Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 18

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Volume 9: Chapter 18 – After the Calamity, Renewed Life

The Demon Emperor snorted and I heard his heavy footsteps heading toward me.

The Demon Emperor suddenly gasped before he asked, “Why is he like this? How has he gotten into such a sorry state? Did you mistreat him?”

The foreign voice replied in fear and trepidation, “No…No, we didn’t do anything. When he was sent in, he was already in this state the next day. He seemed to be breathing yesterday, but now, it seems that there isn’t a single breath from him.” ‘Fuck, how dare you say that I’m breathless! I’m enraged now!’

The Demon Emperor seemed to have caught on  as he inserted his power into my meridians. Currently, I felt that the tremendous pain to my meridians had decreased drastically. I probably had just become  numbed to pain. The Demon Emperor said, “Oh no! This brat is finished! How could this happen? My attack on him was light. Can it be…. Ah! He practices light magic, my dark powers invaded his body, and without the support of his magic, it had corroded his body. Quick, call for the doctor to see if we can bring him back to life. I originally wanted to keep him as my subordinate. It seems it won’t work after this, as even if he recovers, he will only be a cripple.”

The doctor joined them shortly. He said in an aged voice, “Your Majesty!”

The Demon Emperor replied, “En! See if you can save this person.”

My hand was held again. However, the time of being held was really short. It seemed that the doctor’s standard wasn’t bad. He already knew my condition just by a touch. But his words nearly made me die from anger as he said, “Your Majesty, this is a corpse and it has been quite some time since his death as he’s a little rotten. How can I save a dead person?”

I wanted to faint! If I still had power, I would definitely stomp him to death. How dare he say that I was a rotten corpse? Damn him! I give my respects to his female family members for being able to put up with him.

The Demon Emperor replied, “Initially, I had a sliver of hope, but after you said that, I give up.” It seemed that he had also thought I had died. Why? It couldn’t be that my heart had stopped beating, right?

The Demon Emperor continued to say, “You’re not allowed to tell anyone that I asked you to treat this person. Do you understand? Jailer! Come forth!”

The first foreign voice I heard replied, “Your Majesty, what are your orders?”

The Demon Emperor ordered, “Bring a few people with you and toss him in the outskirt at a no man’s land. Since he has already died, I might as well let him be food to feed the Demon Beast of our Demon race.” This fellow was just too ruthless as he didn’t let me off, even if I really died.

After the Demon Emperor passed down the order, he left with the doctor.

That jailer kicked me before he said, “Fuck him, he actually troubled me, the great man. Asan and Flying Pig, come over and carry this brat! We’re leaving the city.”

It seemed that it wasn’t a bad thing that my meridians had been ruined, as at the very least, I didn’t feel pain of being jolted. After an unknown amount of time had passed, the foreign voice (It was slowly becoming familiar already) said, “Enough! Let’s toss him here.”

My body seemed to feel a violent shock, and I was unable to maintain my consciousness, so I fainted again.



I feel so comfortably warm. I haven’t died yet? I feel like a type of insect that had an exceptional tenacious life force. What was that insect called again? It seemed that the children of the village had called it ‘Little Strong’ when I was young. Although I’ve not died, it shouldn’t be far from it. Even though I don’t know where I am, it’s still better to die in the outskirt than to die in the Demon jail.’

My body unexpectedly didn’t feel any discomfort, but rather it felt indescribably comfortable. It should be day time as only the sun would give me such warmth.

As I felt my body becoming warmer, I felt something on my chest. The Holy Sword’s warmth was felt again; It seemed to be circulating around my heart.

‘Holy Sword! Holy Sword! Haven’t you done enough? I’ve already suffered so much already. Can’t you please just let me die, even if I’m begging you?’

The Holy Sword seemed to be going against me as it circulated at a faster pace, making the area near my chest warm up. The sun’s power stimulated my skin. Fuck Yeah! When I was enjoying myself, the feeling of warmth gradually disappeared. What replaced it was coldness. It was night so fast? It couldn’t be, right?

The dark elements in my body seemed to be up to mischief as my meridians started to give off waves of throbbing pain. ‘My meridians, can’t you just behave yourself? Since you’ve already died, why are you still giving me pain? Sigh~’

The warm feeling had returned after a lot of suffering. It wasn’t the same as yesterday. As the sunlight shone on my body, its warmth surged towards my chest, making it feel not as comfortable as yesterday. ‘Holy Sword! You’re really so annoying. Can’t you let me be comfortable before my imminent death? Actually, I can only think as I currently can’t control anything, excluding my thoughts. The dark elements aren’t bad as at the very least, it didn’t damage my brain. It was much better than the Holy Sword.’

I wanted to die from the pain after it reached the third day. Why? Because it rained. I was unable to absorb the power of the sun. Under the care of the sinister rain, my entire body’s pain had intensified. The unlucky thing was that I couldn’t move nor voice out, and only bear with it.  I wanted to pass out, but my consciousness just stubbornly stayed clear.

After lots of sufferings, the sun came out again. I had already given up blaming the Holy Sword as my consciousness had already started to muddle. It seemed that something had flowed in my mouth. The taste was still there; it was a little bitter. However, it wasn’t raining, yet something clearly flowed in my mouth. A horrifying thought came to my mind. ‘It can’t be a Demon Beast is currently pissing on me, right? Not only will you not let me die cleanly, you have come torture me. I want to faint and die.

The bitter taste had often entered my mouth from that moment. I didn’t feel anything initially. However after a few days, every time the bitter fluid flowed into my mouth, I actually felt something from my stomach; it was getting hotter.

My body had started to change after half a month, the power of Holy Sword at my chest seemed to absorb enough power. It had started to slowly move towards other parts of my body after staying stagnant at my chest area. It had first targeted my thoracic cavity. The initial withered meridians unexpectedly seemed to have expand gradually from the power of the Holy Sword. ‘Big Brother Holy Sword, please continue.You must continue to work hard!

However, what disappointed me was that after the power of the Holy Sword had completely repaired my thoracic cavity and the meridians’ inner organs of my thoracic cavity at a slow pace, it stopped moving and just constantly absorbed the power of the sun on a daily basis.

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