Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 44

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Volume 9: Chapter 44 – Dragon Staff’s Call

Stunned, Zhan Hu took a while to process the information before elatedly snatching the booklet from me and started to flip through its pages. As he read it, the happiness on his face intensified. He quickly skimmed through the entire book and then said excitedly, “This is awesome! Zhang Gong, thank you for giving us this booklet! It’s really too important. With this, the effect of our future training will be doubled, with only half the work, so our training will be much smoother than before!”

I gently shook my head. “Big brother, you don’t have to thank me. You should thank Uncle Firewood instead. He has disregarded his race’s discrimination and gave his lifetime’s knowledge to us humans. Do you know what that means? It means that the demon race really wishes to mend their relationship with the humans, so no matter how difficult it will be, we must make the negotiation a success. Please protect me now, while I call out to Xiao Jin.”

I stood on a rock. To be honest, I didn’t know how to summon him, but I thought that the Sukrad’s staff was the Dragon God’s staff. Its aura should be able to lure Xiao Jin over, since he was nearby, right? Let’s give it a try.

I raised Sukrad’s staff and inserted my magic power in it. The three different powers in my body had already been completely changed to magic power, surging into Sukarad’s staff. An intense golden ray was constantly being emitted from my hand. I never knew that I actually possessed such strong powers. It felt so strong that I felt confident enough to cast a forbidden spell on my own.

I didn’t know what to do next to call Xiao Jin over. As I continued to insert my magic power into the staff, I chanted silently, “Xiao Jin, my friend, please return to my side.” I didn’t know if it would work. I had done all I could do, so I would just have to wait and see. However, I distinctly felt that Sukrad’s staff was constantly giving off wave after wave of power.

Zhan Hu, who was by my side, stared blankly at me. The powerful undulations surging out of my body had made him indescribably amazed. He didn’t think that I would have improved at such a rapid pace.

The strong gold light had attracted everyone. Zhan Hu signaled them not to disturb me. When Ke Lun Duo saw the strength of the magic power from my body, he understood that he would forever be unable to be my match.

Suddenly, Xiao Jin’s familiar telepathy came into my mind, “Master, where are you?”

I was elated and hollered to the sky. The magic power had suddenly surged outwards with me as its center, forming a magic field. Everyone was pushed 10 metres back and a dazzling gold light was shot out from the transparent gemstone of the Sukrad’s staff into the sky.

Everyone, except for Ke Lun Duo and Mu Zi, was alright. When Ke Lun Duo and Mu Zi had withstood the light elements unintentionally spread around, it was abnormally strenuous for them. They found that the light elements I gave off were much purer than before. Both of them had to use all of their might to withstand it.

The clouds in the sky were penetrated by the golden light that I shot out. It looked as though a golden pillar that could support both heaven and earth had appeared in the world.

A bright dragon roar mixed with my long holler. Xiao Jin was finally back. A gold dot in the far sky gradually became larger and larger. I yelled out in excitement, “Xiao Jin!” I changed my magic power into battle spirit, and instantly soared into the sky like a magic artillery shell. Xiao Jin happily roared. It was obvious that he had noticed me. I grabbed his neck and flipped onto his back. “Xiao Jin, how have you been?”

“Master, I can finally see you again! I received the message that you were looking for me when I was just starting to get really impatient.”

“It must have been hard on you these few days. Xiao Jin, let’s descend. My friends are here.”

Xiao Jin withdrew his wings and we descended at a frightening speed, giving me a shock. When we were about 33 meters away from the crowd, under everyone’s astonished gazes, Xiao Jin abruptly opened his enormous wings. The speed of the descent rapidly decreased before he gently landed on the ground.

Dong Ri exclaimed, “Wah! Xiao Jin, what good stuff have you been having? You look much fatter than before.”

Xiao Jin snorted, “You’re the one who’s fat. I’ve only grown bigger due to the increase in power. If you aren’t satisfied, I can have a spar with you. With your broken bow, heh heh! You aren’t a match for me.”

Dong Ri asked with intensified amazement, “You can talk?”

Xiao Jin arrogantly replied, “Of course, I’m the descendant of the five clawed dragons. Learning your human language isn’t even such an amazing thing. Are you going to compete with me or not?” Upon saying that, he folded his wings and walked closer towards Dong Ri, filled with ill intentions.

Dong Ri immediately waved his hand at Xiao Jin. “No! No! No! Who wants to compete with you? You want my life?”

Xiao Jin chuckled. “You’ve just said that I’m fat. How are we to settle that, then?”

I mockingly scolded, “Xiao Jin, stop fooling around. You started bickering with Dong Ri the first thing once you arrived. It seems that you’ve been hanging out with that bunch of clowns in the Dragon Valley.”

Hearing my voice, Xiao Jin obviously exercised restraint as he awkwardly glanced at me and said softly, “The friends from the Dragon Valley said that I must be more quick witted outside the valley. If not, I’ll be bullied.”

Dong Ri replied laughingly, “Bully you? With your power, who can bully you?”

Xiao Jin turned back to face him and angrily rebuked, “Haven’t you bullied me just now? I’m an awesome, handsome dragon, outstandingly elegant, with the manners of a jade tree and also a young lady dragon’s killer. You’ve unexpectedly said I was fat. If it wasn’t for Master pleading mercy for you, hehe! I would have loosened your bones for a bit.”

Faint! Was this still Xiao Jin? Not only was Dong Ri stunned, I also blanked. I had never seen this side of Xiao Jin before. He had always been obedient. Even though he was currently still listening to me, he had more attitude now. It ought to be due to those dragon clowns that Xiao Jin had become corrupted. But it was much more interesting this way.

Xiao Jin’s words had made everyone, excluding Dong Ri and I, to break into a happy laughter; even Mu Zi’s melancholy had been temporarily lifted.

Xiao Rou hid at a side, shivering. Even though she had turned into an A ranked Demon beast, when face to face with the most powerful creature in the world, she couldn’t help but fear it. Due to my acute emotional sensitivity, I quickly noticed her condition and caringly asked her, “Xiao Rou, what’s wrong?”

Xiao Rou changed back to her human form and stuck to my side, while replying pitifully, “Master, I…I’m really afraid.”

Xiao Jin had discovered her and was now looking at Xiao Rou with interest. “Master, who is she?”

All smiles, I replied, “She’s also my friend. During this trip to the Demon race, if it weren’t for Xiao Rou, you wouldn’t have been able to see me again.”

A peculiar glimmer flashed in Xiao Jin’s large eyes. He bounced and skipped over to my side. He then lowered his large head, and told Xiao Rou, “Thank you for saving my Master, little sister.”

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