Child of Light - Volume 8 - Chapter 13

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Volume 8: Chapter 13 – Monster Clan’s Protector

Zhan Hu frowned as he asked, “What race are you? The Monster race?”

The grey clothed man coldly snorted before he said, “That’s right. I’m one of the eight great protectors of the Monster King.”

Zhan Hu replied disdainfully, “What bullshit protector are you? Aren’t you just a lackey for the Monster King?”

The grey clothed man rebuked unyieldingly, “What about yourself? Aren’t you also a lackey for the God’s clan?”

Zhan Hu raged and said, “Good, I will let you have a taste of my prowess. Watch out!” After he said that, he threw a punch, and a golden power formed a light ray towards the grey clothed man. The grey clothed man let out a black fog, stopping Zhan Hu’s attack.

At that moment, the five elders made the boundary smaller, trapping the grey clothed man who cried out mournfully. The grey fog surrounding his body gradually decreased. He hoarsely said, “Good, just you wait humans, after my Master has awakened, it will be your doomsday. Master, this lowly one will not be able to serve you anymore!”

Dark green blood leaked out from the grey clothed man’s body before he collapsed.

The five elders sighed in relief. The Great Elder said, “He really was powerful. If he wasn’t severely injured from the Holy Sword, it wouldn’t have been so easy to deal with him.”

“He was the same as when I first saw Si Feng Ri.” I used the Sukrad’s staff to support my body as I hobbled over.

Zhan Hu hastily supported me and asked, “Zhang Gong, how are you faring?”

I gave him a smile and replied, “I’m fine. I’m just a little tired. Let’s take a look at that member from the Monster race.”

Zhan Hu supported me over. The sinister aura surrounding the protector of the Monster race had already dissipated. The green blood had slowly turned into a light red colour.

I said, “Big brother Zhan Hu, please give me some of your battle spirit.”

Zhan Hu hurriedly placed his hand on my back and gave me some of his Ascending Dragon Battle Spirit. I focused on changing the battle spirit he gave me into magic power with his help. I waved the Sukrad’s staff, and shot a white light ray at that protector of the Monster race.

Zhan Hu was startled and asked. “Zhang Gong, why did you use a recovery spell on him?”

I didn’t reply to him; instead, I just wordlessly looked at the protector of the Monster race. Under my strong recovery spell, his face recovered some of its colour. He slowly opened his eyes before he said in difficulty, “You….You all…..”

I asked calmly. “Can you tell me what you have encountered?”

The protector of the Monster race’s complexion had become better and his face colour had gradually become rosy. However, I knew that it was just the lingering radiance from the previous recovery light power. He replied, “Thank you for saving me whilst I was in the dark. I’m originally a human that lived in the Kingdom of Dalu.”

I shook my head and said, “Your injuries are really severe. All of your meridians have been corroded by sinister energy and won’t be able to recover. Even my light magic has no way of saving you.”

The protector of the Monster race bitterly smiled and replied, “I know how my body’s condition is, but I really am glad that you had helped recover my consciousness before I died.”

I asked, “Can you tell me your name, and why did you turn out like this?”

“I’m known as Lisdun Weibo. I was originally an Earl in the Kingdom of Dalu. During the night approximately 8 years ago, when I was sleeping, there was a sudden sinister wind that blew past me. A low voice asked me if I had any wishes. During that time, I was often marginalised by the court. Even though I was terrified, I still voiced out my desires. The gloomy voice then said if he helped grant my wish, I must give him my soul. Due to greed, I readily agreed to him.” As Lisdun Weibo said that, he gasped a few rough breaths of air.

I indicated to Big brother Zhan Hu to give him some of his battle spirit, in order to prolong his life for a while longer.

With the help of the battle spirit that Zhan Hu had given him, Lisdun Weibo’s vitality was slightly better. He continued, “During the next day, I thought that it was just a dream. However, my desires really came through. I became one of the important figures within the Kingdom of Dalu, one who could call the wind and summon the rain, in just half a year’s time. When I was at the peak of my powers, the gloomy voice sounded again. He said that he had already granted my wish, and it was time for me to fulfill my promise. At that moment, I was scared and replied that he didn’t help me at all, and that everything was due to my hard work. The gloomy voice laughed out sinisterly before he said he liked the kind of person I was. After that, I fainted. I already lost all of my past memories the next time I regained my consciousness. I knew that the sinister voice was from the Monster King, my Master. Afterwards, I always followed his orders; it was impossible for me to go against his commands. But when I was previously at death’s door, I finally regained my original personality.”

I hastily asked, “What was your task this time?”

Lisdun Weibo replied, “Actually, it isn’t a specific task. It is just for us to disturb the order of the human society, and to create as much havoc as we could. Initially, it was going really smoothly, but we were soon met with great resistance, and after a while, the summoned Monsters were constantly perishing. Thus, we few protectors gathered our power to summon more Monsters to eliminate the power of the resistance.”

I asked astonishingly, “Other than you, are there still other protectors?”

Lisdun Weibo replied smilingly, “Of course. When we were still enemies, didn’t I tell you that I was one of the eight great protectors? This time, all of us came together, and used our spells in that hole to summon the monsters. But the previous power from the Holy Sword had annihilated all of the monsters in the hole. Among the eight protectors, only I survived. The rest of the protectors were probably tricked by the same method to work for the Monster King.”

Big brother Zhan Hu asked, “Do you know where the Monster King is at, and what powers he possesses?”

Lisdun Weibo shook his head. “Though you may not believe me when I say this, but I have never actually seen the Monster King. When he ordered us, he just used that frosty sinister voice. As for his other subordinates, there are about a dozen more like me. I don’t know the specifics, but whenever he commanded us, he arranged it with some of the demon clan. Currently, the eight of us within the Monster King’s hands are only of average standard. He dispatched some of the more powerful subordinates to the demon race as part of a conspiracy to control the Demon Emperor.”

We all momentarily paled with fright, especially me. Mu Zi was the Demon Emperor’s most beloved princess. If the Demon Emperor was being controlled, only the heavens would know if Mu Zi is in danger. I anxiously asked, “What are their motives for controlling the Demon Emperor?”

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