Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 15

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Volume 9: Chapter 15 – Holy Sword and Demon Spear

He paused for a while before saying dejectedly, “Our father didn’t have a choice at that point, so he prepared to personally take my life. However, I didn’t know that your father knew about it, so your father and grandmother helped me escape. I started a homeless life from then on until a few hundred years later, when I  met with the ruler here. He rescued me at the verge of death. So I decided  to become the Dark Demon Dragon, in order to repay him for saving my life.”

After hearing what the Dark Demon Dragon had gone through, I was moved. I never would have expected that he had such tragic experiences.

Xiao Jin replied, “Uncle, I’m sorry. It was the Dragon clan that was at fault. Currently, it’s being ruled by my father. We can welcome you to return at any time.”

The Dark Demon Dragon shook his large head and replied, “It’s alright. I’ll be satisfied if you can call me your uncle. I won’t be heading back as I don’t want to give your father trouble. Currently, we just serve different masters. Come at me, and let me have a look at abilities you have learned from your father.” The previous withdrawn aura had spreaded out from its body again.

Xiao Jin roared out, filled with feelings, as a golden light light ray intensified.

I asked the Demon Emperor, “Demon Emperor, do you really have the heart to make those two, Uncle and Nephew fight against each other?”

The Demon Emperor coldly smiled and replied, “We’re of a different race. I’ve only one belief, which is all creatures, excluding my clansmen, are to be discriminated against. The human race is nothing to me. My daughter has told me about you long ago.”

My emotions stirred as I asked, “How is Mu Zi now?”

The Demon Emperor replied, “I do not need to you to care about my daughter. She’s doing extremely well, and is staying in the city. However, don’t you even think about seeing her again. Do you really think that I’ll let her marry you?”

I replied, “Your Majesty, currently, the human race isn’t your enemy. Do you know that right now, the entire world is facing a crisis?”

The Demon Emperor was stunned, but replied, “Stop trying to frighten me with your words. Do you think I’ll believe you? You’ll have to depend on your abilities if you want to preserve your life.”

I said, “You have misunderstood me, as I’m telling you the truth. You should know about the great war between the Gods, and the Monsters. At that time, the Monster King wasn’t killed, but was just sealed. However, after so many years, the Monster King has gradually regained its power, and is preparing to invade the entire world. Moreover, your Demon race is his first target.”

After hearing my words, the Demon Emperor seemed as though he was considering what I said. His complexion became increasingly terrible. He had obviously thought about something. I thought I had moved him as I continued to say, “We can only fight against the Monster King, if the races of the entire world come together to fight against him. As a ruler of a clan, you can’t afford not to think of the people of your clan, right?”

The Demon Emperor coldly snorted, “I don’t need you to teach me how to rule. Brat, everything you say today is meaningless. I definitely won’t let you leave the Demon race unless you defeat me.”

Damn it! It was as though I was playing the lute to a cow. Why was Mu Zi’s father so unreasonable? He just wouldn’t listen to anything I told him. I fumed, “You stubborn old man, why does Mu Zi have someone like you as her father.”

The Demon Emperor instantly raged, “You actually dared to scold me. Good, good, you’re good. I’ll let you see the formidability of this stubborn old man. Demon Dragon, attack!”

After the Demon Dragon heard the Demon Emperor, he immediately pounced, and accompanied by a black fog, his enormous body blocked out all the light in the sky,

Xiao Jin didn’t need my orders as he immediately casted out light rain to counter the dragon’s attack. At our level of capability, it was useless to just have magic power, so everyone attacked with all their might.

The black fog was rapidly being diminished by the light rain. However, it was simply just too thick. The rain of light that Xiao Jin cast out was being pushed backwards.

The Demon Emperor chuckled. “It seems that your dragon hadn’t matured to it’s peak state, so there is a gap between it’s ability and the Demon Dragon’s. You don’t have any more chances of defeating me. Just surrender! If you do that, I might spare your life.”

Surrender? I definitely couldn’t surrender. I coldly sneered, and started to circulate the Holy Sword in my body. I knew that I didn’t have any other way to injure the Demon Emperor. I would just focus on an attack. If I failed, I would die.

A scathing radiant light began emitting from my body, illuminating the fine hairs on Xiao Jin’s body. The Holy Sword’s silver radiance appeared above my head. The broadness of the sword increased as the power of the magic increased. I felt as though I was much more synchronized with the Holy Sword than when I had previously used it.  

The Demon Emperor momentarily felt a massive pressure. He had never felt such fright before in his life. He yelled out in astonishment and fury, “It’s a First Grade Divine Instrument’s aura!” He quickly waved a strike at the sky and took out a long black gun from the space crack. He then closed his eyes and muttered a chant of an unknown language. The space surrounding him instantly darkened as numerous dark purple runes appeared in the Demon Emperor’s surroundings. His body seemed abnormally warped and his hair slowly turned dark purple.

My entire body gave off a divine aura, six wings of light appeared on my back, and my hair turned completely golden. I suddenly opened my eyes and a golden light shot out from them as I raised the Sukrad’s Staff and yelled, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the Heavens!” As I chanted, the silver Holy Sword in midair above me gave off intense light rays. The light was so intense that even the sun paled in comparison to its brilliance. The radiance, filled with the divine power, gathered in the sky like a cluster of magic clouds.

The Demon Emperor also opened his eyes, revealing a purple light that was emitting from them. He opened his hands and his black Demon Spear flew up into the sky. With an awe inspiring voice, he said, “You actually forced me to use my Demon God clan’s divine origin incanation. You’re worthy of being arrogant. Dark Demon Dragon Spear, the origin God of my Demon race! I request of you as the the Demon clan’s ruler to scatter you divine power to eliminate the enemy before me!” The black long spear changed into the same purple colour as it raised upwards, bringing along a thick dark aura with it.

The six wings on my back continuously flapped. I brandished the Sukrad’s’s Staff in front of me, causing the Holy Sword to radiate a silver light with an incomparable divine aura, which headed towards the Demon Emperor’s divine origin spell.

Xiao Jin and the Dark Demon Dragon flapped their wings to bring me and the Demon Emperor backwards. The two different powers from the Holy Sword and the Dark Demon Dragon Spear did completely different movements as they collided against each other at lightning speed.

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