Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 30

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Volume 9: Chapter 30 – Escape Scroll

Uncle Firewood transmitted his voice to me, “This is bad. Everyone here should be  Satan’s elite subordinates. It’ll be difficult to escape.”

I transmitted my voice to him, “If we really don’t have other choice,  simply reveal your identity. They shouldn’t makes things difficult for you that way.”

Uncle Firewood conveyed his voice over, “Silly child, if I reveal my identity, won’t they add the criminal offence of colluding with the enemy onto my sentence?”

I suddenly thought of a plan, before saying to Demon King Satan with my voice lowered, “You want to catch us? You’ll have to wait for your next life.” Under the protection of Uncle Firewood’s battle spirit, I rapidly took out an escape scroll from my space pocket and inserted my fusion power into it. After a light flashed, we momentarily disappeared from the stone cell.

Demon King Satan was first stunned before flying into a rage as he shouted, “You trash! Why are you not pursuing them?! They definitely won’t be able to get far from here.”

It was right, we didn’t teleport far from there, but we were already out of the Sky Prison. But it would be impossible to catch Uncle Firewood and I, now that we were out of the prison, even if it was the Demon Emperor.

I found out that this escape scroll was quite useful. It had saved me again from a critical moment. My few teachers, you really have given me too much. I decided that after surviving this calamity, I would definitely research how to create the escape scroll. (That book that belonged to Teacher Zhen had the creation method, but since making of the scroll was complicated, being a lazy person, I didn’t deeply research it.)

After returning to the Firewood house, Uncle Firewood and I heaved a sigh of relief. Uncle Firewood leaned against the bed and said, “That was so dangerous. If we didn’t have that teleportation spell, we would have to have prolonged and dangerous battle. Even if we escape then, we definitely wouldn’t be unscathed.”

I furrowed my eyebrows, “How did they know we would carry out a rescue mission? From their memories, they should have thought that I died. Can it be that some people from the human race came over?”

Uncle Firewood shook his head. “If I didn’t guess incorrectly, the attack on the city wall two days ago should’ve attracted their attention as only the human race dares to attack the Demon race’s main city. They’ll naturally suspect that there’ll be someone to rescue the captives. Your friends aren’t weak so if they were to be rescued, it’ll create a major problem. Satan, that fellow, he’s really sinister. He almost trapped his own blood related uncle.” When he said that, he didn’t express dissatisfaction, but rather a full smile. It was obvious that he was really satisfied with the Demon King Satan’s actions.

I mocked him, “You think that’s great? If we were trapped, even if we wanted to cry, we wouldn’t be able to. Now, what should we do? We don’t know where my comrades are held captive.”

Uncle Firewood sighed and replied, “With the situation so tense, we can only wait for another opportunity to appear. You shouldn’t be too anxious as it’s useless being impatient. Just quietly split your logs.”

That was the only thing I could do now.


I  made Xiao Rou investigate the location of Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest outside the palace when I ran out of other options. But I still didn’t get news on them.

After I gathered the split wood at night, I sat dazed in front of the Firewood house. Uncle Firewood walked over and sat beside me. “Eighteen, what are you thinking? Are you worrying about your friends?”

I nodded. “It has already been quite some time already but there isn’t any news about them. It can’t be that the Demon Emperor has……”

Uncle Firewood shook his head. “It shouldn’t be. I understand the personality of the Demon Emperor. He…….” Just as he said that, Xiao Rou, who had turned into a squirrel, rapidly ran over. My instinct had told me that something must have happened.

As expected, Xiao Rou lept on my shoulder and said, “Master, this is bad. The Demon race has announced that at noon tomorrow, they’ve decided to execute Zhan Hu and the rest at the center of the public square.” The news came to me like a bolt that appeared out of nowhere, making me speechless.

Uncle Firewood also simultaneously changed his expression, “Why did the Demon Emperor order this? It doesn’t seem to be the way that he does things. If he wanted to kill your comrades, he didn’t have to make it public. This is obviously a provocation to the human race.”

I calmed down from my panic and said resolutely, “No matter what, I must save them.” Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest came to the Demon race for me. I couldn’t just stare as they die in a foreign land. I was already in such a state already. Even if I were to use my life to exchange for theirs, I was also willing.

Uncle Firewood asked in shock, “It can’t be that you want to plunder the execution ground?”

I solemnly nodded.

Uncle Firewood frowned. “Don’t you know how heavy the security of the execution ground will be for such important people? Even if the Demon Emperor won’t be there, he will dispatch an enormous amount of experts to guard the execution ground. Moreover, there is a high possibility that Satan only laid this as a trap for you to appear. Although you’re a human, I can’t bear to see you to leap to your death.”

I replied, “Even if I were to die, I’ll head there, as it was due to me that this happened.”

Uncle Firewood grabbed on my arm and said heatedly, “It can’t be that you’ve forgot what you have promised to me, right? If you were to die, who is going to fulfill what you have promised me.”

I shook off what he said and replied, “I’ve promised you, but before carrying them out, you must help me save my friends for those to be valid. Now, we can’t even do the most fundamental part of the promise. Why should I help you do things then?”

Uncle Firewood was so angry that his mustache flared. When he wanted to rebuke me, Xiao Rou interrupted, “Stop arguing! Master, Uncle Firewood has said that for your well being. Please calm down.”

Uncle Firewood’s expression became better. “Hmph! Your intelligence is lower than this little fox.” With his experience, he had already determined the identity of Xiao Rou.

I didn’t continue to quarrel, but raised my head to look at the sky. “What else can we do? We don’t even know where they are so we can only force our way through.”

Uncle Firewood patted my shoulder and sighed, “The heavens won’t cut off all ways. There definitely will be a way. Ah! That’s right, aren’t you specialized in long distance teleportation? Can’t you just teleport them away?”

I gave him a look. “I’m not god. Do you think that space magic can move mountains and drain seas? That’s impossible.”

Uncle Firewood asked stunned, “Even if it’s a short teleportation, it also won’t work?”

I took at the book that Teacher Zhen gave to me from my space pocket and flipped through it to the end. “It’s not definitely impossible. The forbidden space magic spell can temporarily seal a person in a dimension and when in need, I can summon them out like a summoning.”

Uncle Firewood smiled. “Won’t it work then? If we were to use this method, we’ll definitely save your friends.”

I smiled wryly and said, “But I don’t have enough magic power. I can barely seal a person that isn’t resisting, but to seal all ten people at one go, it’s impossible.”

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