Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 6

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Volume 9: Chapter 6 – Earth Bear

Su He said sheepishly, “It seems that I can’t keep any secrets from you. There’s only one S ranked demon beast that is tamed. It is the Dark Demon Dragon that serves as the mount of the Demon Emperor.”

“Dark Demon Dragon?”

Su He replied seriously, “Yes, my Royal Father’s Dark Demon Dragon is almost impeccable in the demon race. It is also one of the main reasons why the Mo Clan can secure its position as Emperor.”

Dong Ri asked curiously, “Is the Dark Demon Dragon that powerful?”

Su He respectfully nodded his head. “The Dark Demon Dragon is the highest Ranked Demon beast. It’s about hundred metres long, and definitely possesses the power to destroy the heaven and Earth. It is also absolutely loyal to my Royal Father, and has a special ability to sense danger. If anyone wants to threaten the Demon Emperor, they must pass through him. The beastmen had tried to assassinate my Royal Father a hundred times in the last 20 years, but no one has been able to successfully pass by it.”

I asked, “If the Dark Demon Dragon is compared with other real dragons, will its power be slightly stronger?”

Su He scratched his head and replied, “I’m unsure about that as I haven’t seen a dragon before. However, I estimate that even if a real dragon wants to deal with it, it’s quite impossible. I have seen it use his powers once. The entire Capital City was enclosed in total darkness that time; the scene was really terrifying.”

I asked in astonishment, “Ke Lun Duo was able to receive 100 moves from the Demon Emperor?”

Su He said, “What you’re thinking is incorrect. When I said 100 moves, it was under the condition that the Demon Dragon didn’t participate, even His Majesty, the Demon Emperor, shouldn’t be able to personally win against his mount.” Since I was too engrossed in this description of the demon dragon, I didn’t notice that he just said Demon Emperor, rather than Royal Father.

The ground suddenly gave out ‘LongLong!’ sounded at that moment. Dong Ri said, “Quickly, look back!”

I focused, and looked behind me. The dust on the pathway we just passed, had all the dust surging from it. Even though the speed wasn’t fast, its power was really shocking. As it continued to near, it unexpectedly revealed a large group of heavy armoured werebears. One of the bears raised the heavy spears in his hand and the rest immediately formed into two groups, rapidly enclosing us from both sides. It was already too late for us to try and escape.

“It looks like this group of black bears are here to seek revenge.” Zhan Hu said in fumes as he tried to charge over.

I held him back and said, “Big Brother, don’t be in such a rush. Let’s wait and see what enfolds, so we’d know what they plan on doing.” Even though these werebears had strong offensive and defensive powers, with our strength, it wouldn’t be difficult to break through the enclosement.

Su He whispered to me, “Those are the Earth Bear Wallace’s 500 personal guards. You must protect me.” After that, he scurried off and hid at the back of the team.

Earth Bear Wallace was about four metres tall. His body was robust and was solitarily walking over. He asked, “Who was the hero that had just wounded my subordinate?”

Zhan Hu moved in a flash in front of him and said, “It’s me so what? Are you here for revenge? Come at me then!”

Wallace replied, “I’m not here for revenge. It’s just that I had heard about the fight from my subordinate brothers. It made me really impressed, so I want to have a spar with you.” Zhan Hu was stunned and thought, ‘Why is this black bear so polite?’ It was actually his power that had won the opponent’s respect.

Zhan Hu replied icily, “Aren’t we still going to fight? You think that if you bring such a large troop, we’ll be scared of you? Come on, let me be enlightened about the power of you Earth bears.”

Wallace replied in shock, “So you have heard of my name. I brought my brothers so that after we spar, we can directly head back to the Mist Martial empire. There’s no other motives. The purpose of coming to the Radiant Light was to be an envoy.”

I walked over and said, “It was your subordinate that first provoked us. General, please don’t bother us.”

Wallace replied, “It can’t be said that I’m bothering you. I just want to have a spar with that brother. We’re all martial people so it’s too hard to find an opponent.”

Dong Ri said smilingly, “How’s there no opponent. You can find your Beamon King for a spar.”

Wallace’s expression changed and he replied embarrassedly, “That fellow is too frightening and I still want to live for a few more years. He is currently itching for me to ask for a spar with him.” His frank attitude had resulted in us gaining good impressions towards him.

Zhan Hu replied, “Since that’s the case, let’s do it!”

I transmitted to Zhan Hu, “Big Brother, that fellow specializes in Earth magic. Be careful of the ground.”

Zhan Hu slightly nodded and unsheathed the long sword on his back.

The surrounding subordinates of Wallace raised their spears and roared thrice. I didn’t know what they meant. Wallace said, “The spear weighs 99 kilograms and is called Cold Grace.” I didn’t expect him to actually name his heavy spear. Wallace swung the spear in his hand, and a powerful aura spread throughout his surroundings. Zhan Hu’s expression became serious as he obviously met his match today.

Wallace roared loudly and brandished his heavy spear. He kicked off on both legs and rapidly moved in a flash to appear at the right side of Zhan Hu before he shouted, “Watch the spear!” His astonishing speed shocked all of us. Zhan Hu panickedly dodged that spear and leaped into the air, producing sword images that filled the entire sky. ‘Si! Si!’ His battle spirit burst forth like thousands of gold lines striking towards Wallace.

Wallace swiped his heavy spear onto the ground and exclaimed, “Good move! Earth Shield!” An earth wall was erected from the ground, following his heavy spear.

‘Pu!Pu!’ sounds continuously echoed. When Wallace’s wall shattered, Big Brother Zhan Hu’s attack also ended. I felt that it was really strange as to why Zhan Hu didn’t use his speciality, to move behind his opponent to deal with him. After that, Zhan Hu explained that if he wanted his opponent to concede, the best way was to defeat his opponent’s strong points.

Wallace said. “Good skills, I almost couldn’t withstand that move.”

Zhan Hu shouted, “ Stop bullshiting and receive my attack. Amber Crystal Slash!” Zhan Hu’s blade pointed downwards and he slowly lifted his sword up. The surrounding airflow continuously gathered around him and caused his sword to turn sparkling and translucent. The sword blade increasingly became larger with the unceasing insertion of battle spirit within it.

Wallace’s gaze turned abnormally serious and chanted, “Great Earth God, please lend your powers to your loyal believer to use the mightiest power to eliminate the enemy before me—Tyrant Bear Realm!” I knew that this wasn’t magic but something that combined magic with martial techniques. He raised the heavy spear and the fur of his body was raised. A Earthy yellow light ray shone at the tip of the spear, gradually forming a large ball of light.

By the time Zhan Hu raised the sword above his head, Wallace had finished gathering his fusion of magic and battle spirit attack.

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