Child of Light - Volume 8 - Chapter 11

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Volume 8: Chapter 11 – Controlling the Situation

I turned around and saw Dong Ri with the Wind God’s bow in his hand. Dong Ri excitedly pulled my hand and said, “Big brother Zhang Gong, you have come!”

I sized him up before replying, “What’s the matter? Are you alright?”

Dong Ri didn’t reply to me as he looked dazedly at the sky. His expression changed before he exclaimed. “This isn’t good, the monsters coming can fly.”

I jumped in fright and looked in the direction he was staring at before heaving a sigh of relief, “Silly boy, those aren’t monsters. They are the people I brought with me.”

Dong Ri became elated and replied, “There are so many wind mages. We have some hope this time.”

I replied, “You’re wrong. They aren’t wind mages, they’re the same as you. They are warriors.” After saying that, I immediately went towards the group from the God’s village.

Dong Ri muttered, “Warriors? They can’t all be Heaven Knight’s, right?”

I found the Great Elder from the group and told him, “The people on that hill below us are our allies. Let’s quickly eliminate those monsters.”

The Great Elder nodded before he commanded the group to kill them. There were so many monsters that even with our assistance, they were only pushed back.

The elders and I landed on the hill. It seemed that Big brother Zhan Hu had recovered some of his strength. He came over and asked, “Zhang Gong, who are these people?”

I replied, “I will make introductions. These people are the elders that I invited over from the God’s village. This is my Big brother Zhan Hu, who is also the inheritor of the War God’s armour.”

Zhan Hu looked astonishedly at the five elders before bowing deeply as he greeted them, “My greetings to the elders.” Big brother Zhan Hu must have been tired, as he didn’t know the power the elders held.

The Great Elder replied smilingly. “You don’t have to be this polite, God inheritor. We  saw your previous heroic performance. You should be at the Sword Saint rank.”

Zhan Hu smiled awkwardly before he said, “I am only at the Sword Saint rank when I’m donning the War God’s armour. Without it, I’m still far from reaching the rank of Sword Saint.”

I said smilingly, “Then you will have to ask the elders for tutelage in the future.”

Zhan Hu looked at me in shock. His expression changed before he replied. “It can’t be……”

I nodded. “That’s right! These few elders are of the Sword Saint’s rank.”

The Great Elder said, “Let’s not talk about this now. We should discuss the situation with the monsters instead.”

Big Brother Zhan Hu looked at the elders respectfully before he replied, “Two months ago, these monsters suddenly appeared. Initially, there weren’t a lot of them, so we didn’t really mind it. We just killed them when we saw them. But in half a month’s time, the number of monsters grew to the extent that we couldn’t stay at the village and retreated here. If it wasn’t for Xiu Si and the rest, who risked their lives to find the Nature Elves to assist us, we wouldn’t have been able to persevere to the point where you came to help us.”

I asked, “Where are Big brother Xiu Si and the rest?”

Zhan Hu sighed before he replied, “Gao De and Xin Ao suffered severe injuries. Xiu Si is currently treating them.”

I softly consoled , “Big Brother, you shouldn’t think of yourself as pathetic. If it wasn’t for you keeping those monsters at bay, they would have already spread into the city.”

The Great Elder said, “What Zhang Gong said is right. Our main task now should be to exterminate these vile creatures.”

I nodded and said, “These things couldn’t have appeared from thin air. The elders and I have discussed it. We think that these things seem to be similar to the beasts summoned by the Monster clan during the Great God and Monster War. If that is the case, someone must have summoned them. I’m just curious as to who’s responsible. After thinking on it, I believe that it is impossible that this was done by the Monster King. If the Monster King did emerge earlier than expected, it wouldn’t need to use such a troublesome method, with its power it would be easy to exterminate us? It is also unlikely to be those of the Monster clan. Weren’t they annihilated during the Great God and Monster War?”

Zhan Hu replied, “You’re right, but where are these creatures coming from? We must find the source in order to stop the monster’s unceasing invasion.”

The Great Elder said, “This matter must not be delayed. Those monsters have been temporarily scattered due to our battle. We should make use of this chance and head out immediately.”

I replied, “Big Brother, you just stay here and take charge of the general situation. The elders and I will head out.”

Zhan Hu anxiously said, “How can I let that happen? You’re our guest, and to trouble the elders is already a little embarrassing. Furthermore, I must head out as well. Dong Ri’s staying here should suffice; after you left, Dong Ri  worked extremely hard and is now already at the Radiant Knight rank. Even though he hasn’t completely harmonized with his Wind God’s bow, his power is already not weak. With just him here, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

I wasn’t able to persuade him, so I agreed to take him along.

I called Dong Ri over and told him, “There are villagers from the God’s Village here, so the defence shouldn’t be a problem. Big brother Zhan Hu and I will head out to find the source of these monsters. I will leave this place to you. You must be careful, do you understand?”

Dong Ri nodded. “Relax! There shouldn’t be any problems. Zhang Gong, the people you brought over are really powerful. They don’t seem to be any worse than me from my judgement.”

I chuckled. “I’ll explain it to you after we get back. I’ll be heading out now.” After saying that, I called out to the elders and Zhan Hu to prepare to head out.

Dong Ri shouted, “Be careful!”

The Great Elder said, “The source of the monsters shouldn’t be very far from here. Let’s fly up and see if we can find any clues from the route they took.”

I nodded. “I’ll go and check it out. You should conserve your energy. If I find anything, I’ll use a magic spell to call out to you guys. Big brother Zhan Hu, you should take this time to recover your energy.”

Zhan Hu nodded. “Whatever you do, please, be careful.”

I maneuvered the magic power in my body and willed it to move, levitating me off the ground. Even though I had used a lot of my magic power, I found out that after absorbing the divine vein, the recovery speed of my magic power was astonishing. Soon, my past feeling of inadequacy had disappeared. Eighty percent of the magic power from my peak state had already been recovered.

When the people on the hill were the size of ants, I stopped my ascent and focused on what was below me. The monsters surrounding the hill had already been scattered and were currently regrouping for the next attack. Moreover, larger hordes of monsters were surging in from all directions. I discovered that they came from the Southeast where a thick black monstrous energy was originating. The monsters were spreading out from the surroundings of that hill, meaning that the source of the monsters was in the Southeast.

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