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"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY?" I couldn't contain that outburst when I heard what my mate had just said. "What do you mean you accepted their offer to become a true Goddess?"

"Trinity, what is going? You can't be a Goddess." Gloriana looked just as worried and scared as I felt.

"Trinity, is this the difference that I sense in your essence?" Dietrich asked her. The whole room had basically exploded as everyone started to ask her what was going on.

"Trinity, tell me you didn't do something that will eventually hurt you. Not for my sake, please." Vincent looked like he was the most devastated by this news.

"Aren't you just the Goddess Incarnate? How can you become a true Goddess, Trinity? I don't understand." Shawn, like Dietrich, could most likely sense the difference in Trinity's essence but hadn't known what it meant like Dietrich did.

"No, Trinity, you didn't. Why would you do something like that?" David looked as concerned as Vincent did.

"Hell fucking yes, I think that my Luna and Queen ascending once more is awesome. Why are you all so fucking worried about this? This is Trinity we are talking about. She is the most badass bitch that I have ever met. If anyone was going to become a Goddess, then it's got to be her. Congratulations Trinity, and I do expect you to tell us all what it is that actually went down." Shane was the only one that was in full support of this situation right now.

"Thank you, Shane. And yes, if you would all settle down a little bit, I will most definitely tell you what happened to cause this. And I will tell you what I think it all means."

"There's more to it than you just being a Goddess now?" I asked her, my heart sinking and practically flying out of my throat at the same time. GAH! What did my Little Bunny do now?

"Yes, there is more to it."

There was a somber look in her eyes, something that told me that she hadn't been too happy to accept the offer, but also that she knew it needed to be done. Once we were all silent, and ready to listen, my Little Bunny took a deep breath and started to explain to us what it was that had happened.

"I had asked for help. I didn't want Vincent to die. But when I felt them tugging at me, pulling me away from him, I refused to go. That was when the three celestials came to me. Nehalennia, Thoth, and Danu appeared in the clearing and time froze."

She took a deep breath as she assessed the looks on our faces. I think that she was trying to make sure that none of us were going to interrupt her when she started to speak again.

"When they came to me, I asked them to save Vincent. They told me that they had done so much for me already and asked if I truly wanted to have them do more. Even though I knew it was selfish of me, I told them yes. That was when they told me what it was that they could do. What it would mean if they gave me their help again."

"What was it, Trinity? What did they do?" I had to ask. I knew she would probably tell us without prompting but I needed to speak the words nonetheless.

"They told me that they could make the supernaturals more equal when it came to lifespans. They told me that the shifters of all types, the Fae, and the magic users would seemingly be immortal. So now, barring any life threatening injuries, our kind will not die. None of us. The Fae and the Vampires were already immortal, but the others weren't. The magic users had longer lives, but they eventually aged and died. The shifters didn't have that advantage. Now we're all equal when it comes to lifespans."

"We're immortal now?" Shane looked at her with wide eyes. "We won't age?" He looked completely flabbergasted but also somewhat happy.

"That's right."

"There has to be more to it than that, though." I was looking down at her after she answered Shane's question.

"That is all that changed with everyone. The only other changes took place within me." She avoided my eyes, and the eyes of everyone else for that matter.

"What changes? Come on, tell me. If you don't just tell me then I will call for Nehalennia, Thoth and Danu to come here and explain it to us." I meant it to be a joke, but she didn't see it as that. Something had really happened while she was gone. 

"They can't." She looked like she was on the verge of tears when she said that. "They can never come here or call me to see them ever again."

"Trinity, what happened to the Gods?" Valerian sounded as if he didn't truly want to know.

"What happened to mother?" Gloriana was even more emotional when she spoke.

Fear was written all over Gloriana's face, and likewise all over my Little Bunny's face. She was scared to tell us what happened to them, but she was going to push through regardless. She was going to tell us what happened because we all needed to know.

"They are gone but not gone."

"That is cryptic." Trevor looked a little upset by her response. "What does that mean?"

"They are no longer the beings that they were. Instead, they gave me their essence, their lives, to make me a Goddess. It was of their own insistence though. I didn't ask for it. In fact, I tried to say no."

Did she think that we were going to judge her for it? Did she think that we were going to be mad, angry, upset, afraid? I don't know what was going through her head, but I was feeling more shock and in awe than anything else.

"M..m..mother is gone?" Gloriana was the only one truly upset about this.

"Yes and no." My Little Bunny answered her. "She isn't a Goddess anymore, but she lives within me. They also said that I would have access to them at times as well. So, she is inside of me, waiting to help us all here in this world. She was so upset about being so limited in her ability to help us. I don't think any of them were happy living in the celestial realm. They missed this world and wanted to come back to it."

"So, you're a Goddess now, living among mortals?" I tilted my head and wondered what this would mean for her in the future.

"There may be more ascended people later. I was told that there are other Gods wishing to return to this world. I was actually charged with helping them to do that." She looked embarrassed, like she didn't want to be the one responsible for doing that.

"I think you would be the best person to pick people for doing that." Vincent smiled at her. "You are our Goddess, Trinity, you always have been."

The conversation seemed to be coming to a close. That was good too, considering how tired my Little Bunny was looking. After a little more explaining and asking questions that had no answers to them right now, I decided it was time for us to head back to our residence. No one objected to that idea either.

We gathered ourselves and left. This time, I didn't even hide the fact that I was carrying my Little Bunny.. I just scooped her up into my arms as I stood and carried her all the way back to the house that we had inside the castle.

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