Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 43

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Volume 9: Chapter 43 – War God’s Book

Three enormous Demon beasts were gradually annihilated under our powerful attacks.

Night slowly descended with the sky gradually darkening. Everyone found a flat rock to start cultivating. Xiao Rou turned back into her squirrel form as she stayed by my side. She fell into a deep sleep, lying down  on her large tail.

I looked at Mu Zi, who wasn’t far from me, sitting cross legged like a dignified gem. Mu Zi‘s figure emitted a faint dark aura, causing her body to be barely discernible. Even though she had changed her appearance, it didn’t lessen my desire for her. Ke Lun Duo had sat on a stone beside her, giving off a similar dark aura. I knew that he was still vigilant towards his surroundings.

A night fog blew over, which blocked the light from the stars and moon, making my vision turn pitch black. ‘Could it be that the heavens wanted to stop me from looking at Mu Zi?’ I chuckled bitterly, mocking myself. I closed my eyes and focused on circulating the three gold dans, cultivating my fusion powers.

After recovering my power, I felt that my fusion power seemed to have stagnated. During the casting of the forbidden spell with Uncle Firewood’s help, Uncle Firewood was obviously more powerful than Teacher Zhen. Moreover, there was a qualitative leap in my power after I absorbed the Divine Spring. It had used up all of my powers, but it didn’t surpass the previous time that I cast a light forbidden spell. Could it be that my power had unknowingly degraded? (Actually, it wasn’t due to the degradation of my power. When I first cast the forbidden spell, Teacher Zhen was a mage and had a close relationship with Teacher Di. During our cooperation, he was familiar with my magic gathering speed and direction. Thus, he was then able to help me without wasting any of his power. However, Uncle Firewood and I weren’t that familiar with each other. Even though his battle spirit could be converted to magic power, it had to undergo a conversion process and during that process, some of the energy was naturally lost in the conversion. Additionally, I was multitasking to control the spell, all these factors influenced the power of the spell.)

My future path was filled with brambles and thorns. I wanted to cross it step by step so I had to put in much more effort than everyone else; I truly needed to increase my power. My heart froze when I thought of what Uncle Ke Zha did previously. I also didn’t know how the other two kingdoms would react. Would they give up the war against the Demon race just on my words alone? Unlikely, so convincing them would be the most difficult task. Thinking about that, I didn’t feel discouraged by the hardships and perils of my future, but felt much more comfortable instead, as I shouldn’t influence the entire world’s peace and harmony due to my emotions. I had seen the invasion and destructive power of the Monster race. I must eradicate them before I can maintain the world’s peace and harmony. Even though my power would be too little, I would work hard, even if I were to lose, I wouldn’t be afraid. A sudden thought occurred to me, dying together with the Monster King. What could I do in the future with my ghastly looks? Losing Mu Zi was equivalent to losing everything. Similarly, I couldn’t inflict my current self on Hai Shui. It would be much better to sacrifice myself for the happiness of all; it should be counted as a contribution to everyone.

I suddenly felt my three gold dans split apart as I was thinking. One of the gold dans stayed in my upper dantian, another went into my lower abdomen, while the last went to the Holy Sword at my chest. The three gold dans formed a straight line and I was astonished to discover that I couldn’t control them as they revolved by themselves. All I could do now was to relax my body and allow them to move freely. After a short moment, I discovered that the three gold dans no longer had fusion powers, as the three powers had separated again. The gold dan in my upper dantian was purely magic elemental powers, the gold dan at my chest was filled with the Holy Sword’s divine power, and the last gold dan in my lower abdomen was filled with the Ascending Dragon’s Judgement Battle Spirit that Big Brother Zhan Hu had taught me.

‘What is going on? Could it be that they had gone back to their initial states? Have my powers worsened?’ The control over the powers gradually came back to me. I opened my eyes and stood on the rock. I felt a deep sense of satisfaction and comfort. I could almost feel the energy revolving around me when I raised my hand. This was a sign that my powers had improved, but I was certain that it had just worsened.

I used short range teleportation to teleport to the border of the God Rending Valley. I found out that with my will, the Holy Sword’s power and Ascending Dragon’s Judgement Battle Spirit surged out from the bottom two gold dans while the area near my upper dantian was suddenly turned into light elemental magic power. When I reached the destination that I had set and looked back, I could see an afterimage from where I had stood before.

Had I really improved? I raised my hand and circulated the Ascending Dragon’s Judgement Battle Spirit. As I thought, this time, the Holy Sword and light elemental magic powers surged towards the sea of energy, making the battle spirit abruptly increase in power. From my guess, I should be at least at the Radiant knight rank.

I looked towards my hands, dazed. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. At my current level, it would be extremely difficult for me to improve. I had used the remaining Divine Spring Vein’s power to improve. After the powers separated, I had gained the ability to use any techniques with the purest power. Moreover, I could change martial skills at will. When I used my battle spirit, I would be an expert warrior while when I used my magic power, I would recover my Magister identity. The power of all my martial techniques had improved compared to when my power was fused.

The sudden improvement had made me indescribably surprised and pleased. After floating back to the original rock, I constantly familiarized myself with the circulation of the different powers, unknowingly entering a trance.

I regained consciousness the following morning. Everything looked much more refreshing compared to earlier. I took in a few mouthfuls of air while I looked at the rising sun. I couldn’t help but float down from the rock. Currently, I really could accurately determine that I had really improved.

Big Brother Zhan Hu walked over from a short distance to me and said, “Zhang Gong, you’ve awakened. Your complexion looks alright.”

I said smilingly, “Your complexion also looks better. Big brother, I’ll call for Xiao Jin using Sukrad’s staff soon. Since time is pressing, let’s not dally. Please protect me when I’m calling for Xiao Jin.”

Zhan Hu nodded. “Our powers have recovered already. Don’t worry. Even if there’s a great mountain before us, we are capable of flattening it.”

I took out the small booklet that Uncle Firewood gave me. “Big brother, this is what Uncle Firewood wanted me to pass on to you all. It’s the experiences and understandings he got from training in his entire life. If you want to become a War God, you should start by reading and studying this booklet.”

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