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It's been a few days since I had gotten some pretty shocking news. Well, I wasn't certain yet if it was true, but it still made me think and it was still very shocking.

Charlie had asked me if there was another clairvoyant, another person that could converse with souls, living in the house. And one that would be in or close to the Royal Tower at that. Even though he hadn't mentioned that the person was close to the tower, I had a feeling that he had meant to.

And ever since I heard him say that I had not been able to stop thinking about the words that Talia had said at dinner that very night. Just a little while before I was called to the meeting with Trevor, Charlie and Chloe.

All of us had heard my Little Bunny's voice. The children had heard her voice for the first time in two weeks and while I fought to stay still and not react, Reagan and Rika were looking all around us trying to find where the sound had come from. Unlike her brother and sister though, Talia just sat there, looking at her plate, while she said something that made my blood run cold.

"Mommy isn't here."

How could she have known that? Why would she have said that? I hadn't told the kids that Trinity's soul had left her body, and I hadn't told them anything about the babies. Though I needed to tell them about the triplets soon, since my Little Bunny's belly was steadily growing bigger and bigger. Thankfully, the babies were growing even with everything that was going on.

And not only had Talia said that, but when I went to tell Rika goodnight after the meeting was over with, she told me something else that Talia had said. Apparently, Talia had told Reagan and Rika that Mommy wasn't in her body and that she was with their three baby brothers. I had just found out from Charlie that the babies were boys, so how did Talia know about that?

The more that I thought about it all, the more that it seemed like my little Talia, my sweet little four year old Talia, was the clairvoyant conduit that Charlie had told me about. There was simply no other way to answer it. That was the plain and simple truth of the matter.

So, knowing what I know now, I had to think about whether I was going to confront her with this or not. I needed to know if I should talk to her about what she knows. I needed to know if she had seen these things like a vision or if she simply just knew them.

It was going to be a hard conversation, but it was something that I needed to do nonetheless. I needed to take care of my daughter as well as everything else. I was not going to neglect Talia because I was worried about my Little Bunny. And I wasn't going to let me little Talia live in fear of the unknown.

Not to mention, I wanted her to know that she was allowed to come to me and talk to me if she had any questions or concerns. We would work them out together or we would find someone to help her. I didn't want her to be tormented like Charlie and Chloe had been when they were younger. I wanted her to feel safe and secure with her new power.

Simply put, there was just a lot of talking to do with her. And I had to make the decision about whether I was going to approach her now or wait to see if she was going to come to me. Though, with how anxious I was right now, I was pretty sure that I was going to be the one to reach out to her first.

That Friday, after I brought the children home from school, I told them that we were going to spend one on one days together that weekend. I was going to take them all out, just me and one of them. It would help them all since they would get some alone time with me, and it might take Reagan and Rika's minds off of what was happening.

"I am going to take Talia first. She can pick whatever she wants to do, and we will go right away. I know you two might want to go first, but this also gives you time to choose something really special." All three of them were smiling happily when they heard my news. "What do you say, Tally? Where do you want to go?"

"I want to go to dinner. I want to go to the zoo. And I want to see a movie. And I want ice cream." She was smiling happily as she listed off her ideal night.

"Done, done, done, and done." I smiled at her. "I think I can make some calls and get something super special for you."

"Yay!" She was practically dancing in place with her excitement.

"Why don't you go and get ready. I will call some friends of mine."

As Talia ran from the room, Reagan and Rika looked at me with worried eyes.

"Daddy, are you doing this to talk about things with Talia?" They seemed to be scared and worried about their sister. Though, I didn't know if that fear was for her or of her.

"Yes, I am going to talk to her about the things that she said. I want to let her know that there is nothing wrong with her and that she can talk to me, and hopefully the two of you. She's still young and doesn't understand what is going on. She has new powers that none of us have seen before, but that isn't bad. The two of you started showing powers when you were about five or six months old."

"I'm not scared of her powers, Daddy." Rika gave me an earnest look, something that was filled with emotions and uncertainty. "I am not scared of them or her. I am just worried about Mommy."

"Yeah, we love Talia and are not scared of her. We just want Mommy to wake up." Reagan added, his eyes rimmed in red.

"I know you do." I pulled them into my arms and held them close to me as I comforted them. "And I promise you, Mommy will wake up. She just has a job that she is doing and when it's done, we will be a big happy family again."

Once I had the two of them settled, I pulled out my phone to call some people that I knew could work miracles in a short amount of time. I wanted to make Talia's date with daddy perfect. She was going to get her dinner, her movie, to see the animals at the zoo, and her ice cream. And I was going to make sure that it was all done in the most spectacular way possible.

"I'm ready, Daddy." Talia raced into the living room where she had left me. She had gone upstairs to change out of her school uniform and into a pretty little dress that was cute and frilly, exactly like she preferred to wear. She had also had someone, probably Rika, do her hair and help her put on her earrings and a necklace. She looked like a true princess.

"You most certainly are." I knelt before her and smiled. "And you look amazing, baby girl."

"Uh huh. Yup. I look beautiful. But daddy, aren't you going to change? This is a special night. We need to dress nicely."

"Oh, you are right. I completely forgot to change because I was on the phone. I will go now."

She hurried me out of the room so that I could get ready for our daddy daughter date. I chose to make this special for her, so I was going to go all out. I went to put on one of my nicer suits and I styled my hair so that it didn't look messy or unkempt at all. After that, I put on the watch and bracelet that I got from Trinity for our first Christmas. Topping it off with some of my more comfortable dress shoes and a jacket, I was ready to go. It was time for me to pick up the princess for our night out.

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