Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 31

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Volume 9: Chapter 31 – Preparing for the Execution

Uncle Firewood said smiling, “What if it’s with the assistance of my power?”

I was moved and momentarily understood what Uncle Firewood meant. “You’re saying….”

Uncle Firewood nodded. “The power circulating in your body isn’t pure magic nor battle spirit but a fusion of different powers. If I were to insert my divine light battle spirit into your body when you cast a spell, you can instantly change it to magic power. You should be able to seal your friends in that case.”

After hearing what he said, I remembered when I used a forbidden light spell with Teacher Zhen’s assistance. I couldn’t help being overcome by intense feelings of homesickness from the memory.

Uncle Firewood nudged me. “Do you think it will work or not? Tell me!”

I woke up from the reverie. “In theory, with your help, a warrior of the War God’s rank, the converted magic power should be enough for the spell. However, we don’t know if it’ll be the same when we do it. If luck is on our side, there’s a 50% chance of it succeeding.”

Uncle Firewood replied, “It’s worth trying it with a 50% chance. At that time, I’ll use my battle spirit to attract their attention. You’ll immediately start working on the spell. What’s more troubling is the center of the public square is quite large and if we were to cast a spell of that size in front of the crowd, there is a low possibility of it going unnoticed. If we were surrounded, it would be difficult to escape the encirclement after we use the forbidden spell.”

This was really a problem. “How far is the center of the public square from here?”

Uncle Firewood replied, “About 5 Km away.”

Upon hearing what he said, I remembered the short teleportation escape scroll with a fixed location that Hai Shui used to save me. If I were to make one, I wouldn’t be afraid of being trapped.

“After using the forbidden spell, how much remaining power do you think you will have?”

Uncle Firewood thought for a moment before saying, “It’ll be hard to say as it depends on how powerful your forbidden spell is and its activation requirements. If we were to use both of our powers to do the spell, I shouldn’t be drained of all my powers.”

I replied, “Alright, at that time after sealing my friends, you just need to protect me for a breath. After I activate the escape scroll, we’ll be able to successfully rescue them.”

Uncle Firewood replied with a smile, “It has been many years since I have had such a thrill. My interest has been fully aroused.”

I smiled forcefully, “This is a highly dangerous matter. It’s not a game.” This old fellow seemed to be much light hearted these few days. It couldn’t be due to my influence, right?

Uncle Firewood replied, “Don’t worry. Do you want to rehearse it first?”

I shook my head. “I can’t as there won’t be enough time. If we were to practice it first, even though our chance will be larger, we won’t be able to recover to our peak condition. Moreover, I still need today’s remaining time to create a fixed position escape scroll and that will be our life safeguard. It can’t be that you want to fight with all of the Royal family’s protectors, right?”

Uncle Firewood scratched his head. “You’re right. When we’re out of alternatives, we’ll need to use it to escape. I just remembered, there’s something that I want to tell you.”

“Please don’t tell me that I’m not allowed to kill again,” I said wearily.

Uncle Firewood gravely nodded his head. “That’s right. You are forbidden to kill.”

“What if they want to kill me? It can’t be that I should just stand there to let them kill me, right? If the Demon race are living beings, do you think that our human race isn’t? Don’t you know that to accomplish big missions, there has be some sacrifice?” I said with fury. When I thought he didn’t want me to kill anyone, I got mad. If I were afraid of the head and terrified of the tail, it might cost me my life, not to even mention saving anyone else.

Uncle Firewood complexion turned green then white. After a long time, he sighed. “Alright, it shall depend on the situation. However, I hope that you will have mercy on the Demon race.”

Seeing the old man’s look, I got soft hearted. “I’m not a person who relishes killing. As long as it doesn’t affect the jeopardise our lives, I won’t take my actions lightly. Moreover, after using the forbidden spell, there’s still a problem on whether I will have any power left to retaliate.”

Xiao Rou said, “Master, time is pressing. You should complete that escape scroll as soon as possible.”

I nodded and returned to the Firehouse. I took out the book that Teacher Zhen had given me and began to research. Uncle Firewood went out of the room to split the logs while being a lookout for me.

After I studied the creation process of the fixed teleportation escape scroll, I started making it. I managed to succeed in creating three fixed location teleportation escape scrolls before it got dark. Uncle Firewood and I covertly went to the center of the public square to investigate the area late in the night.

Uncle Firewood told me, “Look at that side. That should be place of the execution. At that time… Ah! That’s right, does your short teleportation work from a distance?”

I had read on this point in the book and replied. “It should be within a fifty meter range to seal a person. With our combined power casting the spell, it won’t be a problem, even if the distance is 500 metres.”

Uncle Firewood replied, “Familiarize yourself with the area. We’ll mix in the crowd tomorrow and act according to situation.”

I nodded before taking out an escape scroll that I had made meticulously. I smiled, “Now, we will see if we can successfully return to the Firewood house.” Upon saying that, I used my fusion magic power to activate the escape scroll. We instantly disappeared in the dimness of the night with a flash of light.

It was so smelly. Where were we? I pinched my nose to survey our surroundings, but couldn’t see anything. Uncle Firewood smacked me once and said, “Where did you teleport us to?”

I thought, ‘This is bad, if we aren’t able to complete the escape scroll and there won’t be enough time to improve it.’ As I thought, I cast at illumination spell, lighting up our surroundings. As expected, we were in a toilet, but Uncle Firewood and I were overjoyed as this place was actually the kitchen’s toilet. It was only a few steps to the Firewood house. Even though my fixed position wasn’t extremely accurate, it wasn’t bad.

Uncle Firewood and I quietly entered the room. I held onto the remaining escape scrolls and thought, ‘Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest’s life or death depends on this scroll tomorrow.


Multitudes of people came out from everywhere, emptying every street and lane, gathering at the center of the Demon race’s Royal City’s public square as the Demon Emperor announced that there would be the execution of the assassins from the human race today the day before. Since the majority of demons hadn’t seen how humans looked, they all wanted to see. Places around the square were crowded with people wanting to watch the execution, with the center of the public square becoming restricted by the Royal Protectors. Uncle Firewood and I were in the crowd; we had already made some simple changes to our appearances, with our power, we definitely wouldn’t be squashed by the crowd. We had reached a distance of 50 metres  from the center of the public square with ease.

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