Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 17

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Volume 9: Chapter 17 – Darkness Corruption

The Demon Emperor’s spoke out again as he said, “Alright! Your dragon already departed. You should surrender now.”

Jian Shan withdrew his sword and said, “We definitely won’t surrender. The worst you can do is to kill me.”

I stopped him and conveyed, “Let’s not create any unnecessary casualties. We’ll temporarily surrender, then plan again.” However, I said, “Jian Shan, we mustn’t go against what we said we would do previously. I was really defeated by him. Let’s surrender.”

A complex expression was shown in Jian Shan’s eyes as he looked at me. He heavily sighed, before tossing the sword on the floor.  

The Demon Emperor broke out into laughters and said, “Bind them up before locking them in the lowest section of Demon’s jail.”

After binding us, he walked over and patted on each of our shoulders. Jian Shan and the rest were alright as they simply felt that their battle spirit had been sealed. However, I suffered as there was dark power from the Demon Emperor’s palm, resulting to an instantaneous violent conflict with the remaining light elements in my body. I cried out in pain as I collapsed on the floor.

The Demon Emperor was shocked but after pondering, he made a realization as he withdrew seventy percent of the dark powers from my body. He said to Ke Lun Duo, “Inform your subordinates to cautiously watch over them. You made a large contribution this time. I’ll arrange for the marriage between you and Mu Zi as soon as possible. You may not know about this, but this brat is the human Mu Zi is in love with.”  

After I heard  the Demon Emperor wanted to complete their marriage, I got anxious and spat out a mouthful of blood before passing out. The second I passed out, the Demon fox suddenly leaped away, disappearing instantly. The Demon Emperor had his head raised, and it was also a mystery why Ke Lun Duo didn’t stop the demon fox escaping.

Le Lun Duo’s expression as he looked at me was extraordinarily complicated. He hollered at his subordinates, “Bring them to the city!”

The Demon Emperor had a sudden realization, then loudly shouted, “Pass down the order, nobody is to discuss  what happened today, and don’t spread what had happened today, especially not to the princess’s ears! Whoever does will be punished by martial law!”

The 3000 Radiant Light Protectors shouted harmoniously, “Yes!” A lot of people thought that the Demon Emperor’s reputation would be damaged from barely defeating the human, and thus didn’t want them to spread the news. Only Ke Lun Duo understood that it was because the Demon Emperor feared that Mu Zi would go to him and request for Zhang Gong’s release after hearing the relationship we had from the Demon Emperor. Mu Zi, a royal and the successor of the throne, had accomplished so many important tasks and held a position of great importance, only right behind the Demon Emperor. If Mu Zi was to get into conflict with the Demon Emperor, the Demon Emperor would be at a loss of what to do.

After thinking about that, Ke Lun Duo shook his head. After finding the Demon Emperor a horse to ride, he took the lead to take the troops back to the City of the Holy Light Empire.



I had woken up in a situation where my entire body was in tremendous pain. My entire body felt so cold that it shook. The dark element’s corrosive ability had corroded every portion of my skin. If it wasn’t for the slight warmth from my heart, I would probably not be in the world right now. My consciousness had gradually returned, making me remember that I had been restrained by the Demon Emperor. In my body, other than the Holy Sword’s power at my chest, the rest of it had been taken up by the dark elements, making me unable to move even a finger.

I had tried to eradicate the restriction spell, but it was to no avail. The meridians of my entire body had been corroded by the dark powers, deforming them. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had practiced light magic as a child and could decrease the effect of the dark elements, I would probably undergo the same outcome as the Demon race that had died under my light magic, forming a pile of ashes or a pool of blood.

The frosty dark power had caused my meridians to contract. Although I couldn’t see how I looked, I knew that there would be a vast disparity from how I looked before. It was over, completely over as it would be forever impossible for me to be with Mu Zi. Demon Emperor, you were ruthless. (Actually, the Demon Emperor didn’t know that his restriction on me would cause so much damage to my body.)

There was another wave of acute pain that came, making me to collapse once again. It wasn’t a bad thing to collapse as at least, I wouldn’t feel the pain as clearly.

Hmm? It seemed that I had returned to my conscious space, but there wasn’t any stars nor the benevolent voice of Mi Jia Lie. There was only a dark space. I found that I was heading towards the endless abyss; The numerous vengeful spirits from hell were calling me. ‘It seems that I’m really going to die. Teacher Di, father, mother, Hai Shui, Mu Zi, I’m going already. Let’s meet up again in my next life.’

I walked towards the darkness step by step, helplessly moving forth. Just as I was about to leap into the dark abyss, a small radiant sword flew in front of me, blocking my path. The small silver sword unexpectedly voiced out.

It said, “Zhang Gong Wei, are you really going to give up like this?”

I indifferently replied, “Give up? Is it even possible not to? What can I even do in my current state. You tell me, if I hasn’t guess wrongly, my body is already finished, right?”

The small silver sword shook gently. “It hasn’t. You can’t give up now. Have you forgotten what you promised to the God King?”

I bleakly snorted. “How can I forget about that. But I’m already unable to carry on in accomplishing that task. You should be the Holy Sword, but I didn’t think that you could talk. You should return to the God King, and ask him to find another inheritor. Won’t that be the same?”  

The Holy Sword replied, “It’s impossible for me to leave your body. Your body hasn’t been completely ruined under my protection. If you were to give up now, the entire world would be in ruin as the time for the reincarnation of the Monster King is already extremely close. If the world is finished, your family, those that are close to you, and your lover would die. It can’t be that you want to see that the entire world will become a blood red world of darkness, right?”

I bellowed, “I don’t want that to happen, but what can I do? Can you just move aside and let me reincarnate? I’ve already lost all hope!”

The Holy Sword also fumed as it replied, “You’re just running away! You’re a coward. It doesn’t matter if you died, but it would implicate the numerous thousands of lives.”

After hearing what he said, I suddenly thought about something and asked, “From what you had said, it can’t be that I still have another chance to accomplish the task?”

The Holy Sword didn’t directly respond to me as it said, “If only you continue to persevere and don’t give up, everything will still be possible. You’ve already lived enough already. It can’t be that you’re are afraid to suffer for a few more days right?”

I nodded. “Alright. I promise you to try again.”

The Holy Sword slightly point the tip of the sword downwards in satisfaction before it turned into a silver ray that enclosed my entire body. The darkness had also disappeared, along with it, the entrance of hell, and my consciousness soon faded away.



It hurt terribly, so it seemed I wasn’t dead yet. Currently, I didn’t even have the energy to open my eyes. The portion of my body that was corroded by the dark power had even increased. That holy Sword fellow had told me to persevere, but how could I do that now?

At that moment, I heard the resounding sound of iron chains. A foreign voice sounded out, “Your Majesty, he’s being locked in here.”

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