Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 25

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Volume 9: Chapter 25 – Mysterious Man in Black

The other master said in surprise, “What? It was caused by the Princess?”

“Lower your voice. I don’t know why, but the Princess suddenly threw a tantrum at His Majesty. She then cast an unknown large scale magic in fury, leading to the destruction of the Politics Palace Hall.”

Upon hearing that, I  lowered my head to hide the stirred up emotions and increased the pace of splitting wood. Mu Zi’s fall out with her father was definitely due to me. ‘Mu Zi! My good Mu Zi, if I still had my original looks, how great will that be? I’ll definitely escape to a faraway place with you. However, I’m no longer compatible with you. Perhaps, Ke Lun Duo will be the best match for you.’ I gritted my teeth at the idea of not being able to see Mu Zi anymore. Even though I know that if I were to reveal myself to her, she wouldn’t reject me because of my appearance. But could I do that? I mustn’t ruin her life. If she were to follow me, whose body was filled with scars, how would other people see her. Thinking about that, tears flowed down my face; my heart was filled with all kinds of mixed feelings, be it being sweet, sour, bitter and hot.   

Uncle Firewood, who was beside me saw that something was wrong, asked in astonishment, “Eighteen, what’s wrong?”

I hastily wiped off the tears and replied, “Nothing, Uncle Firewood. It’s just sand that got into my eyes.”

En!’ Uncle Firewood didn’t continue to push for answers.

I took in a deep breath to calm down the complicated emotions of my heart. I couldn’t continue to think about Mu Zi anymore. Since I had already seen her, I should be satisfied. My top priority at the moment was to save Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest, then immediately head back to the base for our last preparation against the Monster King. I bit on my lips as I focused my thoughts on splitting the wood.

At noon, Uncle Firewood patted on my shoulder. “Eighteen, you don’t have to be that hard working. You’ve cut two days worth of woods already. You can take a break, it should be time for our meal already.”

I placed the axe down, using my sleeve to wipe off my perspiration before forcing a  smile at Uncle Firewood.

Uncle Firewood frowned, (when you see a ghastly person smile at you, you frown?), before he continued to say, “I’ll head out to eat first. After eating, I’ll call for you.”

I thought, ‘You must be scared that I will affect your appetite, right?’ After smiling wryly, I continued doing the job on hand.



Later at night, I wore the evening attire again to sneak out of the Firewood house before gently leaping onto the roof. No matter what happened today, I would definitely investigate the position of the Sky Prison. I was afraid that the longer I stayed here, the harder it would be to stave off the temptation to seek out Mu Zi.

Just as I was about to move forward, a black shadow suddenly flashed in front of me, blocking my way.

The shadow approached me at such a shocking speed that even with my sensitivity, I wasn’t able to detect anyone approaching me.

I sized up the person before me, only to see that his entire body was covered with black clothing; not even his hair was in view. It was obvious that he was the same as me, who feared that someone would recognise him. If it wasn’t for the immense pressure that I felt from him, I would have already made the move to kill him.

I whispered, “What do you want?”

The black clothed man nodded at me before replying hoarsely, “If you don’t want to alarm anyone, follow me.”

After saying that, he moved in a flash, heading out of the palace.

I secretly sighed before pursuing his figure that was headed out of the palace.

The black clothed person used the same method as I did to infiltrate the inner palace. He flew high up and used night to hide his presence to leave the palace. However, he didn’t stop, and just continued to fly outwards. His speed was extremely fast so I didn’t have a choice but to use all of the fusion power in my body to follow him; making it impossible to question him.

After leaving the city, his speed gradually decreased, finally stopping at a small mountain cavity that was 15 km away from the royal city.

I stopped ten metres away from him, lightly panting. The long distance flight’s consumption of my energy was large.

The blacked clothed person looked at me and said in the same hoarse voice, “What’s your motive for infiltrating the Demon’s palace?”

I coldly snorted, “Aren’t you the same, skulking in the dark to avoid being recognized by people? What right do you have question me?”

The black clothed person replied, “Since you aren’t willing to talk, then we’ll have to resort to force.”

I definitely wouldn’t be careless when facing a person whose strength I couldn’t decipher, so I immediately cast a defensive magic spell, casting a faint glow around my body. I didn’t have Sukrad’s staff, and my magic power hadn’t fully recovered, so the gathering speed of my magic was much slower compared to before.

The black clothed person asked in surprise, “You’re a light magician. It seems that I hadn’t guessed wrong to assume that you are a spy from the human race.”

I waved my hand to cast a light blade, as I must kill him as soon as possible. He had already found out my identity. No matter who he was, this was the Demon race’s territory, so he definitely wouldn’t be my arms in comrade. If he were to expose my identity, it would only increase the difficulty of rescuing Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest.

Oddly enough, the man didn’t move to dodge the light blade that was about to hit  him. At the moment before impact, his body suddenly gave off a sky blue light, causing the light blade’s power to disperse.

I was shock. What kind of power was that? It unexpectedly countered my attack with such ease. This was the first time I had felt helpless, even though I didn’t cower when facing the demon Emperor.

The black clothed person didn’t launch a counter attack and just sniggered, “That kind of attack is useless against me. It can’t be that you’re only at that level of power, right?”

Hatred formed in my heart as I gritted my teeth and chanted, “Oh! Great light elements, I plead to you, lend me unlimited divine power to form into stars and eliminate the enemy before me——Bright Star’s Shine!”

Oh! Great light elements, I plead to you, lend me unlimited divine power to form a Holy light that eliminates all evil beings and eliminate the enemy before me—–Holy Light!”

Since the enemy was powerful, I had consecutively cast two advanced spells. Since my power hadn’t fully recovered yet,  I could only recite the chant for the advanced magic spells, unlike the previous case where I didn’t need to chant at my peak state.

Numerous light stars gathered before me, and with my control, they formed a chain that charged towards the opponent. Simultaneously, the Holy Light was completed, forming a gold pillar that enclosed the light stars, and increased the power of the spell. This was the light fusion magic that I had developed recently. I had named it Holy Bright Star’s Shine. This was the initial use of it. Even though the power didn’t reach the level of a forbidden spell, it was already beyond the capabilities of advanced magic spells.

After using this spell, I felt my entire body weaken as the magic power in my body frantically surged outwards.

The black clothed person moved two steps back. It was obvious that he knew that this attack wouldn’t be easy to counter. He placed both of his hands before his chest to form a ring. A blue light halo suddenly lit up and charged towards the light stars inside the Holy Light. There were constant sounds of collision sounded in the air, while I just stared with my vision transfixed on the opponent.

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