Child of Light - Volume 8 - Chapter 9

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Volume 8: Chapter 9 – Unexpected Monster Attacks

After entering Pulima City, there weren’t many cityfolk to be found and the city seemed to be in a perilous state.

When we entered a big inn, a server came to receive us.

I asked, “I need 84 rooms. Are they available?” Since there were a lot of us, every time we looked for lodging along the way, we always faced the situation that the inn couldn’t accommodate all of us so I had to clarify.

The server hastily replied, “Yes! Yes! Yes! To tell you the truth, the entire inn is empty so 84 rooms won’t be a problem.”

I then asked in surprise, “There’s no one staying in such a large inn. Is it because it is too pricy?”

The server smiled wryly before he replied, “It is not because this inn is pricy, but rather due to other reasons. Don’t you feel that the entire Pulima City is in peril?”

I nodded. “Why is that the case?”

The server sighed before he replied, “You don’t know that the main source of income of the city is the benefits from merchants who come from all over the lands. However, it is currently unknown why so many mythical beasts come to the mountain area near here wreaking havoc and killing travelers who were headed towards the city. Many people had died, so many others are fearful of approaching this city. Due to the mythical beasts, merchants from Xiuda rarely come here. Thus, it resulted in Pulima City’s current state.”

I asked, “It can’t be that the Kingdom doesn’t care about this situation, right?”

The server said mockingly, “The Kingdom? They are currently preparing to fight a war against the Monster Clan. When will they find the energy to settle our problems?”

The Great Elder intercepted, “Can you describe what the mythical beasts looks like?”

The server thought before replying, “I don’t really know what they look like but I heard from one of the guests that escaped from those mythical beasts that they inhabit the mountains and the plains, varies in sizes and haven’t been seen before. They don’t even look like anything from this world.”

The Great Elder and I were startled. They weren’t something from this world? Could it be…….

I told the server, “You can make the arrangements for us to stay here.” If there were mythical beasts wreaking havoc in the nearby mountains, I didn’t know if Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest were affected by them.

The server turned and walked away. I told the Great Elder, “Elder, let’s go and check it out tomorrow. We mustn’t let those beasts continue to harm humanity. If I hadn’t predict wrongly, this definitely has something to do with the Monster King.”

The Great Elder nodded. “Aren’t the other few God’s inheritors near here? Are we going to find them first, or are we going to eliminate the mythical beasts?”

I thought and replied, “We will first find my friends. If we meet any mythical beasts on the way, we will eliminate them. What do you think?” I thought, ‘Within the group of villagers, there are over a hundred  expert. As long as it is not like the time I met the giants from the God’s forest, then we have nothing to be afraid of from these mythical beasts.”


The over a hundred of us majestically walked out. When we were exiting the town, we were halted by the guards on duty.

A person that seemed to be the chieftain of the soldiers stepped out. “Where are you heading to? Don’t you know that is the direction where the mythical beasts are wreaking havoc at?”

I smiled and came forward, “We are going to exterminate those mythical beasts. Please let us through.”

The soldier frowned and said, “Do you think that the mythical beasts are that easy to kill? I advise you to head back. It’s more important to protect your lives.”

I replied, “We’re an employed army. You don’t have to worry. With our abilities, it won’t be a problem for us to eliminate them.”

Another soldier pulled on that soldier in charge and whispered, “Chief, just let them go. There are many of them, so they might succeed in eliminating the beasts. If they are successful, won’t that be great?!”

The chieftain nodded. “I won’t stop you then. I wish that all of you brave warriors will succeed.”

These soldiers were very loyal to their duty. “Thank you very much. Brothers, let’s head out!” When we were leaving, I stuffed one diamond coin into the hand of that soldier, “You can use this to treat your brothers to a drink. We will be heading out now.”


The Great Elder and I walked at the forefront of our group. He told me, “You really know how to win over the hearts of people. As we left, those soldiers were expressing gratitude.”

I chuckled, “The recent havoc caused by the mythical beasts had resulted in the entire Pulima City to be in such a perilous state. The officers and soldiers definitely won’t have much income. They are in difficult times, and I have a lot of money so I can share some with them. If we meet again, it will definitely be easier to talk to them.”

I raised my head to look afar and saw that there was a faint dark energy above the valley in front of us. I turned my head and told the villagers, “Everyone, be careful. There may be some danger in front of us.” After warning them, I took the Sukrad’s staff out.

I told the few elders, “I don’t know what is in front of us, but even the sky is filled with traces of evil influences. We must be careful.”

The few elders nodded. “How about this? We will first form a circle battle array. There will be three inner to outer circles. In each circle, there will be 54 people. Can the elders equally space out at the outermost circle? When we fight in a few moments, I will be at the center of the array casting a magic spell. I will depend on you to lead and defeat the enemies at the array’s exterior. Once the villagers of the outermost circle become tired, we will immediately change the outermost circle with the second outmost circle. What do you think?”

The Great Elder nodded in agreement. “That battle array isn’t bad. It decreases the disruption of the formation and has a backup plan.” Actually, this circle battle array was something I just thought of. There were a lot of loopholes. If these villages weren’t strong, this plan would be impossible to implement.

I had the villagers practice forming the circular battle array. After practicing switching out the inner and outer circle formations, I was rather satisfied. These villagers’ innate talent was extremely high. When I instructed them, it was as convenient and easy as pointing a finger.

There was suddenly a danger sign that flashed past my mind. I hastily shouted, “Everyone, be careful. There’s danger.” Just after I said that, there was suddenly a red river sticking to the ground charging at our position. I was stunned. It couldn’t be water right? Moreover, why was it red?

I gathered my energy within my eyes and focused ahead. My expression suddenly changed. It wasn’t a red river. It was something that was made by numerous red dogs. Those dogs had two horns and their bodies were covered with densely packed scales. They looked really sinister and terrifying.

I hastily conveyed my voice to the few elders at the outermost circle. The Great Elder replied in astonishment. “According to your description, it should be the hellhounds. I had seen it in the records that my ancestor had recorded. When describing the God and Monster war, he had also noted the Hell Hounds. They’re beasts which were summoned by beings from the Monster clan and have strong offensive powers.”

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