Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 41

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Volume 9: Chapter 41 – Xiao Rou’s Transformation

I walked through the boundary to Mu ZI’s side before calmly saying, “Princess, I’m sorry for what I’ve just done. I must have offended you.”

Mu Zi looked at me with a complicated glimmer in her eyes. “The rain has already stopped. Please let me out from the boundary.”

I was eager for her to distance herself from me as I couldn’t completely control my emotions currently. If we were to do what we did previously, only heavens knew whether I could stop myself.

I dissipated the boundary and watched Mu Zi slowly walk away. She suddenly stopped  10 meters away from me and turned to face me, “I’ll use facts to prove myself to you.” Upon saying that, she turned and ran back the way she came from. I was stunned. What did she want to prove to me? Was it to prove that her feelings towards me was unchanged?

As Mu Zi’s figure walked to the other side of the hill and disappeared, I was a little dejected. I touched the scars on my face and bitterly laughed. Why was my self-control so terrible?

I pulled out Sukrad’s staff that was stuck into the ground to the side. I teleported to Big Brother Zhan Hu’s side in a flash. After Zhan Hu looked at Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo in the distance, he looked at me and whispered, “Brother, is that the girl that you love?”

I silently nodded.

“What’s going on with you two? Your relationship looks a little awkward.”

I sighed and replied, “It’s really awkward. Big brother, look at how I look now, how can I still be with Mu Zi. There shouldn’t be anyone uglier than me in the world.”

Zhan Hu replied with a frown, “What’s to be afraid of? If she really love you, why will she care about your outer appearance. I don’t think that she’s that kind of shallow person.”

I looked at Mu Zi, who was sitting on a rock, before sighing and replied, “Perhaps, but I can’t ruin her. To love someone is to wish for her happiness. Even if she’s willing to be with me, I can’t continue to harm her. It’s impossible for me to ruin her future by my hands as I’m no longer a match for her. Big brother, do you still remembered what Ke Lun Duo had said previously? He had said that Mu Zi was his fiancee. With his looks that have even surpassed my original appearance along with a strong martial skill, he should be the best candidate for Mu Zi’s successful future.” When I said those last words, I couldn’t help but feel stabbing pain in my heart.

Zhan Hu fumingly replied, “What? Has that brat not hurt you enough already? He even wants to steal your beloved. I can’t take it any longer. I’ll deal with him now.” Upon saying that, he took a sword beside him and wanted to charge over.

I hastily stopped him and replied, “Big brother, don’t do that. I truly wish for Mu Zi’s happiness. Moreover, it’s due to us serving different masters so how can I blame Ke Lun Duo for that? I can only say that my life is a bitter one. If I still live after everything is finished, I will find a place that nobody will go and stay there until I die from old age.”

Zhan Hu blanked after hearing the sadness from my speech. He didn’t expect that I would be so pessimistic and was no longer the high spirited Zhang Gong he knew. He  emotionally grabbed my shoulder. “Zhang Gong, don’t give up. I don’t believe that with the numerous doctors in the world, no one will be able to recover your initial looks. Even if I have to walk every inch of the world, I’ll find a way to treat your scars.”

A strong warm feeling filled my sorrow filled heart. Both of my eyes reddened as I bit on my lips and said, “Big brother.”

Zhan Hu embraced my shoulder and looked at the faraway clouds. “Brother, look, the sun has come out again. There’s nothing that can’t be solved. You’ll definitely recover after the dark clouds shift and the clear sky comes into view. Just take it easy, ok?”

I nodded as looked towards the slowly bright and beautiful sunlight. I felt much better now. In my most difficult of times, big brother’s friendship had made my sorrowful heart return to it’s peaceful state.

“Big brother, where’s Dong Ri and the rest?”

“They’re training over there.” Zhan Hu pointed to the right.

“Master! Master! I’ve hunted some prey.” Xiao Rou ran back bouncing vivaciously, with a few Demon beast dragged along behind her. Since it just rained, Xiao Rou’s hair was drenched and her clothes sticked to her skin, revealing her mellow and full body. Water droplets constantly flowed down from her flushed face. Even though her body was drenched, it was unable to cover up her happiness. With her moving and lovable looks, my heart twitched as though it had caught on something.

I took the food from her hands. “Xiao Rou, it must be hard on you.”

Xiao Rou shook her head. “It’s not hard. Master, you don’t know that these demon beasts are stupid and my martial skills seems to have improved as well. I’ve already caught some demon beasts in this short amount of time. It should be enough for us, right?”

I placed my right hand on her head. “It’s more than enough. Now, stand still and let me help you evaporate the water from your body. It won’t be good if you catch a cold.” A golden light constantly entered Xiao Rou’s body as Xiao Rou’s exposed a drunken expression. The baptism of the divine power was the most favoured to her kind of species. Her clothes was completely dried by the heat of the power in a short time.  

I withdrew my right hand and Xiao Rou automatically sat down on the floor to get used to the power I gave her. I turned to face Zhan Hu and whispered, “Big brother, do you still have those seasonings? We’ll need your cooking skills today.”

Zhan Hu said in smiles, “Even though I don’t don’t have any more seasonings, I had gathered some plants this few days. We can use their juice for seasoning. You just have to wait and see. Xiao Rou is extremely innocent and kind. She’s slowly being influenced by us as she accompanies us and is gradually losing her beastial nature. Didn’t she say that after she gets nine tails, she can transform? Let’s help her out since she saved your life after all.”

I replied, “I understand. Big brother, don’t worry. I won’t mistreat her.”

Xiao Rou’s face was extremely calm. With her body enclosed by a faint gold ray, the current her didn’t have her initial seductive aura, but rather, a divine aura. I knew that her cultivation had reached its critical point. It was highly possible that she would make a new breakthrough. At this moment, she mustn’t be disturbed so I had vigilantly surveyed the surroundings before circulating the fusion power in my entire body before making a rigid gold boundary to appear and enclose us within. Xiao Rou seemed to have felt something and the golden ray from her body became brighter than before. Since I wasn’t clear on how a demon beast cultivates, she could only depend on herself. The power from her body gradually started to move like waves, constantly surging towards the back of her head.

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