Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 26

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Volume 9: Chapter 26 – Magic Race’s War God

When the light ray faded, the black clothed person was still standing at his original position.

I exclaimed in shock, “No! This is impossible. How can someone just use their physical body to withstand the Holy Bright Star Shine?” Even the Demon Emperor would need to borrow the Dark Demon Dragon’s power or the origin Divine spell to block this attack as it was already the most powerful offensive spell, second to the Holy Sword’s power.

The black clothed person brandished his hand in the air. It seemed to be dealing with the remaining power from my previous attack. He said unhurriedly, “There’s a lot of things that are deemed as impossible.”

I suddenly thought passed my mind and replied with wide eyes, “Could it be that you have already trained to……..”

The black clothed person was surprised. “Your sight is not bad, and it’s also unnecessary to hide this fact. That’s right, I’m the sole warrior at the Legendary War God rank in the entire world.”

His words confirmed my thought. I suppressed my fears and asked, “War God? Don’t they only exist in legends? How did you train to that level?” Only the War God would have divine powers to dissipate all kind of spells, excluding forbidden spells. ‘If I were to be at my peak state, perhaps, I could be his match. Currently, however, not only have my magic powers not fully recovered, the Sukrad’s staff is gone. How am I going to fight against this black clothed person, that has divine powers, in my current condition?’ Thinking about that, I couldn’t help, but be depressed.  

The black clothed person looked at the sky as he replied, “I trained bitterly for eighty years, and had to give up settling down to achieve my current standard. Do you think it’s easy? From what I analysed, you have internal injuries. If not, you wouldn’t be at your current standard, and I would have to use all of my strength to overwhelm you. It has been a long time since I killed someone. If you were to tell me your motive, I’ll definitely spare your life.”

I coldly laughed, “What do you mean by sparing my life?”

The black clothed person replied, “I’ll only cripple your cultivation. Whether you survive or not will be up to you then.”

After hearing what he said, I let out a long mournful hiss. How could I not know the pain of having my powers crippled due to a near death experience? His words invigorated my will to survive. I gathered my energy and gradually activated the Holy Sword’s divine power. I would rather fight until I perished rather than return to that state of living dead.

The black clothed person felt the change of power in my body and said in astonishment, “So, you still haven’t used all of your power.” Under the immense pressure of the Holy Sword, he couldn’t help, but tense up, releasing blue light rays from his entire body.

I said indifferently, “Even if it’s to the death, I won’t surrender to you. I’ll let you have a taste of my final attack.” There was a scathing light that appeared in my surrounding. The Holy Sword, giving out silver light rays, appeared above my head; it got larger from the constant surge of magic power entering it.

My entire body reeked of divine aura. Six light wings appeared on my back and my hair had turned completely golden. When I suddenly opened my eyes, a dazzling gold ray shot out as I chanted calmly, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.” As I chanted, the silver sword gave out numerous light rays in the sky, lighting up the pitch black sky like the sun that shined in daytime; the light rays were filled with divine aura. Even though I hadn’t fully recovered my cultivation, the Holy Sword had brought out about seventy percent of my power from my peak condition. The fusion power in my body had been constantly consumed by it.

The black clothed person said alarmed, “You’re God’s inheritor. Quickly, stop!”

However, I had finished already chanting the spell. How could I stop due to being yelled to do so? The silver sword suddenly burst forth, charging towards the black clothed person. The surrounding grass and woods had turned to smithereens from the Holy Sword’s power. After the release of the Holy Sword, I collapsed on the ground, void of strength. The outcome of the match would be determined by this move.

The black clothed person looked seriously at the absolute power heading towards him. His both hands constantly changed patterns, leading a blue divine light to be emitted from his entire body and rapidly formed a blue whirlpool.

It was obvious to see that he was using a lot of strength to maintain that whirlpool from the shudders of his body as he shouted, “Divine Blue Light Revolution!” The blue revolution slowly raised from his hand to get into contact with the Holy Sword that was flying over to him.

I looked at him with widen eyes as I wanted to know which would be stronger, the Divine Light or the Holy Sword. This would also determine my fate.

When the two powers came into contact, it was beyond my expectation as it didn’t gave off an intense explosion that I had expected. The Holy Sword’s power was redirected towards the Royal City due to the blue light revolution.

An enormous silverish white sword encased in a blue light flew towards the city of the Demon race’s Holy Light Empire in the pitch black night. The intense explosion woke up everyone in the city. Seventy percent of the city wall at the west of the capital was destroyed, killing and injuring few hundreds of people. The Demon Emperor got the report saying, “There was an unknown strong power that had attacked the west side of the City, resulting to the destruction of sixty percent of it due to the collision.” But no one saw the Holy Sword’s shape, as those people at the west of the capital had died from the explosion.

I looked dazed at the intense explosion that occurred at the faraway city. I didn’t expect that the fusion of the two large powers could attack a place that was 15 km away and still possessed a formidable destructive power.

The black clothed person sat on the ground, panting profusely. I smiled wryly, “Your Divine Light is incredible as it unexpectedly was able to redirect my Holy Light’s power, but there’s something that I don’t understand.”

As the black clothed person panted, he replied, “What’s so incredible about that? It almost cost me my life. Just ask me what questions you have.”

I asked, “Since you’re a demon, why did you direct the power towards the demon’s city?”

The black clothed person said snappily, “You think I wanted that to happen? Under the attack from a first grade divine instrument, it’s  not bad to protect myself. I don’t have the luxury to think about the rest. However, it’s also time for the guards of the Royal Family to have a wake up call. They’ve had too much peaceful times.”

So, it was that case. It seemed that it wasn’t easy for him to counter my attack.

The black clothed person suddenly turned to look at the demon city. “Not good, the Royal Family’s guard are heading our way. Let’s move away from here.” Upon saying that he grabbed me as he lept into the sky. As expected of a War God, he still had so much remaining power. It was impossible for me to not concede defeat. However, I was curious why the attitude of this black clothed person seemed to have changed drastically after I had released the Holy Sword’s power. While I thought about that, I secretly gathered the fusion power in my body as the more powers I gathered, the higher the probability of my survival would be.

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