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We all sat there, listening to that awful hissing sound and just watched as the head began to burn. Or should I say, as the ice started to melt, and the head disappeared with it. It was like the head itself had become ice and was melting into nothingness as the ice disappeared.

"Trinity, remind me to steer clear of that sword of yours." Trevor said as he looked at the fire, there was no hint of laughter or joking in his voice. He was being completely serious, and I could see why. If that sword could literally turn you into ice when you were cut with it, then you didn't need to deliver a fatal blow to someone. Just a scratch would do the job over time.

"I am still not sure how this sword works just yet." She said as she looked at the blade. "But I think that it's time that I put it away."

"Great. And how do you plan to do that?" Vincent looked at her with curious eyes.

"I am not sure." She grinned as if that was funny. I guess in a way it was, none of us knew anything about this situation and this just seemed like the comical icing on the cake.

For a moment we all just watched my Little Bunny as she stared at her sword. It was like she was trying to make it shrink just by looking at it. I mean, I did something similar with my sword, I just thought that it was time to put it away and then it disappeared. It didn't take too much effort, and it definitely didn't shrink… What the hell!

As I watched my Little Bunny sitting on my lap, her sword started to become smaller. All the extra bits of ice that were covering the blade shrunk away. After a few moments, we were looking at a normal sword that was made of pure ice. It didn't look all that different from the swords that Alloy and Sterling had provided for us, except for, you know, it was made of pure ice and had a blueish tint to it.

"Does anyone have a scabbard?" Little Bunny asked without taking her eyes off the blade.

"We don't tend to just leave them sitting around." Valerian sounded a little shocked at the moment. He wasn't the only one.

"No worries."

Now, as we watched, there was a sparkling of light that was shining next to my Little Bunny's left hip. It wasn't much and it didn't last long but it was there.

When it was gone, though, there was a brand new, white leather scabbard on her side. The bindings that were on this particular scabbard were gold and it looked as if it had been sewn together with golden thread as well. The thing was beautiful, that was for sure.

"That is beautiful, and just what I would expect from someone getting used to using Fae magic." Gloriana smiled at her. "Well done Trinity, well done. There is not a single flaw to your magic. I think you will even surpass me and Valerian with your natural ability." There was nothing but joy in Gloriana's words, but I saw that despite that fact, my Little Bunny didn't seem too thrilled.

"Thank, Aunt Glory, it was a necessity." At that my Little Bunny shifted a little, pressing her body to mine more as she leaned into an angle that was better suited for sheathing the ice sword. The blade slid in easily and seemed like it was a perfect fit.

There was another thing that surprised me as well. The sword seemed to cloak itself so that its handle looked just like any other sword. A moment ago, the sword had a handle made of ice, now it looked like steel and leather just like any other blade.

"So, you plan to keep it with you then?" Vincent asked her after the blade had been put away.

"I think that it will come in handy at times. And unlike Reece's flame sword, mine is solid so it cannot be sent away so easily. I could probably hide it magically and pull it out when I need it, but that is what Solanum did and I don't like the idea of doing that. I am also sure that Reece could store his sword like mine if he wanted to."

She was talking like we were in more medieval times, like wearing a sword on your hip was common in our daily lives. OK, I admit it, the soldiers at the castle did, but not when they left the grounds because they couldn't hide it.

"Now that I think about it, concealing a sword like that would be good for others." She said as if she had been reading my mind. 

"Trinity, what else happened to you. Not in the dark realm, but on the battlefield. You seem different to me. Not just your marks but you yourself. You're different." I wrapped my arms around her, holding her close to me and fearing that I was going to lose her if I ever let go.

"Well, you all heard me ask Nehalennia, Thoth, and Danu for help saving Vincent."

"Yes, we all heard that." Dietrich smiled as he leaned in close to Shawn, holding him in a similar fashion to how I was holding my Little Bunny, only Shawn was next to Dietrich and not on his lap.

"Well, I didn't think that they would actually help me. I wanted them to, but it was a stretch. I knew that, at the time, my magic wouldn't have been enough to save him. He was already dying, and I didn't want him to be lost to me. He is like family to me. He is actually like a symbol to me, a symbol that represents the time that I first became the Luna. He was there for me, my first ally in the strange new world that I had been thrust into. That is why I don't want to do this whole Luna Queen thing without him. I need him just like I need all my guards. You're all important to me, special in ways that you will never be able to know."

I watched as she looked around the room at the men that had been protecting her for years now. All of her core guards were here. The new ones weren't present but the original four, the main ones, were all here. While she openly showed them how much she needed them, Valerian, Daciana, Gloriana, Trevor, Dietrich and I were all forced to just watch the exchange.

"I would do anything to protect you all. Not just my guards but every single person in this room. You are all family to me in one way or another, and I love you all. I would do anything for you. I would take on any enemy or challenge that was presented to me. I would make sure that I was strong enough to do anything that was expected of me. That is why I chose to accept the offer that was presented to me by Nehalennia, Thoth, and Danu.. I chose to become a true Goddess." 

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