Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 32

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Volume 9: Chapter 32 – Forbidden Seal

Uncle Firewood gave me a look, telling me to get ready.

I didn’t know where they found a stage overnight as it wasn’t there previously. The stage was about 3 metres tall and 33 meters wide. The surrounding area was filled with the Royal Protectors, guarding the area around the metal container.

Demon King Satan was sitting at the center of the stage. Why was it this guy again? Could it be that he had something against us? From his gloomy and cold appearance, I couldn’t figure it out. As long as it wasn’t the Demon Emperor that came to supervise, I felt much more confident. However, when I looked at Mu Zi beside Satan, my heart shuddered constantly. Mu Zi seemed to have lose a little bit of weight. Even though she wore a veil, I could see that her face was a little pale. Her entire body was covered by a green mage’s robe. Why did she come as well?

Uncle Firewood pressed onto my shoulder and whispered, “I seems that you’re serious towards my niece. If you really can’t stand it, you can just seal her with the rest later.” It was a tempting suggestion, but how was I going to face Mu Zi. I shook my head violently to get rid all thoughts about Mu Zi.

Demon King Satan ordered, “Bring forth the criminals!”

Big Brother Zhan Hu and rest, who I hadn’t seen for a long time, walked on the stage with rattling sound of metallic shackles on both arms and feet. Uncle Firewood whispered, “Keep your calm and make your move when you find an opportunity.”

I nodded silently.

Satan walked to the forefront of the stage with his body giving off an insufferably arrogant and domineering aura. He cleared his throat before shouting, “Citizens of the Holy Light Empire, everyone should know that my kingdom and the Valiant Mist Empire  allied to make the most violent invasion in history. During this battle, the lowly human race didn’t dare to fight with our valiant warriors head on, but rather, they tried to assassinate our noble Imperial Highness, the Demon Emperor. This row of people are the assassins. Everyone tell me, what shall we do to them?” As he said that, he pointed towards big brother and the rest.

Almost all demons were roused, shouting, “Kill them! Kill Them!”

Satan nodded. “Everyone said the right thing. When dealing with such lowly trash, it must be to kill! Kill! Kill!” Upon saying that, his appearance was filled with excitement, making him look indescribably sinister.

While he was making the announcement, I told to Zhan Hu and the rest, no matter what happened, they must relax their body and mustn’t resist. If they showed signs of struggling, it would definitely give me an immense pressure.

What I didn’t notice was that when I conveyed the message, Satan’s ears twitched and an imperceptibly secretive smile played across his face.

Uncle Firewood whispered to me, “This is the moment. Get ready.”

I felt Uncle Firewood heavily stamp his foot on the ground, creating a strong power that surged to the left side. Uncle Firewood said, “Let’s start.” When he placed his hands on my back, I felt a strong and pure battle spirit surge into me. I focused and started to rapidly revolve the three gold dans, converting the endless flow of battle spirit into magic power.

I chanted softly, “The mighty god of space, who transforms space and controls dimensions, I plead for you to use your limitless divine power to sunder the space that I had designated, sealing the sinister beings from my surroundings. Please follow my request, Forbidden Spatial Rift Seal.” This was the only forbidden spell recorded in the book that Teacher Zhen had given to me. According to Teacher Zhen, this was an ancient spell that he hadn’t used before. (He didn’t have enough power.) There were two ways of using the spell. The first is to cast a big dimensional slash that would directly suck them into a different dimension, this was used to annihilate enemies. The second seal would be what I would be using that was to seal the target in another dimension for a period of time and releasing them after. The duration of the sealing to rely on the caliber of the caster. If I had really reached the Grand Magister rank, I could seal them in there forever without a problem. I could currently only seal them for a short period of time. I would let them out after finding a safe location. But if the duration of the sealing had went beyond the my limit in sustaining the spell, those people that were sealed would  be trapped in the other dimension forever.

Just as I finished chanting the spell, a building on the left side of the public square suddenly exploded. The enormous sound attracted everyone’s attention. I knew that it was done by Uncle Firewood.

Following the completion of the spell’s chant, the space elements in my surroundings revolved frantically, pushing the crowd back 10 meters. Uncle Firewood, who was behind me, felt as though I was a bottomless pit, crazily absorbing his battle spirit. An enormous hexagram appeared beneath me, I involuntarily raised both of my hands. A divine light was emitted from my body, similar to when I used the divine instrument. My hair had turned completely golden and six wings of light  emerged from my back. The revolution speed of the three gold dans had already exceeded their limit.

When Satan, recovering from the explosion, fixed his gaze on me, was casting the spell, he immediately understood what was going on from his knowledge, so he shouted, “Quickly stop him! He’s casting a forbidden spell.” The demons momentarily fell into a disorderly state, rapidly trying to leave the public square.

By the time he yelled, it was already too late as I had already completed the spell. The Royal Protectors that wanted to attack me had been sent flying away by the berserk elements surrounding me.

I opened my eyes and shouted, “Spatial Rift!” The dazzling light rays from my body had made the surrounding crowd temporarily blinded. An enormous crack appeared at the sky at the center of the public square’s stage, creating a huge attractive force.

The eleven of them, Zhan Hu and the rest, were momentarily attracted into the sky, entering the rift.

An intense battle spirit emerged from Satan’s body, protecting Mu Zi and him as he looked fearfully at the crack in the sky.

If I had used the forbidden spell to annihilate the enemies, he wouldn’t be able to resist it. However, I just wanted to save my comrades. Since my target wasn’t him, I naturally couldn’t suck him into the dimension.

I brandished my hand. “Seal!” Two gold lights shot out from my hand, forcefully sealing the crack.

As the light ray left my body weakened, I had almost used up all of the fusion powers of my body. Uncle Firewood supported me and asked, “How is it?”

I nodded. “We succeeded. Let’s leave this place.” I took out an escape scroll and inserted my magic power into it.

At that very moment, Satan was the first to snap out of his shock and shouted, “You want to escape? Eternal Dark Mist Boundary!”

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