Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 8

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Volume 9: Chapter 8 – Six Tailed Demon Fox

Since we planned to head into the mountain forest, before we entered the mountain, we already dealt with our horses beforehand. I didn’t know that they would unexpectedly cost so much. The boss also said that our horses were rare. He said that he would want all of the horse we had. If I knew about this earlier, I wouldn’t have released those few horses earlier.

As we walked up the winding mountain tracks, I told Su He, “According to the map, if we cross this mountain, we should be able to shorten quite a bit of the journey towards the capital city.”

Su He nodded. “That’s right, it shortens the journey by about three days. However, people rarely use this route as the mountain tracks are difficult to trek on, and they may encounter powerful demon beasts.”

I nodded, “Anyways, if you lead us down the wrong path, I’ll feed you to the demon beast. Hehe! It’s all up to you.”

Su He replied with bitter smiles, “Boss, I know already and stop scaring me. I’m going to have a heart attack at this rate.”

I coldly snorted and said, “Stop acting. Hmm…..”As I was saying that, I suddenly saw Su He’s eyes was glittering with radiance while he drooled uncontrollably.

I looked at where he was looking at and saw a beautiful girl from the demon race heading towards us.

I slapped Su He, making him come back to reality. ‘Ai ya!’ He looked at me fumingly and said, “What are you doing?”

I raised my head and replied, “What are you looking at? When you’re with us, control yourself. If you cause trouble, you will have something fun to look forward to.”

Su He showed a defiant expression, believing himself to be wronged. “All gentlemen seek graceful, wise and virtuous women. That lady’s figure was really good. All the proportion of her body are perfect. Wow, that’s awesome. If she were to be in….. Ai yo! Why did you hit me again?”

I said, “That blow was only a light one. You’re to lower your head for me and you will be forbidden from looking at that young lady again.”

Under my pressure, Su He lowered his head, at the same time that girl from the demon race was already near us. That demoness was more graceful than any of the human race’s girls. We all followed Su He’s footsteps as when we looked, we were dazzled by her as well.

Even though that girl from the demon race wasn’t as pretty as Mu Zi, her charms were able to seduce everyone, especially with her bountiful body figure. She walked elegantly towards us. Her every gesture was extremely enticing as her hips and breasts made us have indescribable, wild and fanciful thoughts.

She had already walked past us, but our gazes were unable to move away from her. That girl looked back and giggled, momentarily making arousing our three immortal souls and seven mortal forms.

Suddenly, I felt a sudden pain at my thigh. I didn’t know what had pierced me. When my mind cleared, I was immediately startled. With my cultivation, why was I so captivated by her. Not good, I shouted, “Everyone, be wary. She’s a demoness.” My voice, coated with magic power, woke everyone up.

Zhan Hu wiped the perspiration off his head and muttered, “So powerful.”

There was an astonished expression in her eyes as she looked at me in shock. “I never thought that there was someone that could get back to their senses after seeing my impeccable and beautiful good looks.”

I silently circulated the Holy Sword’s power. The heavenly light momentarily gathered at my chest. The charm from that demoness wouldn’t be able to invade me again. I shouted, “You’re good, demoness. Why did you try to charm us?”

That girl chuckled. “I’m hungry, that’s why.” Her voice was so gentle and a strong enticing force came towards after that. I coldly snorted before I shot a halo fused with magic and the Holy Sword’s power towards her.

The girl was frightened and didn’t continue to use her charm, instead she shot out a black light to try to block my attack.

The Holy Sword’s power and light magic possessed attributes that restrained black magic so her counter attack definitely wouldn’t work. The halo successfully dispersed her magic and tightly locked around her.

As that girl was trying to withstand the light halo with all her might, she cried out in fright, “The human race’s light magic? You’re not from the demon race?”

My expression changed before I said, “Since you know our secret, do you think we’ll let you go?” I walked towards her with a cold expression.

Everyone had already awoken from their stunned state and were exceptionally shocked. Even with their high cultivation, they were almost killed by that girl.

The light halo continuously tightened. The girl cried out mournfully before her body gradually started to transform. Under everyone’s amazement, she slowly turned into a fox-like demon beast but with six tails.Su He exclaimed in fright, “An evolutionary demon fox?”

I asked, “Is she a demon beast?”

Su He nodded. “She won’t be able to take it any longer. Can you relax your attack a little?” The light halo stopped constricting around her and stayed at its original state at my will.

Su He said, “Demon beasts that can evolve are really rare. I didn’t expect to find one here.”

I asked, “Is there a difference between an evolving demonic beast and the evolving magical beasts of human mages?”

Su He shook his head. “There’s a difference. The evolving demon beast’s most terrifying component is that as it evolves, its intelligence increases, especially demon foxes that are the most crafty. She looks to have evolved to have six tails so she should be a B ranked demon beast. But she has intelligence surpassing that of a B ranked demon beast. If she were to evolve to have nine tails, she’d be an A ranked demon fox. She wouldn’t be easy to deal with then.”

I nodded. “What kind of offensive attacks does this demon fox specialize in?”

Su He explained, “She doesn’t have any special offensive ability. There are thorns at the tip of her tail that contains strong poison, but it isn’t deadly, and only has a numbing effect. Her most special characteristic is that she can turn into any life forms and imitate various voices. Previously, she should have transformed into one of the beauties of our demon race. If we were seduced by her, once we were pieced by the poisonous thorns, we’d be drained of our blood, resulting in our death.”

I frowned and said, “It’s that vicious?”

Su He replied, “I’m also curious as to why there’s such a demon beast here. Only other life forms’ blood essence can make them evolve. They should already be extinct according to folklore. It was because they were too malicious that they had given rise to the wrath of Heaven. Moreover, there are extremely few demon foxes that can cultivate to her standard. Currently, we only have single tailed demon foxes in our demon beasts that are used for reconnaissance.

I walked over to the demon fox and coldly snorted, “Since you’re that malicious, I definitely couldn’t let you go today. If not, I don’t know how many innocent people will die unjustly by your hands.” After I said that, I raised my hand.

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