Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 40

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Volume 9: Chapter 40 – A Pained Heart

Ke Lun Duo stood up and said awkwardly, “What I did to all of you was wrong. I hope that you can forgive me. We really are sincere in representing the Demon Emperor in this negotiation.”

When Zhan Hu saw the scars on my face, he shook his head. “Since Zhang Gong, the one who suffered the most, doesn’t mind, what else can we say? However, Ke Lun Duo, you brat, remember that our matter remains unfinished. If there’s a chance, I’ll definitely fight you fair and square and if you use any more tricks, I won’t be forgiving.”

Ke Lun Duo became the yes-man. He could really endure, which was probably the most terrifying part of him.

When everyone saw my expression has turned grim, they didn’t say any further.

I said, “Everyone, thank you for understanding. We’ll need to stay here for a few more days as I’ve already made an appointment with Xiao Jin to meet up with us.”

Dong Ri asked, “Didn’t you send that horrifying pet back? Why did it return?”

“He finished his cultivation at the Dragon Valley, so naturally, he will come back. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to rescue all of you.” When I saw that everyone wasn’t putting Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo on the spot, I calmed down a little and my tone became much relaxed.

Jian Shan said, “Everyone must be hungry. I’ll go and hunt for two demon beasts.”

Xiao Rou squeezed out from my clothings. With a flash of light, she stood in front of everyone. “I think it will be better if I go instead.”

When Ke Lun Duo and Mu Zi saw Xiao Rou’s appearance, they looked at each other with astonishment.”

Jian Shan chuckled. “How did I forget about you little demon? According to what Zhang Gong said, it was due to her that he survived. We have yet to thank you for it yet.”

Zhan Hu stood up in smile. “That’s right, little girl, thank you for saving my brother.”

Xiao Rou didn’t have her previous seductive attitude as she replied shyly, “I’m not a little girl, I’m much older than all of you. It’s my duty to save my master. Moreover, I’m really happy by Master’s side. You can call me Xiao Rou from now on; it’s the name that Master gave me. I’ll go and get food for you. Heh heh!” Upon saying that, she ran off skipping.

I looked to Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo, who were still in shock, and said “Xiao Rou was the six tailed Demon fox. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be in front of you right now.”

Ke Lun Duo replied, “I always thought she only knew how to seduce people. I didn’t expect such a demon beast knew how to save a life.”

Dong Ri said mockingly, “Even though Xiao Rou seduces people, she hasn’t harmed anyone, unlike someone else here.”

Ke Lun Duo was speechless from that while Mu Zi looked at me strangely.

I found a large stone some distance away, and sat down to cultivate my fusion powers.

Ke Lun Duo took a overcoat from his bag and placed it on Mu Zi before saying caringly, “The wind here is strong. Don’t catch a cold.”

Mu Zi glanced at me before moving Ke Lun Duo’s hand. “Big Brother Wa Leng, I’m not cold. You can wear it yourself.” After saying that, she walked over to me. Even though my eyes were closed, I could distinctly hear Mu Zi’s soft footsteps. As I heard the footsteps nearing, my heart started beating faster.

I hastily circulated the fusion power in my body as if I by continuing to cultivate them, my powers would become chaotic.

Mu Zi stood three steps away from me. A gentle breeze brought Mu Zi’s familiar sweet scent, instantly mesmerizing me. I immediately pinched myself secretly, in order to maintain a clear mind.

Mu Zi did not speak for a long time, not even moving from the spot she had taken, but the wind kept bringing her sweet scent to my nose. I couldn’t help but be frustrated as to why she was standing there.When my curiosity peaked, I gradually opened my eyes to find Mu Zi’s tear-filled face before me. She had changed back to her original appearance with tears constantly flowing out from her eyes, dampening her clothes. She was trying her best to control herself from making a sound. She just stared at me and let her tears flow freely.

I felt all the nerves in my body spasm; especially the indescribable sharp pain from the left of my chest. I did my best to sound as calm as possible as I asked, “Is there something wrong, Your Highness? Do you need me for something?” Upon saying that, I even felt my heart freeze a little.

Mu Zi walked two steps forward before gently caressing the scars on my face. Her hand was cold while translucent tears continued to flow down her face. As the cold little hand gently moved on my face, I felt an indescribable comfort. I unknowingly got enchanted by her delicate hand.

Mu Zi’s voice was very light and gentle. “Zhang Gong, it must have been hard for you.” Hearing her gentle and beautiful voice, I immediately woke up from my infatuated state. I grabbed on her small hand and said, “Your Highness, you shouldn’t do this. Men and women should not casually touch each other. Moreover, your fiance is still over there.”

Mu Zi suddenly pounced into my embrace and cried bitterly. I wasn’t prepared, and was momentarily pushed to the ground. My heart felt heavy, but I still had a clear mind. I tried to push her away, but Mu Zi had hugged me extremely tightly. Her entire body was on me without leaving any spaces between us, and her moving body constantly rubbed against my sensitive organ. My male characteristic was slowly aroused. Wasn’t there that expression? The one that said men used their lower halves to think? With my intense feelings and longing for Mu Zi, I tightly hugged her back, tasting the sweetness of her lips. Luckily, we were on the other side of the hill. If not, we would be performing in public.

I flipped my body and pressed Mu Zi’s body down as I frantically kissed her forehead, her cherry lips, hair and her snow-white neck.

The sky suddenly darkened and large droplets of rain fell, waking me up from my dreamy state. I wiped the rain off my face and sat up. While looking at Mu Zi’s blushing face, I stood up and moved to the side, casting a light boundary around Mu Zi. Since I knew that she was dark magic based mage, I had specifically made the boundaries larger, as a prevention from hurting her.

Mu Zi also stood up and dusted the dirt from her body. She glanced at me before she silently found a large stone in the boundary and sat on it. With both hands hugging her knees, she seemed to be thinking about something.

I violently shook my head to get rid of the previous loving feelings, and stood under the rain while allowing it to pour down my body. If only this heavy rain could help wash my scars and sorrows away, how great would that be? The clouds in the sky gradually moved away and the rain dissipated. The previously darkened sky brightened again as the rain got lighter. As I looked afar, I knew that the sun would soon reappear after the rain stopped, lighting up the land once again. However, my heart was already forever trapped in that cloudy rain-filled state, and what descended in my heart wasn’t rain, but blood.

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