Child of Light - Volume 8 - Chapter 14

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Volume 8: Chapter 14 – Final Wish

Lisdun Weibo said, “What other reasons could there be? Of course it’s to spark a world war. When the Monster King awakens, the Demon race will be used as his chess piece to invade the entire world.” After saying that, Lisdun Weibo coughed a couple of times. The rosiness of his face became paler. This was bad, he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

Big brother gave him more of his battle spirit. Lisdun Weibo shook his head and said with some distress, “Stop wasting your battle spirit. It’s useless.”

I asked, “Do you have any unfulfilled wishes? We will definitely help you to fulfill them.”

Lisbon Weibo gradually turned deathly pale as the lingering radiance from the recovery spell that I had previously casted on him dissipated. He said, as he gasped for air, “I have a daughter in the capital city of the Kingdom of Dalu. She’s my only family. When I left her eight years ago, she was only 13 years old. Currently, she should be about the same age as you are. I don’t know if the court allowed her to inherit my Viscount’s position. I hope that you can help me check on her.”

As he explained, he took out a small clothes bag from his chest. He carefully opened it and there was a jade tablet and some pieces of purple crystalline fragments. He continued speaking, “The Jade tablet represents my identity. When you give it to her, she will understand after seeing it. These few pieces of purple contacts were manufactured when we were impersonating the Demon race. It should be useful to you. Please take care of my daughter so that she will be able to forgive………..” Suddenly, fresh blood flowed out from Lisdun Weibo’s mouth. All signs of life left his body as he passed away.

I took the items in his hand and bowed deeply towards him. “Thank you for telling us so much information about the Monster King’s situation. Even though you may not be counted as a good person, you may be a great father. You can go peacefully. We’ll definitely fulfill your final wish.”

The Great Elder said, “The scenery here isn’t bad. Let’s bury him here.” After he said that, he gently brandished the walking stick in his hand, which resulted in a golden light being shot out. A large hole of three meters deep and two meters wide appeared on the hill. Zhan Hu placed Lisdun Weibo’s body in the deep hole. The few elders used their battle spirit to fill up the hole with soil in the surrounding area.

The Great Elder said, “Let’s head back. I don’t know how the situation of the battlefield is right now.” He carried me on his back before flying back to where we came from.

When we returned to the hill, the fighting had already ended. There were various corpses of monsters littered all around. The scent of their blood permeated the entire area. The few elders went to gather the members of their God’s village. I had already recovered some of my strength. I pinched my nose and looked towards Dong Ri, “How did the fight end so quickly?”

Dong Ri replied, “I’m also unsure. Previously, in the direction where you headed, the sky suddenly lit up. After that, I heard a loud sound and the monsters started to massacre one another. We had just brought an end to the fighting.”

Zhan Hu said with malice, “Sooner or later, I will eliminate that son of a bitch Monster King! He caused this place to look like hell. How am I going to carry on living here in the future?”

I gave a bitter smile as I replied, “Just move to a new location. There are a lot of forests here anyway. You can just randomly pick a vast area. That’s right! Big brother, it seems that the number of your subordinates is bigger compared to before.”

Zhan Hu scratched his head, “Since I received the God’s task, I returned to the Kingdom of Xiuda and visited my father and two brothers. They wanted me to stay with them, but I’m already used to a free lifestyle without any restrictions. Thus, I ran away again. Whilst I was there, Xiu Si convinced us of the importance of increasing our strength so we began to recruit soldiers and buy horses to train them up. Currently, there are nearly 1000 of us.”

I said, while forming a smile, “You’ve gotten much stronger than before.”

“Zhang Gong.”

It was the Third Elder of the Nature Elves. I hastily went forward and said, “Elder, we were lucky to have you this time. Without you Nature Elves brothers, I’m afraid that my big brother wouldn’t be able to hold on by the time I came to assist.”

The Third Elder chuckled, “Why are you saying this? Aren’t you regarding me too much as an outsider? Weren’t you the one that had previously helped us out of a difficult situation?”

I replied, “This place has been contaminated with the corpses of the monsters. We can’t continue staying here. Big brother Zhan Hu and I are currently discussing moving to a different location.”

The Third Elder replied, “Where are you planning to move to?”

Zhan Hu replied, “Just somewhere nearby. I will go and gather the group first. You two continue discussing.”

Seeing Zhan Hu’s leaving back, I said, “The Monster King is currently moving around restlessly. Our future days aren’t looking too good.”

The Third Elder said with a devotion of righteousness that inspired reverence, “We will fight with all we have. It can’t be that with all of the various races in the world, we are still afraid of him, right? I will go and gather the group of Nature Elves. I’ll also send out a couple of elves to scout the area to see if there are places that are suitable to live at for a long period of time.”

I said, with a slight smile, “I’ll have to trouble you then.”

The Third Elder replied, “You don’t have to be so polite with me. It will suffice if you don’t ask for fragrant wine the next time you come to our Nature Elves Village. Haha!” It seemed that he was still fearful of me asking for fragrant wine after taking so much fragrant wine previously.

After two hours, our three groups had completely assembled on the peak of the mountain. The Third Elder of the Nature Elves said, “My clan member has just reported that in a place not far in the Northern direction, there is a rather huge basin. There are various trees and vegetation growing there. In its surroundings, there are also a few rivers. It should be a suitable place to live in.”

Zhan Hu replied excitedly, “That’s great! Let’s head there. With this many people, we must have a place to live in.”

I asked, “How much rations do we have left?”

Zhan Hu replied, “Not much. It should suffice for two to three days.”

I replied, “Alright, we will first head to the basin. After we have some rest and reorganize, we will stock up on rations and other necessities.”

The scout from the Nature Elves had really found quite a large basin. It was filled with lofty ancient trees. The Great Elder from the God’s village said, “We should set this place up as our base as soon as possible.”

I nodded. “Let’s do it this way. The Nature Elves will be responsible for securing the perimeter. Big brother’s subordinates and the villagers of the God’s village will be responsible for building the houses. That’s right. Big brother, how is Gao De and Xin Ao?”

Zhan Hu replied, “They are currently resting. Xiu Si had used up a huge amount of energy to treat them, so he is also resting up in the forest behind us.”

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