Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 47

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Volume 9: Chapter 47 – Flying Across the Allied Armies

Dong Ri said worryingly, “Neither method would work. But we can’t just stay here forever, right?”

I said, “Everyone, calm down and let me think.” Upon hearing my words, everyone went silent.

After a long time, I asked Zhan Hu, “Big brother, do you still have that signal flair from Big Brother Shan Yun?”

Zhan Hu replied, “It was long taken away from me when we got caught by the Demons.”

Without the signal, we couldn’t get Big Brother Shan Yun’s help to divert the enemy from us. There really weren’t any good methods available.

I sighed and said, “For everyone’s safety, let’s make a disturbance before we use our greatest speed to fly over, with the dark night as our cover. Only Mu Zi used wind magic to fly among our group. I could convert all of my magic powers to battle spirit so it was my responsibility to bring her along. “Everyone, be prepared. We’ll make our move at night.” To be truthful, I didn’t want to be the one helping Mu Zi because that would give her hope, but I was more focused on her safety. Since my power was the strongest among the team, she would be safest with me. Moreover, even if I said that I didn’t want to have anything to do with her, I would still feel uncomfortable at the idea of other men touching her body.

As Mu Zi heard my words, a hint of happiness flashed past her eyes. Even though it happened in a flash, it didn’t escape my sight.

Everyone sat together and started to cultivate, as they all knew that it would be dangerous tonight. Only with plentiful battle spirit would there be a greater chance of survival.

Night fell quickly. Our luck was quite good, as it was a moonless night. In the pitch black night, we could see great numbers of fire lights.

I asked Ke Lun Duo, “What do the Demon and beast races use for surveillance?”

Ke Lun Duo glanced at Mu Zi for approval, then said, “It’s like this. Among our Demon race’s demon beasts, there’s a type with good eyesight. They can see far into the distance extremely clearly, so they are used in the troops as scouts for observation. Every day, their kind will take turns to survey the sky. The Beast race is similar to ours, only they use beastmen specializing in farsight.”

After hearing his words, I asked with a plan in mind, “Under what conditions would all of the scouts be dispatched?”

Ke Lun Duo’s eyes lit up. He was also an intelligent person, so he immediately caught on what I meant. He replied, “Obviously, it is when the enemy attacks. But some of the scouts would still be left behind.”

I nodded. “There will definitely be a risk. Even if a portion of the scouts will be left behind, in case the enemy attacks, they will be mostly focused on the attack. It would be the best opportunity to charge through to the Ström Fortress.”

Zhan Hu asked, “How do we make it seem like an enemy’s attack?”

I glanced at Mu Zi. “In a while, I will use a large areal offensive light magic. This is a spell that I’ve only thought of recently. It’s originally light ball shaped, but under my control area, I can change it into a light rain attack at will.”

Ke Lun Duo frowned and said, “Your magic should be extremely potent. How much loss will the Demon race suffer?”

I smiled and replied, “For the sake of our cooperation, I’ll be a little despicable and aim for the beast men. The damage of the light magic on the Beast race will be significantly lower than on your Demon race. There shouldn’t be too much damage then. However, I’ll need help from you and Mu Zi later. After I cast the spell, you shall use your dark magic to cover the light ball. You only have to use a small amount of magic power and leave the rest to me. Big Brother Zhan Hu, Dong Ri and Shan Jian, you are to stand behind to insert your battle spirit into me.”

The three of them nodded and specifically placed their right hands on three of the important acupuncture points on my back. “Get ready,” I told Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo.

I didn’t chant, just simply raised the Sukrad’s staff, making numerous light elements rapidly gather towards me. A large, dazzling golden light ball appeared before everyone. Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo used their dark powers to cover the light, so that the it couldn’t be seen. I reminded Mu Zi, “Be extremely careful not to make any contact between your dark spell and my light ball.”

Mu Zi nodded and rapidly gathered her dark powers together with Ke Lun Duo. A thick layer of black fog completely covered the gold ball, making the surroundings fall back into darkness.

“How long can you sustain this spell?” I asked.

Mu Zi replied, “Without controlling it, it would probably last about as long as it takes to brew a cup of tea.”

“It’s enough. Big Brother Zhan Hu, Dong Ri and Shan Jian, you can start channelling battle spirit into my body. The rest of you, stand by and be ready to fly at any moment.” Upon saying that, I extended both of my hands, and the dark ball shot into the sky. With a brandish of Sukrad’s staff, the black ball shot out like lightning towards Ström Fortress.

Asking Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest to help me was for having better control, and so that I could save enough power to fly across later on.

The black ball passed through the sky of the alliance troops. I estimated that no matter how powerful their scouts were, it was not really possible for them to discover this magic bullet. When the black ball reached 330 meters from Ström Fortress, some perspiration formed on my forehead, Even though this spell wasn’t difficult for me, it was still too far away, and it was my first time casting such a long-distance controlled spell.

At that moment, the black mist around the power ball had already disappeared, revealing the bright light ball. I shouted and traced its path as though it was coming out from the Ström Fortress. The light ball rapidly advanced. When it arrived above the Beast race’s stronghold, under my control, the light ball exploded. The rain of light that covered the sky poured down in the night, making people gasp in amazement at the spectacular sight. The Beast race’s camp broke out in blood-curdling screeches.

The alliance troops momentarily became restless. All of the beast and demon soldiers gradually woke up from their dreams.

“Human’s are attacking the camp! Human’s are attacking the camp! Everyone get up!” A frantic voice made the entire alliance troops frenzied in a moment. However, after a short while, the two troops slowly regained order as they started heading towards the Ström Fortress.

I shouted, “Big brothers, withdraw your powers and prepare to fly.” My voice woke everyone up from their state of shock. My magic control was something that they couldn’t have imagined.

Even though it was extremely difficult to control this spell, I had discovered that it didn’t use much of my powers. It hadn’t used much of the battle spirits that Big Brother Zhan Hu and the other two inserted in me. Seems like I had really improved.

I shouted, “Mu Zi, come over here. Everyone is to maintain a team formation. Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo are to cast their dark magic below us while the rest will keep a lookout for danger. Once we are attacked, you’re to immediately dodge and defend yourself, without breaking the formation.”

Everyone gathered around after hearing my words. My previous display had made everyone have a whole new level of respect towards me, and place more of their trust in me.

Seeing that they were all ready, I shouted, “Alright! Our target is the dense forest on the right side of the Ström Fortress. Set out!”

About a dozen shadows rapidly soared into the sky, forming a triangle shape. I placed my arm around Mu Zi’s waist, cautiously examining the movements below. Mu Zi was fully engrossed in enjoying my embrace, while Ke Lun Duo rapidly cast a dark protective screen below us. Just like that, our team moved across the horizon, charging towards the Ström Fortress.

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