Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 33

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Volume 9: Chapter 33 – Xiao Jin Speaks

When the light ray from the escape scroll enclosed Uncle Firewood and I, numerous dark mages appeared, surrounding the center of the public square. The commoners that were running in all directions didn’t obstruct the mage troops that ambushed us. Every one of them chanted softly, quickly making the entire public square enclosed by a dark boundary.  

After the light shone, I realised that we were still in our original positions, and didn’t return to the interior of the palace as planned.

Uncle Firewood was greatly alarmed and asked, “What’s this magic and why haven’t we teleported?”

I smiled wryly, “I also don’t know, but this is bad.” Uncle Firewood had about 30% of his battle spirit while I didn’t have any combat power left. Under this circumstances, how were we supposed to escape this encirclement? Could it be that I was destined to die now?

Satan let out a self-satisfied laugh, while the Royal Protectors had tightly surrounded us.

Satan said, “You previously used this method to escape and you think to using it again? Using the same method twice before me? Do you really think that I’m as stupid as you Human race? The Eternal Dark Mist Boundary would impede the use of all space magic. It is impossible for you to escape now.” Upon saying that, he ordered for our capture.

Mu Zi, who was at his side, suddenly stood in front of me, with a paled face. She asked me in a trembling voice, “Zhang Gong, is that you?”

My entire body quaked violently. I knew that she had recognised my figure when I cast the forbidden spell. She had seen me cast a forbidden spell before when we were still in Aixia afterall. That scene must had been deeply engraved in her memory.

At this moment, how could I admit my identity to her? I laughed hoarsely, “Little lady, you must have recognise the wrong person.” I rubbed off the  makeup from my face and shouted, “Is this the Zhang Gong that you’re looking for?”

With my face covered in scars, even Satan was stunned, not to mention Mu Zi. Her face turned increasingly paler and her eyes showed a dejection as her body slumped.

Satan supported her and yelled, “Ke Lun Duo! Immediately capture them!”

Ke Lun Duo’s familiar clear voice sounded behind us, “Yes, Your Highness.”

The Royal Protectors from around us dashed towards us, bravely with no thought of personal safety.

Uncle Firewood sighed before he joining his hands on his chest and suddenly extending it. The strong battle spirit surged out towards the front of the Royal Protector members, and sent them flying from the shockwave.

I knew that he didn’t want to injure them nor did he want to kill them.

I said, “You can just break through the encirclement by yourself. You can just forget about me as it’ll be impossible for us to escape together.” With Uncle Firewood’s strength powers, even though he only had 30% of his power, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to break through the encirclement.

Uncle Firewood rebuked in fury, “Do you think that us demons are that greedy for life and fearful of death? Even if I were to die today, I want to die by your side.” It was true that a crisis revealed a person’s true nature and feelings. I didn’t know that he would have treated me in this manner.

I was moved and closed my eyes to circulate the remaining power in my body. The more power I recovered, the higher my chances of escape.

Uncle Firewood fought with all his might against the endless waves of guards, while pulling me with him. But he was only one man after all, with a small portion of his powers left. His body was already covered in wounds after a short time.

I suddenly felt a familiar feeling of warmth appearing above the dark boundary just as we were entering a crisis.

A dragon roar that resounded throughout the square, the dark boundary suddenly broke with a golden light ray had illuminating the public square. I yelled excitedly, “Xiao Jin, I’m here!”

After hearing my call, the first one to respond was Mu Zi. She knew that this scarred person was Zhang Gong Wei, whom she had yearned for numerous days and nights. She then moved in a flash before me, without any hesitation, helping me block three spears that were heading in my direction.

Xiao Jin’s familiar body appeared in the sky. When he sensed I was facing a crisis, he momentarily yelled out loud, making a shower of light pour downwards, instantly eradicating the enemies surrounding me.I looked at Uncle Firewood, whose expression was terrible. I was apologetic towards him.

Demon King Satan roared out in fury before interlocking his hands to cast a dark power ball towards Xiao Jin, who was in mid air. He simultaneously ordered his subordinates, “Quickly return to the palace to request the Demon Emperor’s aid!”

Xiao Jin looked disdainfully at the black magic ball. With the flap of his wing, he shot out a golden dragon flame. The black power ball was instantly engulfed by the golden dragon flame, leading to a small explosion.

Xiao Jin whistled happily before withdrawing his wings to head down towards my direction.

Mu Zi stared  at me, with tears flowing down her face. I knew that I was helpless to deny it. I looked at her in a daze, as though everything that was happening in my surrounding had nothing to do with me. In my eyes, there was only the appearance of Mu Zi, of whom I had yearned for through countless days and nights.

My sight suddenly darkened as Xiao Jin landed beside me. His head extending his head between Mu Zi and I and constantly rubbing against me. I grabbed onto his horn and flipped onto his head before saying sorrowly to Mu Zi, “Just forget about me.”

I turned my head and called out to Uncle Firewood, “Uncle Firewood, come quickly.”

Uncle Firewood lightly lept on the back of Xiao Jin before asking in awe, “Is this your mount?”

Xiao Jin unhappily shook his large head and I replied, “This is my friend, not my mount.”

Mu Zi stiffened in her position and asked with her lips quivering. “Why?”

As I met her gaze, it was heart wrenching as though a knife had pierced through my heart, but I couldn’t ruin Mu Zi’s life for my own selfish reasons. I gritted my teeth and went against my heart as I said, “You’re a demoness while I’m human. It’s impossible for us to be together. You should rely on Ke Lun Duo. Xiao Jin, let’s go.”

Xiao Jin flapped his wings, blowing away the Demon soldiers that were heading in our direction. With a piercing roar, Xiao Jin took Uncle Firewood and I into the sky.

Mu Zi mournfully yelled out, “No!!! Zhang Gong, don’t do this to me! Wait for me!”

I suppressed my tears that were threatening to fall as I said to Uncle Firewood, “Don’t let her catch up with us.”

Uncle Firewood sighed deeply before casting his battle spirit downwards, enclosing Mu Zi, who was flying after us, sending her back to the ground.

Just was Mu Zi was about to fly after us again, Ke Lun Duo grabbed onto her and said, “Don’t chase after them, Mu Zi. Is that really Zhang Gong? Isn’t he supposed to be dead?”

Mu Zi frantically struggled against his hold and shouted, “He’s Zhang Gong! He’s Zhang Gong! Even if he is turned to ashes, I’ll still be able to recognise him. Let me go!”

Mu Zi’s voice was becoming softer as we flew further away from the perimeter of the Royal City.

I indicated for Xiao to descend. He flew to the left side of the God Rended Canyon and landed on a mountain peak. “Master, are you alright?”

I lept down from his back and placed my face against his large head. I couldn’t control the downpour of tears any longer, they flowed freely wetting his scales. Xiao Jin asked anxiously, “Master, what’s wrong?”

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