will come to reminisce about the past with you.” After I said that, I teleported to the side of the hill. It was very lively. The monsters here were very different to the hellhounds we encountered. There were scores of light monsters. Although they weren’t that quick, their offense and defense were great. The nearby trees had been flattened by them.

“Zhang Gong!” A familiar voice sounded from behind me.

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