Child of Light - Volume 8 - Chapter 5

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Volume 8: Chapter 5 – The Sword Saint’s Holy Sword

I asked in astonishment, “Aren’t the martial skills you learn focused on your techniques?”

The third elder replied filled with disdain, “Do you know the saying ‘one move has ten benefits’? At our standard, techniques are just superfluous. I’m coming again.” After saying that, he unceasingly emitted gold battle spirit to form a light net towards me.

It was such a strong battle spirit that if I hadn’t absorbed the divine vein, I wouldn’t be his opponent. This remote village had such incomparable experts and there were five of them. This was unbelievable.

I chanted, “Light elements, my friends……” I thought of using Star Light Brilliance to counter his attack. As I started chanting it, there was a vast amount of light stars before me. I became elated. Could this mean that I no longer needed to chant for advanced light spells anymore? This was great!

I commanded the large amount of light stars to collide with the light net. Every light star attacked the connections of the light net. After the two strong powers in mid air collided, light rained inside the entire boundary. It looked amazing.

The third elder looked at me in amazement. It was obvious that the move I used to counter his attack had shocked him.

I smiled and said, “You don’t need to be that shocked. In the human Kingdom, my magic standard could be reckoned to be the best or second best.”

The third elder coldly snorted. “You’re good brat! You’re no pushover, so try to recieve my best move.” His entire body’s clothing moved without the use of any wind. The battle spirit in his surroundings violently surged out. It formed an enormous golden whirlpool with him as the center. What made me feel peculiar about it was that there were traces of blue lights within the gold whirlpool. ‘Can it be that this is the legendary Holy Light? But only someone at the Legendary War God level can release that kind of battle spirit.. From what I know, in these few thousands of years, there aren’t any War God’s that have appeared in the world. I couldn’t have met one, right? I’m so unlucky. The Holy Light’s power is comparable to forbidden spells in magic, and wouldn’t be any worse than it.’

I didn’t dare to slight him and immediately activated the Holy Sword in my body before I shouted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.” Since I could control the Holy Sword, even though it was just a small portion, I could borrow its power to use the forbidden offensive spell that the God King had given to me. What I didn’t know was that the power of the spell was also the same as a forbidden spell.

At that moment, the third elder had already completed his best move and shouted, “Finishing move—-Holy Light Tornado!” A large bluish golden mixed tornado headed towards me.

After I chanted the spell, I felt my entire body’s power was gathering at the Holy Sword at my chest. A silver Holy Sword shot out from my body  and projected itself in front of me. I shouted, “Go!” The Holy Sword’s enormous power headed towards the third elder’s Holy Light Tornado.

The Great Elder shouted, “Not good! It’s the Radiant Holy Sword!” He immediately used his ultimate move along with the three other elders to receive the attack.

After using the Holy Sword’s power, my entire body’s energy seemed to have vanished. I used the Sukrad’s staff to support my feeble body.

The power of the Holy Sword and the five elder’s attack collided with each other. It seemed as though time had stopped. I looked astonished at the peculiar sight before me.

The Great Elder moved beside me like lightning. I already didn’t have any energy to fight back, and just let him to carry me to their side before he shouted, “Everyone, use your defensive spells with all your might!” As he said that, he used a strong battle spirit to protect himself and me.

At this moment, the powers in mid air seemed to have merged together. It was completely white before me. An enormous force had pushed the five elders and me towards the boundary. After that, the boundary broke. ‘Hong! Hong!’ The loud sound temporarily made me lose my hearing.

When all of my senses returned, I realized that everything had changed. The precipitous

cliff that formed the waterfall had disappeared. The small lake had became three times larger. In the surrounding, there were villages that were all over the place. The five elders protected me in the centre. Traces of blood were seen at the sides of their mouths. The five of them looked extremely tattered with their clothing shredded, especially the third elder. He had lost almost half of his hair and his beard was burnt to the point where it was smoking.

I quickly checked my body. Luckily, there was nothing wrong. Except for the large loss of power, that would require some time to recover, there wasn’t anything wrong. Did the five elders help me block that large explosion earlier? Why were they so good to me?

The Great Elder shouted, “Is everyone fine?”

Jian Shan voiced out, “Great grandfather, it was lucky that you few grandfathers directed the attack towards the Heavenly Spring. Everyone just suffered a little hurt from the rebound, so we’re alright. But the Heavenly Spring is already……..”

The Great Elder interrupted him and replied, “That’s alright. You don’t have to say anything further. Just head back to the village. You come to bring him along.” After he said that, a golden light shot towards me. I already didn’t have any energy to counter his attack. My body softened and I fainted.

After getting back my consciousness, I realized that there were people around me. I didn’t immediately open my eyes, and checked my body condition. I discovered that the three gold dans in my body were circulating as per norm. My magic power (The fusion of the three different powers would be just known as magic power from now on) was similar to when I was at the waterwall. The silver Holy Sword sat calmly at my chest area. This kind of situation made me extremely baffled. Why didn’t they restrict me? It couldn’t be that they weren’t afraid that I would escape, right?

A benevolent sound voiced out. “Have you awakened, God’s Inheritor?”

I was startled and opened my eyes and found that the five elders were sitting in front of my bed. I asked in surprise, “What God’s Inheritor?”

The Great Elder replied, “If you didn’t have the God’s acknowledgement, how could you have been able to use the Radiant Holy Sword?!”

I scratched my head and replied, “I’m really sorry about destroying your Heavenly Spring. I……..”

The third elder interrupted me and asked, “That doesn’t matter. Can you tell us how you got the God’s acknowledgement?”

I instinctively knew that I had to tell them the truth. Thus, I told them everything that I gone through and that had transpired between the God King and me. The few elders listened attentively and expressed amazement from time to time.

After hearing my story, the elders looked towards each other before the five of them suddenly left their seats and knelt in front of me.

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