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I practiced moving my arms more and more. And, while doing that, I couldn’t stop thinking about the kids and all that they had gone through. Just then, all of them came running back into the room. 

The three of them looked first at the hospital bed then looked all around them to see me on the bed next to Reece. They ran over and all three of them were able to climb up and sit with me.




"Hello, sweetheart." Mom called as she carried in some soup for me and some dinner for Reece as well. "I brought you something to eat."

"Thank you, Mom." I called out to her and raised my hand just a little bit off of the bed.

"Mommy! You moved!" Talia pointed out.

"Just a little bit, baby. Mommy is working on getting better." I let them know that I wasn’t going to be running and jumping with them for a while. Still, I was able to reach out just a little and take Talia’s tiny little hand. "See, sweetheart, Mommy has been practicing so I could hold your hand. My next goal is to hug you."

"Thank you, Mommy." Talia started to cry. "I have missed holding your hand. I love you so much. And I missed you even more."

"Me too, Momma." Reagan held his hand out to me, so I slipped my other hand into his.

"I know buddy. I am sorry. But thank you, all of you, for being strong while I was away. You’re all such brave children."

"Mom.." Rika was on the verge of tears, so I slid my hand away from Talia and gave it to her. She needed to hold onto her mommy’s hand too. 

"Okay, you three, how about we let Mommy eat her dinner with Daddy while you all go take your baths. Talia, I will get yours ready for you. When you’re all done, we will come back here and see Mommy. How does that sound?" Mom was doing so well with everything, with the kids, with what happened to me. She was so amazing.

"Yeah, okay Nona. That sounds good." Talia smiled at her.

"Mommy does need to eat. She might be better after that." Rika nodded.

"I am going to hurry back, Momma. I don’t want to miss any time with you."

With another quick hug and a kiss from all of them, they left the room with Mom so that it was just Reece and I again.

"Are you hungry?" Reece asked me which prompted my stomach to growl loudly. "Well then, I guess that answers that question." He laughed and got the tray that Mom had brought up for us.

"I am sorry, Reece." I held my head in shame for what was about to happen.

"For what?" He was confused for some reason.

"You have to feed me like I am some kind of baby. I’m sorry for that."

"Does it look like I care about that? You’re awake. You’re back here with us. And you’re pregnant with our babies who are all doing just fine. Just hush and stop worrying about it. Here, let’s get you some soup."

After brushing off my comments, Reece brought the soup over, lifted a spoonful of it and started to blow on it so that it was cooled off.

"Say ahh." He told me, which really made me feel like a baby. Still, I was very hungry, and I couldn’t move at all. So, I had no choice but to take the food from him.

The soup was delicious. And it had been so long since my body had gotten food into it that it seemed like the most delicious and perfect soup ever.

"Oh Goddess, that is so good." I felt like I couldn’t get enough of the taste of the soup.

Reece fed me bite after bite. All the while, he was taking bites of the sandwich that Mom had brought him. He had some of the soup as well, it would pair well with the sandwich after all.

For the most part, we ate in silence. I was eating then Reece was eating and feeding me more. This process continued until all of the food was gone.

"How are you feeling?" Reece asked me once we were done with the meal.

"Honestly, a lot better. It’s like I have a lot more strength than I had before. I even feel like I might be able to move some more. Now that my body has had some nourishment, it feels like I’m getting stronger."

As I said those words, I tried to move my arm. Before I ate, it was all that I could do just to move my hand toward someone and grip it. Now though, I was able to move both of my arms at about thirty percent mobility. It wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely better than before. And it made me so happy.

"Reece, I think that I might be able to hug the kids when they come back." 

"Why don’t you practice with me, Little Bunny." Reece crawled across the bed after he moved the tray away. He brought himself close to me and leaned in, ready for a hug.

I tried my best. I lifted my arms. And sure enough, I was able to very gently and very slowly, slide my arms around him and hug him.

It wasn’t the best hug in the world. I couldn’t squeeze him tightly. I couldn’t pull him closer. But I was still holding him in my arms and that felt like the best thing ever. Of course, he had to maneuver himself just right so that he didn’t squish my already huge baby belly. But still, it was a hug and I loved it.

About five minutes later, Mom and the kids came back in. The kids all jumped into our bed with us, and they were all wearing their pajamas as well.

"I think it’s a good thing our bed is so big." I laughed. "Because I think that we’re about to have a slumber party."

"Can we really sleep in here with you, Momma?" Reagan asked me excitedly. "I don’t want to be without you tonight. Please let us."

"Yeah, I think that is a great idea." Reece smiled at me. "We will all sleep in here tonight."

"Well then, I guess that means that I need to take my leave for now." Mom smiled and came closer to me. "I will spend time with you tomorrow, sweetheart. For now, I am just happy that you’re awake." She leaned in for a hug and nearly jumped when I hugged her back. "Sweetheart! You moved your arms!"

"Eating helped me get a little better. I don’t think it will be long before I am back to myself. Thank you, Mom. That soup was delicious. And I know that you made it for me yourself." She smiled at my words. I saw that she had teared up and it almost made me cry as well.

"Of course, I would make it for you, sweetheart. I made it for you when you were a little girl too. Whenever you were feeling sad or just needed a pick me up. I will make it whenever you want me to."

After hugging my mom for a little while longer, she left the room looking quite content. She had wanted that hug as much as I did. I needed to feel the realness of my family to make sure that this wasn’t just a dream. I needed to know that I was home once again, and they were with me.

Finally, it was time for us all to just settle in. I was laid in the middle of the bed. The kids all laid around me and snuggled me in some way. They were making sure that they were touching me and feeling my warmth. Reece was sitting near me as well. He was reaching across Rika who was between us and rubbing my hair gently. This was nice though. This told me that they were all here. They were all real. And they all still loved me so much.

That was how we fell asleep. I made sure that the kids were asleep before me, watching them for a little as they slept on me. Then I fell asleep next. As I drifted off to sleep, staring at Reece’s eyes, I knew that he was going to stay awake and watch me for a while. I even thought I felt him lean across and kiss my forehead gently.

Thankfully, I didn’t dream at all that night. I just slept peacefully with my family and woke fully rested to the sight of my beautifully sleeping babies. I was happy to be home. I was happy to be healthy. And I was excited to be expanding my family.

There was nothing in the world that could be better than being right here right now. I was out of the underworld. I was back in my own home. And I was healing.

The first thing that I noticed after I woke up and saw the kids, was Reece staring at me. I know that he had gotten some sleep, but I doubted that he had slept all that much. He looked tired and slightly exhausted, but very happy.

"Good morning, beautiful." He grinned at me.

"Good morning, handsome."

"I’ve been waiting for that. Three months went without you telling me good morning. I needed to hear that." I could see that my words were already calming him more.. Just how hurt had he been? My poor Reece.

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