Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 5

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Volume 9: Chapter 5 – Zhan Hu displays his might

Zhan Hu moved in a flash to stand before him, and said angrily, “Who are you calling son of a bitch? Seeing as you’re a person yet not, and a bear yet you aren’t, you should be a son of a bitch instead, bastard.” I whispered, “Big Brother, don’t cause trouble.”

The werebear eyes reddened as he roared in fury. He directly raised his large palm towards Zhan Hu. It seemed that it would be impossible to avoid it. I said, “Big brother, spare his life and only teach him a lesson.” I also didn’t want to cause any trouble. We were in someone else’s territory after all. Moreover, we had a special mission.

Zhan Hu coldly snorted, and moved like lightning, appearing behind the werebear. He grabbed onto the back of his neck and yelled, “You get out of here.” The stupid, massive werebear was tossed away with that single move and flew about 7-8 meters before heavily landing on the ground. The surrounding demon race momentarily cheered. It seemed that their hatred towards the beast race really wasn’t shallow.

The werebear body was really tough and strong, he roared in rage before getting up and shaking his head. He was obviously a little dizzy as he said, “You actually dared to attack me. Are you tired of living?” He heavily hit the ground with his large bear palm and yelled, “Earth Splitting Mountain!” An enormous crevice appeared before him and was rapidly extending towards Zhan Hu. I said astonishedly, “Earth magic!” This werebear knew how to use magic. Even though beasts were natural warriors, they had low intelligence so they shouldn’t be able to master advanced techniques, not to mention magic.

Su He whispered, “Earth Bear Wallace.”

Zhan Hu was shocked when saw that his opponent had such a move. He lightly lept into the air and moved behind the bear in a flash, and grabbed onto his opponent with the same method as before, and tossed the bear away again. This time though, it was much harder than before. The werebear struggled a little, but it was so stunned that it didn’t get back up.

Zhan Hu tried to run away, however the crevice didn’t stop, and kept heading in our direction. I brandished Sukrad’s staff horizontally towards the ground, forming a deep gash. Since we were at a demon race’s town, I definitely couldn’t use light magic powers so this time I used a small dimensional slash. The power of the small dimensional slash had completely absorbed the heaven falls, and earth rends power that was cast by the werebear. The creviced had stopped at the line I had drawn. I realized that this earth magic wasn’t just pure magic. It included some battle spirit which made it similar to the previous magic, and battle spirit fusion slash I used.

Su He, who was at my side, looked amazed and said, “Wah! You’re so powerful!”


I glared at him and said, “Shut up!”

Zhan Hu stood in front of the werebear and said, “Do you still want to fight?”

The werebear raised his huge head and roared at him, unwilling to give up.  After he saw Zhan Hu’s merciless eyes, his fighting spirit weakened. He replied, “I concede defeat.”

I said, “Big Brother, we’ve got to hurry on already.”

Zhan Hu looked towards the werebear, “You should be more tactful in the future. If you randomly pick on the weak and I see it, I’ll wring your smelly head.” After listening to Zhan Hu, the werebear shuddered.

Zhan Hu moved back onto his horse. I told him, “Let’s hurry on as if other beasts are here. He definitely won’t be the only one. It’s better if we cause less of a commotion.” I had originally planned to stay in this town for a night, but after this commotion, we had to hurry on through the night.

Zhan Hu nodded and asked Su He, “Do the beasts always bully people like this?”

Su He explained, “That’s not entirely the case. It’s just that the beasts revere power. The stronger the beast, the more arrogant it is,so it developed a bad temper. Because you defeated him , he definitely won’t dare to challenge you in the future.”

Zhan Hu chuckled and said, “Let’s go.” With a kick to his horse’s abdomen, using his two legs he bent his body forward which resulted in his yellow horse charging out like an arrow.

Zhan Hu’s heroism really reached the clouds. It influenced everyone to urge their horses forward to catch up with him. Su He yelled out, “Slow down! I’m getting left behind.”

After charging out of the town, everyone gradually slowed their horses. Su He exhaled a long breath and leaned on the horse’s back while heavily panting. Jian Shan said, “You’re really this useless and still a prince?”

Su He bitterly smiled and said, “How can I compare with you heroes?”

I pointed at the few lush big trees in front of us. “Everyone, let’s take a break under these trees and have some food.”

After securing the horses, everyone sat together. I took out some rations from my  spatial pocket to pass them around to everyone. After all, for this long outing, I had passed all of the magic crystals to Xiu Si and only kept the necessities. The remaining spaces were filled with various foods. Su He should be really happy as ever since I captured him, he had eaten a lot of food at every meal. Moreover, he ceaselessly praised about the human race’s food. He was always the most happy during our daily meal times.

Dong Ri looked and smiled at him, “You brat, you have an even larger appetite compared to Big Brother Zhang Gong. You can eat enough for three people all by yourself.”

Su He said indistinctly with his mouth filled with food, “I couldn’t eat this much before, but your human food is just too delicious that I can’t control myself.”

Seeing his eating looks, my heart developed a trace of familiarity. I said, “Just let him eat. He’s a prince after all, so we have to at least let him be full. That’s right, Su He, I previously heard you say ‘Earth Bear Wallace’. What’s that about?”

Su He’s eyes expressed respect. It seemed to come from his heart. He swallowed his food and replied, “You have really sensitive hearing. I just muttered it a little and you caught on to it. It’s like this. The beast race, excluding the Beamon King leading the Beamon Army Corps, have a few powerful squads including the heavy armoured infantry werebears.  Earth Bear Wallace is the leader of a 50,000-strong heavy armour infantry troop. Even though he is a werebear, he is actually extremely intelligent. He has a superior body and knows earth magic. The werebear we previously saw should be one of the direct descendants of Wallace’s subordinates as he only passes down the earth magic techniques to the people he was closest with.”

I replied in satisfaction, “I was right not to kill you. You’re filled with information.”

Su He said smilingly, “Even though I didn’t fight much in the wars, I always hear a couple of stories. We have a lot of knowledge regarding the beasts.”

Zhan Hu asked, “Previously, when you were describing the demon beasts, there seemed to be S ranked demon beasts, but you didn’t seem to have commented on it?”

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