Child of Light - Volume 8 - Chapter 4

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Volume 8: Chapter 4 – Heavenly Spring’s Divine Vein

Mi Jia Lie chuckled somewhat awkwardly and said, “It’s nothing. Why would it be dangerous? Don’t worry. Even though the process of receiving the inheritance does have its risks, the chances of success are still fairly large.”  

I asked anxiously, “Fairly large? How large exactly is that?” No matter how large the chances were, if it weren’t a hundred percent, there was no chance of me heading to the Great Valley to accept his so-called inheritance. After all, safety is my first priority.

Mi Jia Lie didn’t answer my question, instead exclaiming, “Aiya! You’re in trouble. There’re a lot of people heading this way. You should return.” After he finished saying that, the stars vanished, and my vision became pure white.

I realised my consciousness had returned to my body as whilst I still felt the waterfall still constantly rushing down on me, there was no longer any power emitting from it. My entire body felt cool and refreshed. When I examined my internals, I jumped in shock, as my body’s meridians had become much bigger and gold fluid circulated throughout my body. The golden fluid at the center of my eyebrows had three sparkling transparent gold dans. Could it be that these were the transformed existence of the golden dans? When I sent my will towards them, they unexpectedly listened to my command. This was probably the reason I could now control the Holy Sword. This was too awesome! I didn’t need to be at the border of death before activating it in the future.

I couldn’t help but be wildly excited and let out a long roar. The power in my body seemed to move with my roar. If they could previously said to be a calm lake, now they could now be said to be a river with a raging current. Enormous power was radiating from my body.

When I opened my eyes, I found that the banks of the lake were crowded with people, and each and every one of them were the picture of absolute fury, with a sliver of astonishment mixed in.

I saw Jian Shan and the third elder…Could it be that all these people were from that village?  Aiya! This was bad. They had discovered that I had come to the forbidden area.

Where did the waterfall go? I was standing on the rock without feeling the force of the waterfall. As I wondered, I lifted my head. Wah! The waterfall was actually still falling on my head but was blocked by the golden light I was emitting. At that moment of my astonishment, the power from my body dispersed. ‘Hong!’ The waterfall once again struck at me, making me fall into the basin. Oh, crap!

When my head surfaced from beneath the water, I let out an awkward smile and said, “Greetings to all of you. Why are there so many people here?”

Jian Shan replied angrily, “We were kind enough to take you in, but not only did you trespass into the forbidden area, you had also destroyed our Heavenly Spring’s divine vein. Speak! Who sent you here?”

This was definitely a large misunderstanding. I exercised a little power and floated out from the water, landing lightly on the opposite shore, shook off the water on my body, and said to the few elders, “I’m really sorry. I only wanted to find a place to train and cultivate. Since I was afraid of being interrupted, I came to this place. I don’t understand what is this Heavenly Spring’s divine vein that Jian Shan mentioned earlier.” I pretended to be hapless and clueless.

The old man brandished his walking stick and shouted, “Stranger, it can’t be that Jian Shan didn’t tell you that this is a forbidden area, right?”

I shook my head. “He did say that, but you should also know that humans are naturally  curious. I  saw that this place wasn’t guarded and looked rather clean so I came over. I don’t have any bad intentions. I was just a little curious. As for destroying the divine vein, you are greatly wrong in accusing me of that.”

The Great Elder coldly laughed and said, “You’re still lying. The battle spirit that you were emitting earlier consists of the divine power from the Heavenly Spring. Do you still want to continue evading the truth?”

Aiya! This was bad. He had seen through me.

The Great Elder continued to say, “Since you had destroyed our life source, we shall make you remain here. Everybody, move back.”

This wasn’t good. I should just run away. From the looks of it, it wouldn’t be a good thing to provoke these few old men. I cursed silently as I used short teleportation in an outward direction in order to escape. I suddenly felt as though I had collided on a copper wall. It was so painful. What was that? I stared ahead and discovered that there was a golden translucent barrier 30 meters ahead of me, preventing my retreat.

The Great Elder said, “If you can escape from here, we few old fellows need not be called elders. Let me tell you, this boundary was formed using our battle spirit so it’s more rigid than the barriers formed by magic. Any teleportation spell would be ineffective against it. You should just behave and let us capture you.”

I bitterly smiled and replied, “Elders, I really didn’t intentionally destroy your divine vein. It was just that after entering the spring, it had given me its power. I didn’t have a choice. Aiya! Don’t make any moves!”

The few elders were so infuriated by my words that they shot their battle spirit at me.

What fearsome battle spirit; their power largely surpassed Jian Shan’s. Even if it was Teacher Wen from Xiuda, he would also be unable to match up to any one of them. This wasn’t good. It couldn’t be that they were all of the Sword Saint level, right? I was in deep trouble.

I rapidly brandished Sukrad’s staff to shoot out a few light blades to try to stop their advancement. A wondrous thing happened. Every light blade that I shot out not only had magic power and battle spirit, more importantly, there was also a trace of the Holy Sword’s power mixed in them, making the light blades power much greater than before.

The few light blades had successfully stopped the five elders attacks but I realised that I was being locked on by all of the five elder’s energies. Any movement I made would immediately attract their combined counter-attack.

The five elders were also astonished as I had blocked their first attack. The Great Elder said, “Good brat, you really did your preparations before coming here. Tell me, what is your purpose in coming here?”

I helplessly smiled bitterly, “I really don’t have any purpose. I had only coincidentally destroyed your divine vein.”

The third elder rebuked angrily, “It seems that you won’t stop until you reach the Yellow River. Big brother, let me deal with him.”

The Great Elder nodded and retreated a few steps together with the other three elders but still continued maintaining the barrier in order to prevent my escape.

I jumped for joy inwardly as it seemed that they weren’t going to join hands to deal with me. Even though I couldn’t escape, it was still better than a group attack. It was just as good since I wanted to test out my current strength. Right now, I felt as though my entire body was filled with power which surpassed the level I was previously at in my peak condition.

The third elder waved his crutch and shot a golden light at me, giving me a shock, and I hastily cast a light blade to neutralise his attack. Both our bodies shuddered simultaneously; both sides seemed to be evenly matched.

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