Chapter 637: 637

Fu Shen didn’t take the stairs . Taking advantage of the raised parts, he climbed up the outside of the building with his bare hands .

He arrived on the edge of the rooftop . He first saw Clown and Ti Ya, and the funny look on the former’s face had been gone, left with only shock and… fear .

Even Ti Ya’s cold eyes were filled with vigilance and alertness .

Fu Shen followed their eyes . The large words of Food Empire flashed past, and he saw the girl who was waving the flag .

Unlike before, she was full of dark and powerful breath now .

Almost none of the people fought against her were her opponents . With the flag floating, the players fell down one after another . But they didn’t die, just lay on the ground, moaning in pain .

Fu Shen took a slow breath . The eyes he met just now were not his imagination .

He suddenly felt that his heart-beating could not slow down . Palpitations and strange emotions filled his mind and led him to walk toward Ming Shu .

After the last one fell, Fu Shen embraced Ming Shu from behind .

The flag fell behind them, and the atmosphere was still .

“Why are you hugging me?” The smiling voice sounded and broke the silence . “Taking advantage of others is not good . ”

Fu Shen returned to himself, and he really wanted to cut off his own hands .

Am I crazy?

Why did I come up and hug her?

But he didn’t want to admit that when he saw her like that, his first thought was to hold her .

F**k . I must’ve gone mad!

Fu Shen released his hands . But what’s done is done, and he simply turned her around . He caught a glimpse of blood on the dress on her chest and the signs of a sharp thing piercing through .

“Are you hurt?”

Ming Shu shrugged . “How is it possible . ”

She even patted the part stained with blood in order to prove that she was not wounded .

The food empire’s team members who had witnessed her being stabbed in the heart: “…” Will you say that again!

Fu Shen looked at Ming Shu’s chest with suspicion . How is it possible that she’s fine with so much blood here?

He reached out and tried to touch it .

But Ming Shu patted his hand away immediately . She smiled . “You just rushed up and hugged me, I won’t blame you for that, okay . But now you’re trying to touch my breast? Are you very hungry and thirsty?”

Did you ask for my approval before hugging me?

Fu Shen: “…” F**k . I just wanted to make sure that you’re fine! Who is hungry and thirsty! Who wants to touch your breast!

Why does a girl speak so rudely? Even you’re a villain, you can’t be so rude!

… He glanced at the blood stained position, cough cough, it was really a little awkward .

Fu Shen retreated his hand calmly . He averted his gaze and looked at the moaning players on the ground . “Why did they lay siege to you?”

“It must be because of my beauty . ” Ming Shu revealed a firm look . “Beauty causes trouble, but it’s not my fault to be born beautiful . ”

Fu Shen burst out without thinking . “Are you not shameful to say that?”

I’m not the one who wants to break my character profile, it’s her, it’s always her!

There’s always someone there wants to destroy my character profile!

Ming Shu tilted her head and pondered . “Are you saying it’s because of my talent? Regardless, all I’ve left are only talent and beauty . ”

Fu Shen, she won’t feel shameful .

“Fine, if you don’t want to tell me, okay . ” She seemed energetic, and just now… Fu Shen paused a little . He didn’t know what was going on, but inexplicably he cared about her .

He looked at the person who was smiling at him beamingly . She wouldn’t even want to tell him why those people were laying siege to her, how could she tell why she was like that?

Fu Shen fumed inside . After venting out the anger silently in his heart, he turned around and prepared to leave . I am a superior sitting on the refrigerator, so I need to stay cool .

I originally intended to be a hero saving the beauty… Hoh hoh, save your a*s!

I need to calm down .

Just leave me alone .

Clown was totally stunned . But then he became quite excited and clenched Ti Ya’s hands . “Ti Ya, did you see that?”

Ti Ya nodded coldly .

She was stabbed in the chest and they saw her fall down . But then she suddenly stood up and was even like her strength being unsealed .

“I knew she’s different . I have to convince her . If we have her on our side, our odds will be much greater . ”

Ti Ya’s little face winkled slightly, and under her deep eyes hidden some thoughts unbecoming of her age .

She looked at Ming Shu who was seeing Fu Shen off with her eyes, then after a long while, Ti Ya pulled at Clown with excitement .

Clown walked over toward Ming Shu and tried to persuade her again . But Ming Shu was not interested in it at all . She ordered her dumbfounded team members to gather the stars of the city from those fallen on the ground .

“Are you sure you won’t think about it?” Clown walked around Ming Shu . “You know, not everyone has this kind of opportunity . ”

“No, thank you . I’ll just be selfless and leave such a good opportunity to you . That man has the city star on him, search carefully . Strip them off if you want . ”

The food empire: “…” The evil clan is so scary .

All the stars of the city were gathered before Ming Shu now . She sat on the clean floor, holding a piece of compressed biscuits, eating, meanwhile she crushed the city stars one by one . The onlookers were all shocked .

In the following time, people kept asking for supplies from Ming Shu, and when Ming Shu couldn’t win the fight, she would commit suicide .

The players didn’t know what Ming Shu was playing, only thought that she had a special prop .

Since they couldn’t grab any supplies from Ming Shu, the players had to turn to the others .

Monsters were also harder to find in the city . Those monsters ate people and evolved to be smart . Finding and killing monsters became as difficult as grabbing supplies from Ming Shu’s hands .

This task was probably the most bizarre task that everyone had ever gone through . It was better to be eliminated at the beginning, at least they wouldn’t have to bear such a psychological shadow .

Later, the players began to chase Ming Shu . But as the supplies ran out, this group of players also didn’t have the physical strength to chase her .

The player who had the most stars of the city on the ranking list was Fu Shen . He had five city stars .

Ming Shu solved the several ones with the city stars and then went to Fu Shen .

Even if he is my little demon, I can’t allow him to block me from my beloved snacks .

But she didn’t find Fu Shen, instead, she saw Du Mian .

The two came into unavoidable confrontation . Du Mian looked at Ming Shu, her eyes filled with hatred and cruelty . “Yin Luo!”

“Hey, small world, isn’t it?” Ming Shu smiled beamingly .

Du Mian sneered . She seemed to have the confidence all of a sudden and looked at Ming Shu with her head held high . “Yin Luo, do you dare to compete with me?”

“Compete on what? Beauty? You lose at a glance!”

“…” Why didn’t she pick up the topic accordingly!

Du Mian’s thinking was disturbed by Ming Shu, and after a long while, she said, “Don’t change the subject . If you dare, accept the challenge . ”

Ming Shu smiled innocently . “I only have my talent and beauty, would you like to choose one?”

Du Mian: “…”

Who wants to compete on that!

Du Mian was pissed off in a great fury . This was different from what she expected, so what should she do now .

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