Child of Light - Volume 8 - Chapter 16

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Volume 8: Chapter 16 – Demon-Beast Allied Armies

After hearing my words, Dong Ri said, “Let Jian Shan go with you. He is definitely of the Radiant Knight rank.” It seemed that his and Jian Shan’s relationship wasn’t bad.

I replied, “It’ll be extremely dangerous to head to the Demon race.I can only allow those who will come with me of their own free will as I can’t promise that everyone will return safely.”

The Great Elder replied, “You can pass this matter to me, and I’ll help you pick. When do you plan on heading out?”

I replied, “We leave immediately. his matter must be settled as quickly as possible since we don’t know how many subordinates of the Monster King have infiltrated the Demon race.” ‘I’m really worried about Mu Zi’s safety. Mu Zi, nothing must happen to you.’

The Great Elder replied, “Alright, leave this place to us. You will depart tomorrow. I will now pick the people going with you.”

Twelve of us departed at dawn the next day. The Great Elder had picked nine people with Jian Shan as reference. They were all around 20 years old, and according to Jian Shan, they were all well known experts from the younger generation of the God’s village.

We prioritised recovering our strength during the day and flew at night, all dressed in black. Even though we could only use battle spirit to fly for a short time, it was still extremely fast. We had already reached Forgotten Path City that was 70 kilometres away from Ström Fortress In approximately 10 days .

The city was exceptionally lively. The main streets were filled with soldiers of different Kingdoms on patrol. Our party entered a small tavern, and ordered some dishes and wine.

I told Zhan Hu, “Big brother, it seems that the situation is extremely tense. The soldiers outside should be transporting various supplies to support the frontlines.”

Zhan Hu nodded. “Even though the situation is tense, it seems that they haven’t started fighting yet. If it was just the allied army forces of the Demon and Beast races, breaching the Ström Fortress could prove to be an arduous task. In these 200 years, every Kingdom had gathered a large amount of resources that could support a drawn out war. Perhaps this is why the allied army forces of the Demon and Beast races did not dare act blindly. Even if it’s just the 200 Areal Magic Cannon’s at the Fortress, it’ll be difficult for them to deal with it. ”

I asked, “Is the Areal magic Cannon really that powerful?”

Zhan Hu had an incredulous expression. “Your general knowledge is really too little. Even an ordinary magic cannon can easily decimate ordinary hundred-men squads. Worse still, it is an Areal Magic Cannon. Don’t you think that it’s powerful? Even with the high defenses of those bastards of the Demon and Beast race, I don’t think they would dare face the power of 200 Areal Magic Cannons.” He saw my vicious gaze and  continued to say, “I didn’t mean your Demon Race’s Princess is a bastard.” I wanted to collapse. It would have been better if he hadn’t explained himself.

I rebuked him in anger, “Big brother, you………”

Dong Ri saw that the atmosphere was tense, so he hastily tried to mediate by saying, “Let’s not talk about that and eat first. Zhang Gong, what are your plans to pass through the Ström Fortress?”

I smiled and said, “I definitely have an excellent plan. Have you forgotten what I said about how the Demon race came to our side? Can’t we use the same plan? My magic recovery speed is extremely fast so in a short period of time we’ll be able to teleport over.”

Jian Shan said excitedly, “Ah! That’s great! I haven’t tried a teleportation array before.”

I scolded him mockingly, “What’s great about that? Do you think a teleportation array is fun? If we aren’t careful, it may dunk us into a swamp.”

Jian Shan threw a peanut over. “Stop scaring me. I don’t believe you’d make an error in using the teleportation array.”

I caught the peanut with my mouth and said cheekily, “It isn’t guaranteed. I may be up to to no good. Hehe!

Zhan Hu replied, “Stop being flippant! Let’s find a person to ask them about the situation on the frontlines.”

Dong Ri stuck out his tongue and shouted, “Server, please come over.”

A slightly built server hastily came over and asked, “Sir, is there something you need?”

I asked, “Brother, what’s the frontline like? Has the fighting started already?”

The server looked around cautiously as he surveyed his surroundings. Only after he was certain no-one was focusing on their table, he whispered, “I heard the situation isn’t good. The Demon and Beast races have already gathered an army of 2 million.”

An army of 2 million? Where did they get so many from? Could it be all their citizens had become soldiers? Even if the eastern continent of the world had been more populated than the western continent, they shouldn’t have placed their lives at such risk. “How is our side planning to deal with them?”

The server replied, “I heard that the three main Earth Dragon Corps, 20 cavalry corps from the Kingdom of Xiuda, as well as 50 mage corps and the Royal Mage Union from the Kingdom of Aixia are rushing over. So too are people from the Kingdom of Dalu. Our side should have at least 1 million people. There was a group of wounded soldiers that came here from the frontlines a few days ago. Some of them came to us for a place to eat. I heard from them that outside Ström Fortress, there were Demon and Beast race military forces as far as the eye could see. Those wounded soldiers were those that had participated and were wounded in the first contact between the opposing forces.”

Dong Ri asked, “Did they describe what their opponents looked like?”

The server replied, “How could they not have described them? From the looks on their faces, they appeared to have had the scare of their lives. It seemed they came into contact with the Giant race from the Beamon Giant Beast corps. They stated that they were originally from a 10,000 strong light Cavalry corps. When they were out on patrol, they were ambushed by the Beamon Giant Beast corps, who were at least 5 meters tall. Even though there were only 500 giants, they were able to kill so many of their Cavalry corps that they were forced to retreat. Only 2000 corps members were able to escape. If it wasn’t for the cannons on the fortress, they wouldn’t have been able to return with their lives.”

500 vs 10,000, wouldn’t that be too horrifying? Wouldn’t they be at least of the Heaven Knight rank?

I anxiously asked, “Do you have any other information?”

The server shook his head. “I’m unsure of the rest. Ah! That’s right! I heard that the commander of the allied Demon and Beast races army is one of the Demon Kings. It seems to be the Demon Emperor’s brother.”

I tossed two silver coins to the server before I whispered, “From what the server said, if things were to proceed as normal, the allied Demon and Beast forces wouldn’t invade without careful consideration. Even though their numbers outnumber us, a large number of advanced mages were annihilated when they tried to assassinate the Emperor of Aixia. The human race also has Ström Fortress as their defence. If I were the commander-in-chief of the allied Demon and Beast Army force, I’d retreat as it’d be extremely disadvantageous for them to face the human race, and garner their resources. If the Demon race has similar intelligence as the human race, they shouldn’t continue to waste their resources.”

Zhan Hu replied, “However, they currently aren’t showing any signs of retreating.”

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