Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 19

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Volume 9: Chapter 19 – Gradual Recovery

My intake of bitter fluid increased as I consumed it 6-7 times a day. I checked my body, and found I felt nothing at all excluding the warmth from the Holy Sword. Moreover, the three gold dans of mine had also disappeared.

The only thing that made me rather gratified was the meridians within my body weren’t hurting at all. It seemed to have completely withered away, however, after the period of half a month, some changes occurred.

The scorching heat from the sun suggested to me that it was already noon, as the rays from the sun were at the most intense during that period.

The Holy Sword in my chest suddenly came to life as it rapidly absorbed the sun’s power, and simultaneously started to surge its power towards my head. I suddenly felt incredibly dizzy, and a thought passed through my head.. ‘Big Brother Holy Sword, if you continue on, before I even recover from my wounds, I would become an idiot from the heat of the power that is surging into my head.’

The Holy Sword didn’t care about my feelings, as it rapidly surged its power along with the sun’s towards my brain. I really couldn’t stand it before passing out.



When my consciousness returned, I felt more comfortable as I didn’t feel dizzy anymore. I also felt a sensation; it was though something smooth was rubbing against my leg. I felt a cooling sensation from my left leg soon after.

I suddenly felt that I had regained my spiritual powers. I could already use my inner sight. Even though there was only a tiny ray of light emanating from my upper dantian, it was still hope.

I still couldn’t open my eyes as I felt the smooth feeling had moved from my left leg to my right, meticulously rubbing. ‘What’s going on? I’ll forget about it as it isn’t hurting me. If it was a demon beast, it’d have eaten me already.

I carefully started to gather the light elements. The light elements were really too weak as the amount of light elements I called over were pitifully little. But it was still better than nothing. ‘I’ll take it slow. I’ll definitely succeed.’

I didn’t care about the Holy Sword nor the smooth feeling I kept on feeling within my body, as I started to rapidly gather the light elements that might lead to my recovery. What I didn’t know was that the Holy Sword had used all its power to surge its power towards my brain to completely eradicate the dark elements in my head. If it wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have been able to regain control over my spiritual powers.

I mentally calculated the time. It should take about 10 days. After a sufficient amount of the light element had gathered in my head, I tried to compress them into a small gold dan. I finally succeeded after a few tries. As the light elements were compressed, the absorption rate from the surrounding had increased. I pushed the gold dan to my chest, letting it fuse with the Holy Sword’s power. When the light element entered, the Holy Sword momentarily seemed to be like a fish that had sudden found access to water as it hungrily absorbed the sun’s power. I felt that my head and my body quickly filled with light elements, excluding my limbs after three days. Even though it wasn’t comparable to before, I finally had some hope.

The time to move had come as I surged the light elements that had fused with the Holy Sword’s power to my four limbs, making the dark and light elements in my body violently conflict against each other.

An intense wave of pain attacked my cranial nerves, and I suddenly cried out in pain. It was awesome! I could voice out now. This had solidified my confidence to recover.

I constantly circulated the light elements to eradicate the dark elements as I gritted my teeth. Just as I was at the verge of losing consciousness, I finally regained control of my body after using up majority of my powers. I let out a comfortable sigh before I entered my dream land in satisfaction.

That smooth feeling was felt again from my body and there was a bitter taste in my mouth. I tried to open my eyes and my eyelid moved. After trying it again, I had finally opened my eyes at my will for the first time in this close to two months time. It was just haziness before me initially but it gradually cleared up, allowing me to see a figure.

That figure gradually cleared. Ah! It was a girl. No, it was the Demon fox.

When I snorted, the demon fox stopped what she was doing before running to my mouth and sticking her ear over. I mobilized my vocal cords as I hoarsely said, “Why is it you?”

The demon fox excitedly exclaimed, “Master! You’ve finally awakened! You’ve finally awakened!”

I replied, “Water….I want water.”

The demon fox replied, “Wait a moment, water is coming.”

After a while, the demon fox used a large leaf containing some water over and poured it slowly into my mouth. The refreshing feeling was really good. My vigor was better as I said, “Thank you, demon fox. ”

The demon fox replied, “Master, you’ve just awaken. Please rest again to prevent your body from wearing out.”

I would have never thought that at my most critical moment, it was unexpectedly her that stayed by my side and took care of me. Who said that demon beast were low ranked demon race? From how I looked at it, the demon fox was a creature that focused, immensely, on relationships.

I closed my eyes before starting to gather light elements. Since I had regained the control of my body, the gathering speed of the light elements was much faster. The Holy Sword steadfastly circulated at my chest while I prompted the light elements to gather and simultaneously repair my ruined body. My body and mind seemed to be completely immersed in an ocean of light, just like a baptism from the heavens.

I had finally repaired every part of my body. And although the functions of the body definitely wouldn’t be able to recover in such a period of short time, the meridians in my body was fully repaired and a solid gold dan appeared in my upper dantian. Even if it was only like this, I was completely satisfied as I knew that that the prospect of death was already beyond me.

When my consciousness returned to my body, there was a bitter taste in my mouth as per usual.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that the demon fox was wiping down my body. I said, “Demon fox, what did you fed me?”

The Demon fox replied, “Master, you’ve awakened. It’s the juice of a certain leaf. I had often had it before. It’s good for the body and helps to enrich the strength.”

I moved my body and found that even though I had gained some mobility, I was still void of strength. I simply told the Demon fox, “Can you please help me up?”

The Demon fox listened to me and helped me up. As I leaned on her soft body, I was stunned at what unfolded before me. I found that my hands and legs had completely changed. Not only was my complexion completely dark, it was filled with scars. I was also already thinned to the point that I was just skin and bone.

I dazedly said, “Why am I like this? Why have I become like this?”

The demon fox whispered, “Master, please don’t be anxious. Your body will gradually recover. When I initially found you by your scent, there was already a lot of places that had started to rot. There was also some places where even your bone was exposed. I had used a power that only my demon race possesses on you to discover that you still haven’t died. Thus, I had daily rubbed Crystal Grass on your body to stop the rotting process. Your wounds had finally started to heal after few days ago.”

I suddenly contemplated about something before I nervously used my trembling hands to touch my face.

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