Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 45

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Volume 9: Chapter 45 – A Sorrowful Farewell with Xiao Jin

Xiao Rou hastily hid behind me and shivered even more violently.

I said, “Don’t be scared, Xiao Rou. Xiao Jin won’t hurt you. Xiao Jin, how can you call her little sister? She’s older than you by a few hundred years. You should call her older sister.”

Xiao Jin was stunned, then he hastily corrected his words. “Older sister Xiao Rou, I’m known as Xiao Jin. Please take care of me from now on. If anybody bullies you, you can tell me. I’ll stick out for you.”

Smiling, Zhan Hu said, “Xiao Jin, when did you join the criminal underworld? It’ll be great if you join our bandit group. Haha!”

When Xiao Rou saw that Xiao Jin didn’t have any bad intentions, she boldly stuck her head out from behind my back to size Xiao Jin up before whispering, “Your golden sparkling scales are so beautiful!”

Xiao Jin said, proudly, “Of course, I’m the prettiest in the Dragon race. Elder sis, you also look really beautiful.”

I patted Xiao Jin’s large head. “Xiao Jin, stop joking around. I have something that I’ll need your help with.”

Xiao Jin replied seriously, “What’s the matter, Master?”

I took out a previously written letter. “You’re to head to our base to find Big Brother Xiu Si and pass this letter to him.”

Xiao Jin suddenly shook his head like a rattle drum and said, “I don’t want to! I’m not going.”

I was momentarily stunned. Xiao Jin had never disobeyed my request. Why would he do it now?

Xiao Jin stopped shaking his head and tears flowed down from his large eyes. Choked with emotions, he said, “Master, I’ve reunited with you with such difficulty. Please let me to stay by your side and protect you. Xiao Jin doesn’t want to leave you. I’m begging you, ok?”

My eyes instantly reddened. Xiao Jin had such deep feelings towards me. I caressed his large head and said emotionally, “Xiao Jin, behave and stop crying. I don’t have a choice. The risk of heading back to the Ström Fortress isn’t much lesser than being in the Demon race. Your task is extremely important. I promise you that after you have accomplished this task, I won’t separate from you ever again, alright?”

Zhan Hu asked, “Zhang Gong, isn’t it just sending a letter? Is it that urgent?”

I sighed and replied, “Big brother, you should know that I’m currently a wanted person from Aixia. It won’t be easy to convince the three kingdoms. We’ll need to use the God’s inheritor’s name. Even though we aren’t weak, it won’t be enough to face the three kingdoms’ millions of soldiers. It’s always better to have more powers, so I want Xiao Jin to send the letter and ask Big Brother Xui Si, Xin Ao, and Gao De to bring along some elites to assist us. With the six divine instruments, we don’t need to fear anything. When necessary, we can use their power to frighten the three kingdoms in order to accomplish our objectives. Among us, only Xiao Jin can fly for a long period of time and only he has enough power to fly past the Heavenly Falling Mountain with great speed. After sending the letter, Big Brother Xiu Si and the rest could join up with us as soon as possible. Time is pressing. I’m reluctant to be separated from Xiao Jin, but under the present conditions, I must do precisely that.”

Dong Ri said, “Zhang Gong is right. Our trip back will be really dangerous. Only with Big Brother Xiu Si’s intelligence and Zhang Gong’s planned strategy will we succeed with this task. I agree with Zhang Gong’s suggestion.”

Xiao Jin unwillingly took the letter from my hands. I took out a map from the space pocket and showed him the location of the base before reminding him, “Xiao Jin, you must head there at top speed and pass the letter to Big Brother before you come back to find us. I know that you know how to find us. Actually, it won’t take a long time before we meet again, so don’t be sad.”

Xiao Jin nodded dejectedly. “Master, you must keep true to your words. After returning, Xiao Jin won’t ever leave you again.”

I stuck my face to his head. No matter how I looked, Xiao Jin’s feelings for me wouldn’t ever change. “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely keep my words. Take care of yourself.”

“Master, I’ll head out now, so that I can come back earlier. Just wait for my good news.” Upon saying that, he flapped his wings and soared into the sky. After a few words, Xiao Jin was leaving me again. I felt the emotions surging in my heart and how I loathed parting from him.

Mu Zi walked over to my side and whispered, “If I were to be gone, would you be that reluctant then?”

My body shuddered and I turned my head to come face to face with her gaze, filled with hidden bitterness. I controlled my emotions while I whispered, “Princess must be joking with me. I’m just a commoner. How could I even think about that?”

Mu Zi sighed. “Can I talk to you late at night today?”

I shook my head. “Your fiancé is here. I don’t think it’s good for you to be meeting alone with a guy.”

Mu Zi replied, slightly displeased, “I’m not afraid, so what are you afraid of? Can it be that you’re not even willing to talk with me for a little while?”

Seeing her slightly displeased look, my heart softened, so I nodded my head while smiling wryly. “Alright.”

Mu Zi nodded her head with satisfaction before turning around and walked aside.

I told Zhan Hu, “Since we’ve already reunited with Xiao Jin, we should head out. With so many people, I’m not confident I’ll be able to teleport all of us there. To avoid any incidents, I’ll have to trouble all of you to fly.” Upon saying that, my battle spirit surged and I took the lead, soaring up into the sky. I hovered in the sky, waiting for everyone to come.

Everyone finished tidying up their belongings, and met me in mid-air. Just like that, about a dozen of us started flying towardsStröm Fortress.


As night gradually fell, everyone was extremely tired after flying for a full day. We chose a dense forest as a resting place. Xiao Rou hunted our food, as usual, and Big Brother Zhan Hu cooked it. After our meal, excluding me, who was charged with keeping a lookout for the night, everyone had already went to rest.

I leaned on a large tree and looked at the bright moonlight. I felt indescribably uncomfortable.

“Zhang Gong, I’ve come.”

My entire body shuddered when I turned around to see Mu Zi, who had recovered her exceptional looks. She had lost weight again. With a slight smile on her face, she leisurely walked over.

“Princess, you’ve come. What do you want to talk about with me?”

Mu Zi walked over until she was just a foot away from me. With her orchid-like scent coming over, I couldn’t help but to feel light headed. I inwardly knocked on a wake up bell at my heart. I mustn’t lose control.

“Can you not call me princess? There are no outsiders here. Call me Mu Zi, like you always did.”

“I don’t dare, since our status is different.”

Mu Zi chuckled a little. “What status are you talking about? Firstly, I’m a demoness and you’re human. We’re of different species. Do I have a status at your human side as the princess of the Demon race? Moreover, you’re a God’s inheritor. Your status should be higher than me judging by that. Call me Mu Zi, ok?”

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